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  1. Very Sad. Our sincere condolences to his family. Nick & Ali
  2. Does anyone know where this footpath actually is? If it's local to us it would be nice to go and walk along it. And again. And again....
  3. But it's the EssexKellys coin that's shown in the cache. The nige61 coin is shown in the hands of someone else. Can't be just an amazing coincidence surely? A coin goes missing 4 years ago and then a coin of the same type (that hasn't been logged into the cache) then turns up in it's place??
  4. Passed by this cache and popped in to see if it needed any maintenance. There was a Stone Henge Heritage Site coin inside so we picked it up to move it one. The cache page shows it as the TheEssexKellys - Stonehenge coin. However - the coin page shows it wasn't in the cache in March 2010. Cool I thought, they'll be pleased that the coin has re-appeared after 4 years. However, when I entered the code it didn't relate to this coin. On trying the code in the 'find trackables' section on the site it links to this nige61 Garmin Visit UK - Stonehenge Geocoin........... Errr....how exactly has this happened?
  5. Yes, I have one, nothing to worry about. ...... Have a nice stay in Munich! That's brilliant. Thanks a lot.
  6. Has anyone ever bought one of the Umweltplakette stickers before? Seems griefy.
  7. Pretty much. I still have a (short) UK/British hitlist of locations to visit, but this looked like a road trip with great potential, if it can be done on a tight budget So I've discovered. It is possible to get a visa online, but I'm not sure about Ed/London Consulates as the visa process has been outsourced. Either way, it looks long, complex, expensive... What we really need is for someone to hide a cache at the base of a remote Russian marker pole which can be retreved with a 2m pole from the Norweg' side of the border I'll keep saving and have already packed the midge/mozzy nets. Will need to shop for a rifle before trying for Svalbard... Thank you for the advice. It's still a Maybe at this stage, but there does seem to be interest in it and while Russia might have to be dropped (car hire may exclude a border crossing even if the high cost/agro of a visa for a fancy 'day trip' doesn't) I still think it'd be a memorable expedition Tourist VISAs are obtained via the internet. Don't know what happens in Edinburgh, but if you turn up at the London Consulate to get a VISA you're wasting your time. (Unless you want a business VISA or similar). Western European car hire companies don't seem to like their cars being taken into Eastern Europe. Driving in Russia is probably going to be a lot more aggro than it's worth. (Have you ever considered the land locked bit of Russia around Kaliningrad?). As for wanting to know about degrees and the like.........I can hazard a guess.
  8. Download GSAK and filter on the attribute for Boat or Swimming or Wading. There's even one for Scuba..... Or maybe search Bookmarks that have already been created. Or set up a Pocket Query to find caches with those attributes.
  9. Looking up through the clear fell close to GC4GDY9 just before dusk.
  10. I'd also recommend the Oregons. A secondhand one from ebay will do you fine - or a Dakota 20 even. (The 450T doesn't have a camera by the way. The 'T' relates to the topographic maps.) Oregon wiki.
  11. Just because it will be difficult for them to find, doesn't mean it should stay against their wishes. It appears that they are very conscientious about mountain bikers affecting ground nesting birds, and that there are lawsuits by bikers, as well as concerns about them damaging wildlife. The reason the birds are at risk is because they build their nests on the ground. Personally I think evolution should just be allowed to work its magic. But I had to smile at the "unrestricted biking" reference. It never has been unrestricted. Its always been restricted to those people who pay the fees they charge you to use your mountain bike on the land. Written in jest I'm guessing? If not, I assume you're still careful if you know scarce ground nesting birds are present?
  12. Rabbits eh? More than 60% of 3,000 species recently surveyed have declined. So yes, wildlife is disappearing at an alarming rate.
  13. What about photos taken at sunrise, but not actually showing the sun? Are they allowed?
  14. Can't edit this post for some reason, but just realised that I've mixed up my snake pictures - so will have to disqualify myself.........
  15. I've seen it all now. A special forces squirrel trained by Pharisee.........
  16. The photo must be cache related and to do with a specific UK cache (any type including events), caching series or caching trip You were on a caching trip, so that's fine whether you found it or not.
  17. Would you believe that the best photos I've taken since the left side of Harry Redknapp's head and I can't even enter them into the competition - Taken in the garden of our holiday cottage just before we left to walk to Loch Garten Musical View, so they don't count; They probably don't fit with the theme either, as it was apparent that most of the birds were still struggling with the winter and not even thinking of creating new life. This one was taken near the cache site, but not on the day we found the cache;
  18. Assume your Twitter account has been hacked.........
  19. Blue sky between the snow flurries. 1 cache and 14 1/2 miles....
  20. We will be. In the Cairngorms. Should be pretty warm.........
  21. Is the January competition going to be posted? Or am I being silly and can't see it?? It's now the 9th, so I vote that Haggis Hunter is appointed as the 'other person if necessary' to start the January competition..... (6) The competition runs from the 1st of the month, until a date specified in the OP by the previous months winner. This should give sufficient time for the winner (or other person if necessary) to start the new thread.
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