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Hmm . . . 542 total, 20 of which I still need to find. I plan on knocking off 2 of those today and there are probably 5 or 6 of those that are on private property that I will put on the ignore list eventually (yes, we have 2 cachers here that are notorious for this kind of placement)

Agh, we gotta count how many we haven't done?


Out of the 320, I still need to do roughly 100 of them.


Course, I've done a lot of caches in that radius that have been archived over the past 5 years. And in my defense, we live in the foothills of the Cascades, so most of the caches I haven't done are either one long/hard drives or are hiking caches that I cannot do right now. I've put a lot of them on ignore temporarily to save my sanity. :unsure::unsure:


25 of those I own, and 8 others are owned by family members which means essentially that I own them since I take care of everything. That's 33 total.

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55 within a 15 mile radius, of which 32 are mine, and only 2 are unfound by me. In fact, those 2 caches are the only 2 unfound by me within a 60mile radius.

Oh to have the joy of having nearly 1000 or more within a 15 mile radius. We have 2094 caches in our entire state, which measures at its extremities about 1700 by 1000 miles.

I have 2 upcoming caching trips planned. This weekend sees a 600 mile round trip for an event. And first week in September, as many miles as I can do in a week on a bike, probably around the 2-3000 mile round trip, but with that I will probably be lucky to pick up 50 caches. They are few and far between in some parts of my state.

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