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  1. just used the iphone for search...... got two souvenirs....delaware and badenwurttemburg.... does that mean i win a trip to those places? anyway as of this posting bug not fixed.
  2. okay the concept is good...... but in reality not practical....thats my take. maybe if it can be monitored regularly by the hider, like daily it could work. like for a hide in front of your home or business. but that doesnt sound fun and the the rules may disallow it.
  3. dead drops the link above takes you to a site that pretty well explains the concept. i wonder how practical this would be for a cache. take a laptop or netbook to log find on file add pics etc. i think it could work. Ideas? input? thanks.
  4. within 10 mile radius of captain cook HI : 3 living on the shore makes the radius about 50% in size. on th entire island there are 213 i have found all but about 10 of them.
  5. global warming had to renamed climate change cuz the first was just not working too well. climate change is a safer bet. the climet has always been changing....we can be smarter but it should be tempered vs the cost in jobs and damage to the economy and the profiteering that always follows a fad or trend that follows on the coattails of science of religion or whatevah
  6. itravelled to china a few years ago and found several caches with gps, had no problems. all virtual caches. i didnt want to explain caching to any authority figures and there are not that many regular caches to be found. try around universities as there ssems to be more students into caching.
  7. you better not let your dogs roam or even be tied up unattended in hawaii. story on catching and eating dogs in hawaii this is more common here than you think. we live in an area where dogs disappear all the time especially around the holidays
  8. thanks for your quick reply on this matter. yes it would be very nice if i can make the change to all of them.
  9. aloha, i have found a problem trying to change one of my caches which was created when i was a premium member as a member only cache. now i want to make it open to everybody. i have let my membership lapse and i cant seem to find a way to make this change...any ideas or help? thanks in advance.
  10. What is Tarnation? Tarnation From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Tarnation may refer to: * A colloquial euphemism for damnation, primarily used in the southeastern United States, part of the expression "What in tarnation?" used to indicate disbelief. * Tarnation (band), a San Francisco-based alt-country band * Tarnation (film), a 2003 documentary film by Jonathan Caouette
  11. i feel cheated, since there are no hamsters in hawaii, is it okay to use a mongoose? we have lots of these and they are not too good for much of anything, since we have no snakes either.
  12. iwent to one event where the host hid five caches around a large local elementary school about two blocks from the event. each cache had a one playing card for each attendee. when we returned to the event we later had a poker hand game for prizes and treats. thats one idea anyway.
  13. another vacation cache bites the dust: Good Morning! It seems as if Run, Forest Run has gone missing. I was wondering if you could possible have a look and see if maybe it was just mis placed or if it is really missing. See the message from another cacher below. As always, and in advance we thank you again for watching ofer the cache. name deleted THIS IS THE LAST LOG: Aloha- I wanted to see if something has changed with the Run Forest Run cache. Tmytkr and I found it in June and went there with his brother last night. He looked and looked and could not find it, so we gave him a hint. He went to the spot, but it was not there. We looked all around up there and it was definitely not there. Possibly muggled? Has anything changed on the coord? Hope to hear back from you. Mahalo sometime ago i reluctantly agreed to replace this one, knowing it wouldnt last long. less than 6 months i think. i will be logging SBA.
