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  1. You get a BADGE. Is a BADGE anything like a Souvenir? Very similar. But the badges are worth 10% more. And they come with a Badge code that must be activated, no one else can activate a badge until yours is activated. If you don't activate it within a week a Groundspeak Lackey will investigate and ban you for one month.
  2. At the worst it could be considered unwanted attention. Since he lives a few thousand miles away, I don't anticipate any problem. Yeah, well... we're talking about scammers, and he's talking about scamers. That's the way they work. You think they are agreeing with you, and simply have poor spelling skills, but the truth is... they deliberately misspell the words so they can pass lie detector tests and honestly say that they never claimed that they weren't scammers... they only said they weren't scamers. You have to watch out for this sort of thing. :laughing: :laughing:
  3. What needs to change? Not one dad blasted thing, as well explained numerous times here. The trouble with requiring all dangers be listed is that you then create the inevitable situation of the CO forgetting to list one and the seeker thus assuming all is well. You should already assume hidden dangers are there and act accordingly. Saddens me to see all the well meaning but misguided "Solutions" being proposed in here.
  4. Pretty generous on my Forum as well, 160x200 as I recall. Set it there cause that was the size of the one I wanted for myself
  5. If that's the case, then I'd rather not have avatars on the cache pages at all, and go back to the big ol' rectangular avatars in the forums. That's a big +1. And a bigger +1 here. 75x75 is to small, 100x100 is more realistic, this is rediculous.
  6. Perhaps Colored lights attract cache thieves? I remember hearing a few years back of a case where people were told by the STate of Colorado not to water their lawns due to the waer shortage, but a Home Ownners ASSociation started fining residents who didn't because their rules stated lawns must be kept green.
  7. I'm thinking along the same lines. If the bullet was at the end of it's arc path with most of it's kinetic energy dispersed. MAYBE the marketing department can get away with making this claim....MAYBE. Buy a pair and shoot them, see if they work as claimed. As another poster has said, I wear glasses to see with and I've yet to find any safty glasses that work with them. I do pay extra to get safty lenses in them for extra protection. Full face shield might be better, I once jumped a small creek looking only where my feet would land and was speared in the cheek by a branch, piece of wood a quarter inch thich was wedged an inch deep between the outer and inner skin of my right cheek, having it removed hurt more than punching it in.
  8. I believe most Land Managers who might read this will be smart, educated and experienced enough to know that for the area in question it IS a non issue, and those who have been arguing it isn't have no true knowledge of the area and practices in place there.
  9. I'd prefer for cachers to take care of issues amongst ourselves rather than wait passively for caching to get a black eye among the media / land managers / etc. I thought that by raising the issue, with cachers, that dozens if not hundreds of cachers were ignoring CO wishes and driving from cache to cache, leaving trails that can now easily be viewed by any land manager or reporter who chooses to investigate, people would generally agree that it's not very cool behavior, and as it can affect caching in general, perhaps apply some public pressure to see that it would stop. I didn't anticipate the various "If it's not expressly illegal I'll darn right do whatever I want" and "I can see the Great Wall of China from space" replies. But yes, generally, if something is happening in the caching world that I'm worried about, I'd rather raise the issues amongst cachers. I'd certainly prefer it to contacting land managers or the media. But as has been amplied explained, by those in a position to know, it's NOT an issue. With Satellites you can see roads used 2000 years ago that are now buried under several feet of new soil, they are visible, they are not affecting anything adversely. And I personally can't see the roads at all in the posted images.
  10. Keystone has told you at least twice that your cache is not and was not handled by the reviewers, it was a Groundspeak Lackey, NOT a Reviewer who wrote the note, it is Grounspeak themselves, not the reviewers, who are looking at it now. Your Reviewers had and have NOTHING to do with this.
  11. You should have followed my earlier advice to leave and come back tomorrow, I warned you that your posting was just making it worse for you.
  12. Go to bed, get some rest, and come back tomorrow, you started out well but at this point you are hurting, not helping your case. Keystone is a Reviewer and you can trust what he said, it was a Groundpeak Lackey who wrote you the note, the top guys are already working on your cache.
  13. If he modifies the cache to meet the guidelines he can ask for the cache to be unarchived with a good chance they will.
