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  1. "Most of the caches take you to places you've never been before or you didn't even know existed," says Jeff Jost, 52, of West Hills. Really?
  2. You do realize that by NOT logging dnfs, you slow down the eventualy archiving of these unmaintained caches? If you looked and didn't find it, it's a dnf. So many people now are unwilling, for whatever reason, to log a dnf and these dead caches just drag on forever. Please don't be bashful. There is no dishonor in saying you couldn't find it and it might just spur the owner to check the cache, or a reviewer to archive it. (just my two cents. that and $2 will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks)
  3. Jolie has her own account and a number of FTFs
  4. That's 12.5 square miles to search. Even if you could eliminate the areas around other caches, that's a lot of ground to search for something as small as a cache. Good luck with that.
  5. We are planning a trip to ABDSP on Monday to see if there are any wildflowers out. Tentative plans are to go up around Henderson and Coyote Canyons. Does anyone have any suggestions--preferably based on a recent visit?
  6. Wow! Slow download, but then, it's free.
  7. For me, the biggest reason has to do with cache placement. As geocaching became more popular, there are, at least around here, more and more placements that place the cacher under public scrutiny, rather than in remote woods, deserts, or mountain peaks. Rather than take a chance on being caught writing in a logbook, I'll just sign and date. On more remote caches, I typically sit down and spend some time on the log entry.
  8. The name of the cache is not in the correct format for the event. I hope it still qualifies for the special icon
  9. Rest in peace FATTDOG. I'm sorry to hear about FATTDOG!! As are we.
  10. This new cacher got her first traditional and first multi today. She is easily distracted, but has the potential to become a good cacher. Like Rooster, she tends to go to sleep on bumpy roads but is also a lot quieter.
  11. An event on the 31st October, off Highway 62 east of 29 Palms. There is a carp load of caches out there along the old mining roads that are a lot of fun to hit. I don't have the GC Code for it, or even remember the name of it. The Splashes and Habu were among the SD attendees at the last one out there. I don't know who is planning on going out this time, but I will if I have the Jeep back. Neither of our cars would handle the roads
  12. I notice you put the word "friends" in quotes. What is it you're trying to say?
  13. Ouch!....Coyote: 1 Snake: 0 ( I think I would have hit the coyote, but you're a nice guy) Inquiring minds want to know.....did you find the cache? Inquiring minds want to know more than that. Looks like Lyon's Valley Road, details please! ... did y' learn anythang? Looks more like Poway road going west from 67, Glad you are ok, and this is one of the reasons I put a cage in YODA, cause you never know. Actually the on-ramp from WB Gillman Springs Road onto EB 60. I was getting the caches along Gillman Springs Rd, and the nearby dirt roads. It's an area uplifted by the San Andreas that has some interesting geology and some good, older caches. Pretty rural area with plenty of wildlife, including coyotes. Snake fine, coyote fine, Jeep not fine and likely to be out of commission for a couple of weeks. Hope it's done by the Ocotillo event and the Dale Mining Road event.
  14. How to park for that quick cache and dash when space is limited: A Tutorial for the Driving Impaired.
  15. That is why I like to cache with Rooster.
  16. Chuy and family; our thoughts are with you. We both loved her too. Rich & Nicki
  17. That's so sad... So sorry for your loss... !! We, too, are very sorry for your loss! As are we.
  18. I really have no idea. We used to keep track and stopped counting at 250. It is no longer important to us. Now, we get to them, when we get to them.
  19. Signal the Border Patrol chopper or put in a lifeline call to Night Hunter
  20. The Snake part of us retired from the Marine Corps after 23 years.
  21. First, my sympathies on your loss. It's never easy losing someone you love. As to the TB, it appears that you may be in Southern California. I'd suggest posting a note in the southwest forums asking for help. I'm betting if you let people know what City and State you're in, someone will willingly meet you and take the TBs for you.
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