  14. okay i have been away for a few days and just got caught up on the discussion. simply put I do believe that all 100 caches on the iisland and county of hawaii should be awesome. as a cacher that has found 95% of them i do know the history and story behind each one. i own 10% of the hides here and i am probably the most active cacher here. my finds count is quite low because of where i live, but i am not a rookie. of the caccers that i know here in hawaii, i can say that our goal IS totally awesome caches. we have a unique chance and ability to have some input into what happens here. we are a tight knit community. there are maybe 100 cachers living here in the whole state. where i lived before, there is over 10,000 caches in the same geographic size area as my county. if a vacationer places a hide there it will get lost in the clutter, good or bad. here 1 cache is 1% of the hides over the course of a year it would be easy for vacation caches to equal 25%, good or bad. experience has shown that most are mariginal quality hides with liitle thought or imagination put into the effort. so maybe we are elitist, if so, i dont care. we welcome vacationers with open arms and wallets, they will find a very high percentage of quality caches here to occupy there caching day. frankly we dont need more crappy caches placed here. i venture to say that if every vacation cache that has been placed here since i became a cacher was still here,you would have at least 50% of the caches here vacation caches. i challenge any one to do a pocket query from your home coordinates for a weekend of caching and make 1/2 of them vacation hides and tell me how much fun you had. what hasnt been said is that the hawaiian cachers i know do a lot of unofficial maintaining of unadopted,abandoned vacation hides. many of the very first hides here are legacy caches that have no active owners. the good ones have been silenly maintained for your caching enjoyment.
  15. when i get an email like this: Aloha! We had a question for you. We placed a cache over at Lapakahi State Park last week (in memory of our dog) and we're going to be moving there within the next 6-9 months, fingers crossed. (We're looking to build in Volcano where we have some land) We asked a friend if he would maintain the cache if any problems should arise and he reluctantly said yes. (He doesn't "get" geocaching) Well they want his email and to talk to him and I emailed to make sure this was okay. He was less than thrilled and basically said no. We were wondering if there was any way you could temporarily agree to guardian the cache until we get out there? At this point if no one can, it becomes geo-litter and we'd hate to see that happen. I guess we should've waited until we were there permanently. Sigh. If not, it's no big deal, maybe we can put a note on one of our other caches for people who may be heading to the Big Island to see if they can remove it. Let us know. Much mahalos! it makes me think i am getting an email like this: I viewed your personal/business profile that you are a reliable and honest person capable of handling this important business proposal believing also that you will never let me down either now or in the future.As a private audit consultant with the Societe Generale Bank in France. There is an account opened in this bank in 1997 and since 2003 nobody has operated on this account it has been dormant.Going through records,I discovered if this money is not remitted out urgently it would be forfeited to the government as an unserviceable dormant account.The account owner was Dr. Nordeen El Halaab, a foreign geologist miner-Kruger Gold Company,died 2003 in a plane crash.No knowledge of details of this account since his death.My findings during auditing end 2006,the deceased had no will nor next of in/beneficiary and his last employers' are not aware of this account.I wish to transfer this fund into a safe foreign account.My estimates,this transaction will be within 15 working days as soon as we hear from you further details will be sent. Regards. Matt.
  16. Looking back at my post, I see your point regarding punctuation. I normally don't post such long entries and I can see where it is difficult to read the style that Iwas using. Point taken. When someone is just inserting a few words into a conversation it may work, but to expound an idea or concept I should use what works: proper english grammar and punctuation. mea culpa.
  17. ahhhh..see here is where i think you are wrong....for me it is all about quality.......if you had only 100 caches in your area and had to travel via plane or boat to get more wouldnt you want thiose 100 to be quality.....or would you prefer 100 LPC...we have one here and it is a decent one...as it takes you to a magnificent view and is worth going to this location...not for the cache but for the view......if its not really about the numbers than it must be about quality.......this thread was started to discuss hawaii vacation caches...not moosejaw vacation caches or texarkana vacation caches.......in those areas its easy to ignore and move on....here i can tell you something unique about every cache on our island......each one has a story of sorts......i think it would be nice to have loccal hiders continue the tradition and when vacationers come here caching they pick up on the fact that caches are different here........and enjoy them...not be discouraged by impulsive poorly planned hides.......we have a unique situation where we as cachers have an element of control over what happens here as a group........we also have looming over us the department of land and natural resources a state agency (dlnr) they are aware of us and we are trying to work together....they have never "given " permission to hide on public lands but they havent denied it either.....if they do we will probably loose half our caches here.... they are taking a wait and see attitude.....if there becomes an issue they will probably ban caching......do tourists know this?.....i dont think so.....they could be the catylyst the ruins caching here.....we are trying to prevent that.......