  14. Hmm. The ones who live or have first hand knowledge of the area say it's a non issue, those who know nothing about it claim it's horrible and the other side are Anti-Environmentalists who just don't care. Even I can see which side is most likely right, as anyone who bothers to read this thread with an open mind could.
  15. Had you also included a paper log, whether it was ever used or not, it probably would have stayed.
  16. I run Vista and it's been doing it for a long time now, while I always seem to have mine others do as well, and on others they swotch with posters otherr than me. I can no longer look at the Avatsrr and tell who made the post, rather annoying.
  17. My first Leatherman was the Original, they are uncomfortable to use and the screwdriver would always fold under pressure. Second is I think the Wave, very comfortable to use and locking blades, no more folding under pressure. I found a SOG by the roadside once and as mentioned above it is terrible hard on the hands, no idea where it is ATM, I put it away and forgot it. I carry my Leatherman in the leather case it came with but it's about worn out, time for a new case.
  18. Someone is stealing Puritans? So the thief now knows where she lives, and odds are her keys were in the purse, she needs to be very cautious for a long while now.
  19. Nice, only a couple hours drive from me.
  20. I'd love to find a loaded pistol. First thought, who left it. Second thought Why? Third thought, are they watching me now
  21. If your bank and cable company were run by Geocachers you'd get that service Keystone, you've earned it.
  22. If your bank and cable company were run by Geocachers you'd get that service Keystone, you've earned it.
  23. You might as well make that two attorneys. Back in the day when I lived down a rural road, I once was in the sheriff's department on some business when a person who lived nearby came in to collect a rifle that had been taken into evidence in connection with a homicide (after a jury found the killing was in self defense). He was not the shooter in that case, but he owned the gun and ran his fingers down the barrel, looked at me, and said "You never know when this could be of use in the neighborhood." Now part of my business that day did have to do with him, and while that is another story, I will say that there are some people along country roads who tend to say things that would give the average person pause. The woman who encountered the cacher might be one of them. (As an aside, even if the situation seems unlikely to escalate beyond words, I sometimes think about one of my favorite cases, People v. Gleghorn (1987) 193 Cal.App.3d 196, which warns about "the dangers of weaponry in the hands of unreasonable powers who become unduly provoked over minor irritations." It can happen.) Now if someone like that did not appreciate my cache along the road, I would probably move it. There are some things that are worth taking a stand about, principles that are worth upholding even in the face of opposition. I don't think leaving a container by the side of the road is one of them, particularly if that cache might be on private property (even assuming that it could be within an easement). As an Attorney you should know the laws vary across the country. I don't know where this is at but around here, telling someone you have a gun to get them to do as you wish is called Intimidation and is illegal. They do not need to show, touch or even own or possess a gun, the threat itself is illegal.
  24. Happy Birthday! Saw Jeremys post on FB about it, 11 years old today. The Terrible Teens are just around the corner.
  25. 30 years in law enforcement. That is not a threat. The police would just go out and tell her to cool it but that is about it. We spend much of our time abating these kind of things and try not to clog up the courts with something this trivial. I would bet the cop would suggest you move it since it isn't worth the hassle. If you wanted her arrested you would have to sign a citizens arrest card opening yourself up for all kinds of legal hassles. Depends on how it is said, said to threaten it is indeed a threat and it is a criminal offense in my area. Yes, and so is trespassing, although you would be right to argue two wrongs don't make a right. We really don't know for sure whether this is on private property or not. Chances are that it is. There really aren't a lot of lots in CA that are not owned. Land is at a premium there not known in other states. (well except New York) The woman was probably feeling threatened herself. We have no idea of the actions of any other cachers in the past. Maybe she has some reason to feel threatened, we don't know. Maybe she gets robbed a lot. The point is that everyone is jumping on this woman and we don't know the whole story. We don't need to know the story though. We're in this for fun, not drama. Just move the caches and let's get on with our game. We weren't there, but if you were feeling threatened would you go outaside and confront them yourself or would you call the Police in on them? I'm not saying the cops would arrest her but they would know about her and would then be able to take any action they deemed necessary, including no action if they choose. Move the cache yes, but don't leave the job half finished and then see on the news two weeks later that she shot a jogger passing through.
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