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  1. Does anyone know how to rearrange personal links on the geocachingadmin page? Other than deleting them all and readding them?
  2. Same to me: I´ve seen my PQs in the DL-List. But while clicking one, the other disapeared from the list, before I had a chance to download it. Same here, my four PQ's have just gone bye bye - great for those holiday updates eh?!?!?! I experienced this as well with the My Finds PQ. Now I have to wait for them to fix this problem AND wait for the button to become active again. And to top it off, I am unable to sign in to the Feedback site to vote for this very topic. Their last update really botched things up this time. edit: I finally was able to log in to the feedback site. There are 3 topics there about this PQ problem already.
  3. Point 2) agreed, what is up with that earring. It's not an earring, it's a hole in the paper, looks like from one of those 3-hole punches. Unless you're referring to the thing attached to the travel bug, in which case I can't tell what that is from this picture. As for sending a travel bug to the ISS, the only issue I would have is getting proper and accurate mileage reported. Sure, it's listed as 6512.7 miles away, but I'd expect to see that TB end up with over a million miles on it by the time it gets to the next cache.
  4. If you use GSAK and FSG to monitor your stats, the FSG has an option to set multiple home coordinates with different date ranges. Say from June 05 to May 08 you lived in one place, you'd put in those coordinates with the appropriate date range, then you'd put in the next set of coordinates, etc. depending on how often you move. This way your stats are always accurate, your "closest find" would be the one closest to your home coordinates at the time you lived there. On my stats, my "closest find" is from several years ago, when I lived somewhere else. It's not the closest to my current home, but it's the closest to my home of that time.
  5. I too use GSAK on Ubuntu, through Wine, and so far the only minor issue I've had with it was the split screen browser not working properly. It's not an essential feature for me, so I leave it turned off to avoid the problem. If this new program would have the same or similar macros and other features, I might try it out. As for now, however, GSAK works just fine for my needs, and I feel no need to switch just yet.
  6. sorry, which cache were you referring to? I haven't yet been able to get the materials for my CCC, let alone post any pictures of it... I did post some questions outlining my idea a few years ago on this thread though.
  7. I looked over the blog in question, and while I didn't see anything bad about the placement of the caches she found, I thought, "this person is at least standing up for a cause she believes in." But then I saw that she trashed the cache containers and contents instead of returning them to their owners. Now I just think this person is a flat-out criminal, and I'm surprised that she still hasn't been brought to justice yet. How many of us would be so up-in-arms over her actions if she had instead returned the caches to their owners instead of trashing them? Sure, we'd say then that she should have contacted the owner before removing the cache, but at least it would be a lot more honourable than what she's currently up to.
  8. How does that work? The string is attached to a stick or something to push up the container?
  9. That sounds like an awesome hide. I'll have to remember (steal) that technique for later .
  10. US Army 2001-2007 My MEPS appointment was canceled and delayed due to 9/11 After finishing Basic, I spent the rest of my service behind a desk >_< Never even left the country.
  11. I've seen almost all of these. Not the pipe/float/water thing, but I have found a hide where a tube was suspended underneath a bridge into the water by some fishing line... you had to haul it up by the line, once you found it. I've seen a fake birdcage, with a keyhider attached to the bottom, held aloft in the trees by a hidden rope adorned with fake ivy. My current favorite is a bison tube held up in a tree by a large loop of fishing line. You had to lower it to within reach as you would a flag on a flagpole. I intend to copy it one of these days .
  12. Not sure what I think of the idea, from a personal standpoint, but I will say that its an idea that I haven't seen yet! Good luck with it. I know what I think of it... pure evil . I love it.
  13. Not necessarily. My last found cache is 33 miles from where I live.
  14. I just came across an interesting website, Invent-a-Word. It got me thinking of a few "changes" one could make to the geocaching lexicon. Don't like micros or lpcs? Denigrate them with the term "geocacheap". How about people who post fake Finds? "geocacheater" A reviewer could now be a "geocachecker", and Groundspeak's store could have a "geocacheckout". Just found a 5-5 cache? Shout out a "geocacheer"! And if you place a cache in a tree, watch out for the squirrels, or rather, "geocachewers".
  15. wow, nice hide. I might have to borrow that idea some day.
  16. I don't think virtual geocaches should be permitted in places that are off-limits to physical caches. It gives those entities an excuse to continue banning physical geocaches, which is one of many reasons that virtual geocaches were eliminated in the first place. What about places that require $50 for an annual permit to place a physical cache but allow virtual caches without a permit? That pretty well describes Fort Ord, near Monterey, California. It's under BLM and they have a discouraging approach to physical caches, nevermind you can run riot with your mountain bikes. drat, I used to live there, unfortunately a few years before I discovered Geocaching >_<
  17. It's these kinds of topics, which try to make one set of people responsible for the actions of a second set of people, which really irk me. Don't hide a certain cache, even if it's completely legal, because some idiot might copy it and get in trouble. Don't hide anything resembling anything electrical, because some idiot might get zapped later on. How about we leave it at you're responsible for your own person (and your kids, if you have them), and nobody else. If someone does something stupid, it's their fault, don't try to make someone else responsible.
  18. the FindStatGen macro automatically puts a copy of the code in your clipboard, ready to be pasted. nothing needs to be copied manually.
  19. I love it, and I'm gonna swipe it and use it myself Yeah, for a fee. I've not yet come across a truck stop that had free wifi.
  20. would it be possible to get a description of the etrex without it devolving into a bash on the explorist?
  21. What are "'toods"? As for me, I use the Geomate Jr. when I travel. It has caches from across the country already in it, so when I want to 'cache, I just turn it on and it takes me to the nearest one.
  22. As you are a premium member, you can create a Pocket Query, and load that into the GC.
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