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  1. This is not working for me either. Windows 10 IE Edge.
  2. I am not getting emails either. Had a couple come in and nothing even after several hours.
  3. I don't often venture in here (no pun intended) I have posted a comment in relation to this on the Cheshire cachers Facebook Group. Hopefully someone will take them on as they are a nice little series.
  4. Certainly a 10 out of 10 for the photoshop skills. You could drop Groundspeak an email telling them.
  5. Same issue here in the UK. IE 11.420.10586 on Windows 10. Edge and Chrome are fine.
  6. Sadly not. Maybe worth looking for events in the area and posting a note on there. Plus you could add notes on caches in the area where it was lost. Good luck.
  7. You can always create a PQ based on the month, to show the caches you want to see.
  8. If and its a big IF GS ever added a souvenir for the country it will be added in automatically. But do not hold your breath.
  9. My Montana has a calendar option. If I click on it it defaults to today and will say what I have found lin the format of 12/13 caches found so one DNF for me.
  10. Plus one for this site. You can select the tiles you want or download whole countries. Do be aware it can take a couple of days for the maps to arrive when it is busy.
  11. No issues here either. Are you running the latest firmware currently 6.2 I seem to think.
  12. Rather than loading caches one by one use pocket queries. With these you can download up to 1,000 caches in each and load that in. Far quicker and easier.
  13. Gushoneybun

    GC.com down

    Same here, I am (still) in the UK
  14. Log your DNF(s) then you could drop the CO an email. They may feel sorry for you and give you a big hint.
  15. We went down for the event in a sad way as it turned out I am glad the event was cancelled. We went further downstream and saw the bore. The initial wave was maybe 6foot high. If we had gone to the event coords it sounds like it was a ripple. Not sure how you log an attended if the CO cancelled it and did not attend but each to their own.
  16. Thanks. There was me thinking Garmin had given up on the Montana.
  17. Welcome back further up the page in the pinned messages is one which leads to a site called. http://www.follow-the-arrow.co.uk/resources/ take a look there lots of info which will answer most of your questions.
  18. It is a real shame you are being hounded out. You are very unlikely you will ever meet these "people". Is there no way toucan carry on? I hope it all works out , good luck.
  19. Thanks for all your work and effort Martin. I hope you can come up with a way to sell the OS style soon. Not sure of the logistics but some sites I subscribe to for POI files build into them a reference to the subscriber that can be traced in the event that they are resold.
  20. Add me to the list, I have the official app on my Ipod that does not work and now the API has given up. The API did work yesterday but now nothing.
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