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  1. Due to encounters with assorted beasties, when in the back country I open carry a Ruger Vaquero .45LC... when concealed it is a Glock 22 .40S&W in a smartcarry holster. I always remember that "when seconds count, the police are only minutes away". Interesting to see how many cachers carry AND are willing to admit that they do.
  2. Woohoo! I can hardly believe it is true, but I picked up my pot o' gold at long last!!! I have drooled over the coin in this very thread but never dreamed that I would own one of these magical treasures. I was tipped off by MrExplorer3 the other day that the Geo_Leprechaun had visited Idaho recently and I rushed out the door to see if it was true. Sure enough, I peeled off the lid to the cache and saw the glint of sweet leprechaun gold! We druids are very fond of leprechauns and even fonder of hidden treasure. Now I can sleep peacefully with a wee bit of gold clasped tightly in my fist. Yeeha! #195 Many thanks to the Geo-Leprechaun and MrExplorer3 - you both do so much to make us cachers smile.
  3. I love the endangered species idea arrowone! I would also love to see some decent Native American themed coins.
  4. Way to go! I loved my 50th cache. I did it this summer at a cave cache in Southern Idaho, called Minnetonka Cave Cache, and I will always remember it. My 100th was cool as well, but 50 made me feel like I was really getting somewhere. I started caching last August and I went slow at first - it took me a year to get to 100, but after 50 I went crazy and gathered up the next fifty in a little over a month. I am at 134 finds and 21 hides now and I am going to slow down again in order to better savor the flavor So congrats on getting to 50 finds... your officially hooked!
  5. 68% gun nut here, not so sure about some older foreign makes.
  6. Wow... due to the word cache having a harder "k" sound, I was using kee-tow, but now I am confused
  7. I picked up my first FTF at 110finds... now I am at 121 finds and I have three FTF's under my belt! I am chalking it up to timing and a willingness to go deep into the forest for the last two. Still, I have two caches that involve a hike that have yet to be found after a few weeks, so location may be a part of it as well. Good luck on your journey
  8. I recently found some spent 20mm casings in a cache at Hell's Half Acre in Idaho. The keeds and I thought that they were great and they came home with us. I think that military stuff being left in caches is a great idea, especially with a history of service in Fallujah! Good stuff.
  9. I love collecting sig items, short of geocoins, they are my favorite item to find in a cache. I even have one of those awesome little black "Thrak" buttons I have ordered some personal geonickels of my own in the past but they went too quickly! I recently ordered two stamps so that I can make wooden nickels on my own that look sharp. Sig items are the best... especially the handmade ones!
  10. I have been to several in State parks and there is one in our city zoo... all non-profits
  11. I definitely need to take more photos... here's one Now that's excitement!
  12. I am happier with junk caches than micros and log only caches. Sometimes my favorite items would surely be seen as junk by others I try not to leave junk and I try to remove broken items from caches, but I try not to be judgmental of other peoples leavings. You can never know the value of that item to them, if you don't like the items, don't trade for them.
  13. Love the morphing TB idea... and the sticker book as well. Great ideas!
  14. E or F... reading the logs increases my interest in the cache. If others are excited about it, I am more likely to hit it.
  15. Ever since a serious encounter with a cougar 10 years ago I open-carry a .45 LC ruger vaquero single action revolver. I live near the Teton/Yellowstone ecosystem, so I am used to encountering moose, buffalo, cougar, bear, and now, even wolves. I have never had to shoot one of these wonderful creatures, but I have scared a few off with my sidearm in the past. Besides, the moose are the worst of the bunch, they send folks to the hospital more often than you would expect. I prefer to use a western style holster as I like the low position on my leg... it keeps it out of the way. Where I live it is not uncommon to see sidearms, but in the Park (Yellowstone) firearms are prohibited so I wear bear bells and carry a walking stick instead. The firearm makes me feel more secure as I am very familiar with it and practice often. Not sure how well bells will protect me from wild beasties and trailhead crime, but Yellowstone is well worth the risk to me
  16. I always feel more comfortable with one of my three girls; my dog, my .45 revolver (sorry for the gun mention), or my wife. Any one of those three things increases my survivability immensely. My gun saved me from a grizzly in 2002 (a shot in the air stopped its charge and sent her running), my dog saved me from a cougar in 1997(she spotted it on the rocks above me and growled out a warning), and my wife has lovingly finished off a drunk for me in an alley I do a lot of solo hiking in the Teton/Yellowstone ecosystem so wildlife is usually a bigger concern than humans, but I still feel wary when I encounter strangers. Often I will carry a walking stick when one of my three girls isn't present, and after the cougar incident I will never wear earphones again outside the safety of town. I truly do feel for those of you in high crime areas. Don't get me wrong, it happens here in Idaho, but it does so EXTREMELY rarely. I have spent time in big cities and it helped me learn some street smarts, but out here it is easy to forget to watch your back when you leave the wilderness. Some interesting posts here, even the uber-macho ones May all your caches be safe ones.
