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  1. Got to agree with Haggis Hunter - my own stats for TBs and Geocoins ... Total owned : 13 Released : 11 + 1 copy tag released (which has also gone AWOL) = 12 Disappearances : 7 (Logs of released trackables in 2010 : 2) Paul
  2. It would appear that the postcode search only uses the first part of the postcode e.g. entering EX7 7ZZ, only the EX7 is used. Using several sample postcodes around my area produced various errors up to 2 miles in random directions. As regards the 'Exclude your owned or found items from results' check box - this check box is enabled for Premium members, so unless your prepared to pay a subscription to Groundspeak, it will remain greyed out. regards, Paul
  3. Sorry to extract just this small piece from a much longer post, but I would not like it to be thought that OpenCaching was just a refuge for caches that are unlistable on other sites, or that the placing of caches on OpenCaching was completely unrestricted. Indeed, I have 2 caches in Richmond Park that I was just about to list on OpenCaching when this news broke, but which I will now go and remove (though there are 3 more on the perimiter of Richmond Park which I have listed on OpenCaching). I will raise this issue on the OpenCaching forums. Apologies for discussing OpenCaching on a Groundspeak forum, but I think it is not entirely off topic as the listing of caches in these circumstances could easily have repercussions for caching as a whole, and not just the site they are listed on. My own view is that we should comply with this, but make as much noise as we can about it by means of mailings, petitions, letters to MPs and so on. Rgds, Andy I would add my apologies for discussing OpencachingUK here, but I feel this needs to be clarified. While the ban exists, any cache listed on that site in contravention of the ban would not be compliant with the OC UK Terms of Use and the cache listing would not be allowed to stand. Paul (Team_OC member and OC UK Site Admin)
  4. I've never managed to get Edgemaster's OS script to work (I just get "Sorry this map tile cannot be served") but this one shows GetaMap fine. It almost works OK for me but I don't get the red arrow. Any ideas? Lordelph's script almost works OK for me, too. No red arrow, and moving/zooming the Getamap window doesn't work. I've emailed Lordelph with the error messages from Firefox's error console, version numbers etc. to see if this can be fixed ... hope so! Paul
  5. Perhaps when the link from cache pages 'Country Map ( http://www.geocaching.com/map/uk.asp )' finds a target that may answer your question ... but as yet it brings up the '404 Unavailable page' Cache On! Paul
  6. Hmmm! I don't think it's quite running as it should. When I edit my caches all that seems to happen is that the cache page changes from saying 'In United Kingdom' to 'In none, United Kingdom' complete with a new link to a country map (which doesn't yet exist). Paul
  7. Somewhere on the interface, I'd say. Plain old maps.google.com works fine, GC.com searching with google maps doesn't work - as you describe TC.com searching with google maps doesn't work - again, as you describe "you are not alone!" Cache On!, Paul
  8. As a solution to the original post? ... No, not really.
  9. Congratulations to LordHutton on his 600th find. Well done, Andy! Paul
  10. Looks like the tracking number is not required to 'write a note' - just leave the box blank. Paul
  11. I didn't know that either. Surely that's a bit of a glitch in the system. Paul
  12. I was saddened to read the news on these topics, but can understand the reasons behind the decisions ... I would like to add my good wishes and thanks to both Dave and Peter for all their work. Paul
  13. Congratulations to The Sonatellas on reaching 400 cache finds. Well done Tina & Ian, Paul
  14. Congratulations to Woodbury Walker (and "T.A.") on reaching 1600 finds a couple of days before Christmas. Paul
  15. And very best seasonal wishes from Torquay to the hard-working trio. Paul
  16. Essential equipment for urban caches ... HiVis waistcoat, White hard hat, and the all-important clipboard Paul
  17. My thanks, too! Was good to be able to put faces to names. Cache On! Paul
  18. Wow! ... an event that (as things stand at the moment) my rota says that I can attend. See you all there! Paul
  19. Well Done to Lady Tina & Lord Sam. Hope we meet up again whilst you're getting your next 100. Paul
  20. Hi, I've drawn up a list of 18 caches below which may help, there should be some in there for most tastes, scenic views, places to visit, local history, entertainment value for the kids (of ALL ages ). This list may well miss out many worthy caches (sorry lordhutton, you only got one in the list) ... and you may well notice that modesty did not stand in the way of compiling the list . If you want to e-mail me (via my profile) and let me know a bit more about the types of cache you like, how much of a challenge, how far from Paignton, how many caches in the list, etc., I'll refine and expand the list for you. Paul (PaulluaP) Cockington Woods by PurplePenguin (GCJHJ0) Occombe Woods by PaulluaP (GC11X0G) Oldway Mansion - Torbay Landmarks No.1 by PaulluaP (GC12QCJ) Fairy Cove by calibri (GCQPD9) Shorton Valley Travel Bug Hostel by PaulluaP (GC12FD8) MeadTor by Zykan (GC135NF) A Stroll Along The Prom by PaulluaP (GC12Y46) Daddy Hole (Devon) by Bill D (wwh) & Maz62 (GCMCK7) * Babbacombe Cliff Railway by calibri (GCPTM4) * The man they could not HANG by calibri (GCPTKZ) Farty Owls by calibri (GCQN0H) Brunel Woods by calibri (GCT8PH) Bishops Walk by calibri (GCNFMK) Fishermans Cove by calibri (GCPPVX) Twixt Church and Mill Pond by Katellim (GC135W4) Berry Head - Torbay Landmarks No.5 by PaulluaP and Katellim (GC12VR9) Teign Harbour by Wadders (GCJPRA) Up Bow Creek by lordhutton (GCJD0E) * These two should be done together - it's a long way down the hill and even further back up
  21. Just shows I should check the forums (fora ? , whatever!) more often. Thanks for the congrats. Working on the next 100 Paul
  22. Wishes for a speedy recovery from me, too. Paul Torquay
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