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  1. Unbelievable!!!! That has got to be one of the saddest things I've ever heard. I'm sad that you think I'm sad. Does that make us even?
  2. Lies. The video speaks for itself. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7995118004781234680 *Inhumane: In 2001, a report by an independent team of veterinarians who studied the hunt concluded that governmental regulations regarding humane killing were neither being respected nor enforced, and that the seal hunt failed to comply with Canada's basic animal welfare standards. Shockingly, the veterinarians found that in 42 percent of the cases they studied, the seals had likely been skinned alive while conscious. *Whitecoats are killed: In 2006, 98 percent of the harp seals killed were pups under just three months of age. I feel I should expand on this a bit. Some groups use "baby seal" and "whitecoat" to mean the same thing. While others go into a whole hierarchy of seals, where "whitecoats" are two weeks and under. I generally call anything under a year a "whitecoat" as they generally have white on their coats around the first months. Just clarifying. *Not vital for economy: Sealing is an off-season activity conducted by fishermen from Canada's East Coast. They make, on average, one twentieth of their incomes from seal hunting and the rest from commercial fisheries. Also, I fully support the Sea Shepherds and ANY other group that's trying to protect this little ball of rock we call Earth, regularly send them requested supplies, donate online, have their clothing, and bought the geocoin. If part of Al-Qaeda's mission was to protect the environment (ie Destorying oil pipelines) I would fund them as well.
  3. <rant>What irks me is that I bought the CO, and a few days later a new thread was started on the forums that Garmin announced the OR. When I contacted Garmin they said they would only let me switch if I paid an extra $200 for the dang thing. I got it mid-July (I think) so it was only $350 to begin with... I'm just happy I don't have too much time to to cache or I would be ticked that I don't have an OR, nor can I afford to buy one at this point.</endrant>
  4. Try making any new caches you place Member's Only. If the vandal is still getting them then you can narrow it down to who viewed the cache page atleast. Also, this promotes users who want to find your caches getting memberships.
  5. I used to use that as well when I was loading by hand with my yellow eTrex. Too bad they don't have the Garmin Communicator on their site. Yep, I used them all of the time with my GO2. It would be nice if I could direct-link my CO with the site; maybe I'll send them an email.
  6. Here to report drift on CO300 168 05* ***. Can we send em back in and get new s/n ranges?
  7. Yep, the process is called Geocoding. Check out this Google hits for some top pages. I use http://geocoder.us/
  8. If only new cachers were forced to attend Geocacher-U... Then articles like this would be read by the masses. Seriously, where's the dictatorship?
  9. If you're just sending one GPX file and not a whole PQ then you can use the "Send to GPS" option which is extremely fast.
  10. That's one of the big points we get with landowners; the fact that we don't destory the earth. We should keep it that way. Thanks and welcome to the forums!
  11. stepshep

    Site request

    Yes sir!, that's what I'm asking for.
  12. stepshep

    Site request

    On the list of Whereigos it tells how far away they are from your set home coords similar to geocaching.com. Would it be possible to echo this same information on the cartridge page? Thanks! Stepshep
  13. Are you sure? I was pretty sure cogeo meant Central Oregon Geocachers?
  14. stepshep

    Site slownes?

    Same here; even though its a Sunday night (which is when I experience the most lag). Atleast they're working on it, that's all we can ask for.
  15. Slightly OT; but where do Lithiums fall onto the scale of charge held?
  16. With the above, they moved the site to http://oregongeocaching.org/ .
  17. The best section for this is probably GPS in Education. This thread is the first I came across with information spanning over 3 years time.
  18. I'll echo the post above and recommend the m500. I used an m125, it was around 10 bucks on ebay with the USB cradle. Really any model should work; I read something about the Z22 having a bad glare though. CacheMate is also a must, for $8 you can't beat it.
  19. I recently downloaded the maps for the Ohio portion. These are possibly one of the greatest things ever! I also found that I can show both my DEM basemaps and the Ibycus maps to get detailed streets and shading. Thanks again for the great product!
  20. Yep. I believe the macro you need is AddLogs.gsk. Link Edit:Added link
  21. stepshep


    There's also a pinned thread, right at top. Read First! Geocaching Frequently Asked Questions that is really helpful for questions like this.
  22. You've by no means passed the limit of caches your unit can hold. It will do up to 2000 caches. When you're at the list of caches try going to options (left softkey) and select "Spell...". The whole idea of the list is to show the ones nearest to you; as far as I know it won't list alphabetically just by distance. If you can't get the cache you want show up post back here.
  23. YES So far no major problems. I haven't had any drift issues, or random shutdowns either. There are a few things I'd like to see implemented (like being able to set a default backlight and the ability to average coordinates) but it's tons better than my iFinder GO2 which was my only GPS for 2 years.
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