  17. I did my first hide at 12 finds... now I am at 14 hides and 110 finds. Ratios are for statisticians and accountants. I like ti hike different trails and areas every week - if I am in an area with caches, I find; when I am in an area with none, I may drop a hide. I will probably slow down on hides at 20 because my caches are all wilderness hides and I need to keep maintenance under control. Quality always beats quantity. If you find yourself obligated to find/hide, then you will probably not do it as well as if you WANT to. Find a way to give back to the sport... just writing a good log is a great gift in itself.
  18. Next week I am buying a garmin 60csx and thought I would check first and see if anyone here was trying to unload one... let me know
  19. It surprises me that this would bother you. Sounds more like a problem with the size of the log to me. Stickers and labels are a great way to deal with a pencil-less cache and some of them are quite creative. Remember... it's a game, not accounting.
  20. There are 218 caches within 15 miles from my home, and 11 of those bad boys are mine. A good number, especially when you consider that proportionately we have very few micros in the area.
  21. I keep thinking Harrison Ford... except all the caches are booby trapped.
  22. Here is my idea of a true 5/5... Sleeping With the Brine Shrimp
  23. I had a couple of great FTF logs for a cache I placed in the forest yesterday... these guys were fast. I See Slow Elk GC14DVD July 17 by Giddi (119 found) Discovered that a new cache had been released near here, so we jumped in the old '76 Ford F150 (Codenamed Ironport) and headed for the hills. It was a lovely day, just enough clouds in the sky to make the heat of the day bearable. Things looked greener and the air smelled fresher after that cloudburst that came through over the weekend. We (DISGLFR and I) finally found the turnoff for the jeep trail you talked about. Indeed we saw some Slow Elk, but I think most of them were hiding in the deep bushes. We only counted a handful before reaching the end of the road. We did see one dead and bloated specimen near one of the troughs. It was smelling up the area and looked like it was going to burst. While I did some maintenance on my truck from the rough roads (the camper shell was coming off), DISGLFR wrestled with the fact that the GPS was not getting any reading from the satellites. The trees and the storm clouds were making him do some creative sight-n-go orienteering. The cache finally got found and we were able to make our trades. Thanks for the neat hide. I really like that container, very sturdy and water tight. I took some keys and a skull and crossbones die. Left some foreign coins and some cool 2005 and 2006 nickels. On the way back down the road, we were nearly hit by a fella on a dirt bike. He was leading a caravan of about 10 different off-road vehicles. DISGLFR yelled "First to Find!" at them, but I think they just thought he was a bit touched in the head. On the way back down the road, after our close call with Ghost Rider, we were again reminded of our mortality when we passed that dead "Slow Elk." It had now attracted a couple of red headed vultures. They were cool looking, and as we drove up they flew away from the carcass and roosted in the branches of the aspens. Neat trip Redcap, thanks. July 17 by DISGLFR (121 found) Yippie! FTF! When I got to work today Giddi says "Hey, new cache up there behind yer place. Wanna go for lunch?" I said, "Yah! Just heard about it too. Let's go!" It's the perfect day. Overcast and not too hot. Made the dusty road ride all the more fun. Other than the smelly bloated bovine along the road and a near dirt biker on the hood of Giddi's truck, the trip went really well. When we got to the stop, I told Giddi his camper shell was falling off and he'd better look at it right away. (snicker, here it comes) As soon as he climbed in the back of the pickup to tighten the bolts, I made my move and dashed off to find the cache first. Hehe. Ok, in reality, I was nursing our only GPS signal to hopefully point me in the direction and I just got lucky and marched right to it. This is a nice container. Almost too shiney and clean to be a geocache, but I guess the years ahead will take care of that. I swapped out the 2 geocoins in the cache for 2 geocoins I was carrying. Nice to swap a beautiful new SEIGO geocoin for a beautiful new SEIGO geocoin. Thanks for the cache Redcap! Those logs made the entire effort worthwhile.
  24. Wow... I loved your suggestion, but I will vote to strike "polonium or other highly radioactive material". And for my suggestion, let's add ... wildlife
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