  18. okay.. i see my OP has been resurected.....that good...maybe.... but here is an update on whats happening here in kona....... i am constantly contacted by vacation cachers......(6 or so times a year) to be a maintainer.......one was placed at the entrance to bubba gumps in the flower beds by the outdoor maitrede podium...muggled before a FTF......just a plani lousy cache....evidently they liiked ther experience eating there and thought a cache was warranted....i helped them rehide it in a different place that may last longer......that was over a year ago and i was promised that they visit frequently...they have never been back...it has only been found like three times.....i think most people are turned off by the high muggle content here......another cache was placed in the middle of a hawaiian heiau (temple) in a state preserve without permission andit wouldnt have been granted given the DLNR rules here.....they asked me to maintain it after they left for home.....i declined and pointed out its bad location......it is 80 miles from my house and is now geo litter.....and when discovered by the rangers they will get a bad impression of caching........another hider placed a rather good cache in a beach area but it was muggled....he asked me to rehide it......he also asked another local to rehide it...there are now two caches within 10feet of each other there........we have a professor that visits here at the college.....he has hidden several on private property.......and in a a sacred memorial to tsunami victims......many people that travel just dont have a clue to the local culture and customs for respect and the local politics of a multicultural society.... on hawaii island wehave about 100caches......most ofthem are high quality.....we hate to see the degradation of our pastime with illconcieved,hastily, impulse driven hides..... on that note...i have archived some of my own that fall into that category....because the just didnt prove to be as good as i hoped.....
  19. how about a pony button......it can be right there next to the hamster and llama buttons....oh yeah and then theres the bacon button...but i digress..
  20. within 40 miles of my abode......drum roll.........76.........how many have i found?........all of them ..of course!
  21. aloha...this topic caught my eye and i did a little research...thinking i would either find our marker or make a cache with this as a theme...turnd out that hawaii's COP is in the water.....not just a little bit...but a lot....so is this the only state that wont have a marker?...fortunately i found the info for the counties as well and may pursue locating those COPs or maybe make a cache series....interesting...any input???
  22. there are 92 caches in the county/island of hawaii...... i have found 81 of them there are a couple that i can pick up on the otherside of the island 200mile RT the rest are expedetion type caches.... that i will get to eventually......tomorrow i am off to oregon for a week......i will pick up a few while i am there
  23. found this near a cache....pretty impressive (100th post)
  24. pogs originated in hawaii.....the discs were used to cap and seal milk and juice bottles..... It all started in 1927 - the year the Haleakala Dairy in Maui, Hawaii, brought out a new brand of fruit juice. The top of each bottle had a small round cardboard lid or cap. Times were hard in Hawaii - despite the warm sunshine, fabulous beaches and all the coconuts you could eat The 1930s were the years of the Great Depression. Thousands of people lost their jobs and they had no money to spend on new toys. Children had to make their own games. And that's when the caps off the juice drinks caught someone's eye. Soon a game sprang up, invented entirely by children. The idea was to flip the bottle caps. These became known as POGs because the ingredients of the drink were Passion fruit, Orange and Guava. What a great idea for a game! Hawaiians playing POGs The kids drew designs on the caps and also made slammers. These slammers were usually three caps glued together. They called them kinis - the Hawaiian word for 'king' The craze lasted a number of years but eventually faded away. It would probably have dissapeared forever if it hadn't been for a school teacher, Blossom Galbiso. She had played POGs with all her friends when she was growing up in the 1930s. In 1991 she decided to teach the game to the pupils in her class. They loved it and told the others in the school, who told all their friends in other schools. Once again the whole of Hawaii was going mad for POGs. The game was bigger than ever before. In fact, by 1992 it was reckoned that the average child in Hawaii had a collection of 1,700 POGs. In 1993 POGs flipped over to mainland America. First California, then one by one all the other states caught on to the craze. National tournaments were organised and other makes of caps were invented to cope with the demand.
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