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  1. When I used Android there were a few apps that I used that let you turn the magnetic compass off in the settings. The app doesn't really NEED to use the magnetic compass, it can figure out the direction of travel while you're in motion, just like a standalone GPSr without a magnetometer.
  2. Does anyone know of an iPhone app that lets you switch off the magnetic compass in the app? I ask this because when I use my phone in my car mount (lots of metal) the compass doesn't work. It points in the wrong direction or doesn't move at all. When I take my phone out and hold it, it works just fine. Back when I had an Android phone I remember that there were a few apps that allowed the use of GPS based compass only, and didn't use the magnetic compass. This always worked for me. If anyone has any insight it would be helpful.
  3. I usually just drop GPX files into the GPX folder on my eTrex 20.
  4. The location of the menu button varies by phone. It would be the same menu button that you use in any app.
  5. Perhaps also make sure it is using the correct map datum?
  6. The 4 most used apps on my Android phone for geocaching are as follows (in nor particular order). C:Geo This is one of the best geocaching apps that I've used on any platform. The live map and live logging works very well. It is superior to the official app when it comes to offline caching as well. Google Play Store Link Official Groundspeak app If you want to log live with field notes this is the go to app. C:Geo can now do field notes, but it saves them all as offline logs and uploads a field notes file to gc.com. I have yet to give this feature a try. The official app isn't the best for offline either, it never seems to use the data that I load in from GPX files. Google Play Store Link Google Maps It may seem obvious, but this is perfect for checking the location of a cache, seeing a satellite photo of the area, and getting turn by turn navigation to the cache site. Google Play Store Link Gmail This keeps my up to date on newly placed caches. I have a secondary Gmail account set up on my phone with a distinctive ringtone. I have this one set up to receive instant notifications from Geocaching.com Google Play Store Link
  7. Heh, I remember when it was good to have a GPSr show less than 60 feet while standing on top of the cache. I'd consider 30' to be excellent.
  8. There is a current Groupon offer for a Garmin eTrex 10 @ $95. It also comes with a geocache. Seems like a good deal for a new unit to me. Groupon eTrex 10 Offer
  9. I'll second GeePa's suggestion of CacheSense. I used it back in the CacheBerry days and it works very well. I'll also second hukilaulau's comment and suggest getting a real GPSr for your primary geocaching (no hyphen) device. A phone is great for spontaneous caching, but nothing beats a real GPSr for accuracy and durability.
  10. I agree with this. There are far worse things than a simple word on paper. It's just a word. I live my life with one simple thing in mind. NOBODY has the RIGHT to not be offended.
  11. Chrome OS supports USB storage. Just plug your GPSr into the Chrome Book and copy the GPX files over to the proper directory. No applications needed on the Chrome Book.
  12. Target and Walmart both have Google Play gift cards as well. I'm sure those aren't the only ones.
  13. Not quite as small as what it sounds like you're looking for, but I did find this: SpotLite GPS Pet Locator
  14. I'm curious: what's the blocked domain?
  15. I just saw this happen on my closes-to-home cache (that I can't find). Moohoohahahaa I emailed the CO as well as the "finder". I figured they made a mistake. This was nearly a week ago. Seeing that both the finder and the CO have both been on the site either today or yesterday I can only assume it was intentional.
  16. After reading the roughly constructed thread I was thinking the same thing.....
  17. There is still another large tree there, plus it sounds like they are possibly planning a memorial using the remains of The Sentator. Hopefully this cache will live on, just in a slightly different form.
  18. I, personally, DO see an improvement from use of WAAS. My understanding is, since the satellites are in geostationary orbit, that the closer you are the the equator, the more WAAS will help you. I live in Central Florida, so I'm closer to the equator than the UK is, so that could be why I see more improvement than sussamb and Flyingcompass. I used to live in Indiana, and I left WAAS off on my eTrex Vista, Magellan Meridian Green, and Garmin Colorado 500t because it seemed to degrade my location accuracy and consistency.
  19. I second the vote for the eTrex 20. It is easy to use and full featured.
  20. I've used C:Geo on my Xoom. Seems to work ok. It's, of course, not tablet optimized, so it doesn't LOOK good, but it works well.
  21. I have GLONASS, and WAAS both turned on on mine, and I get an absurd number of birds on my satellite screen (and great estimated accuracy). I don't know if it has to do with my geographical location (I'm in Central Florida), or lack of terrain (since Florida has none to speak of), that helps my accuracy/signal, but for now I'm leaving GLONASS on. As an aside, I never used to use WAAS on my Dakota 20, it seemed to mess with my accuracy.
  22. Each time that I generate a GPX file with GSAk I usually name it like this: MMDDYYYY.gpx. This way it is always unique (unless I do 2 customer GPX files in one day for some reason). So for today, January 18th 2012 I'd call a file 01182012.gpx. This has never failed me as far as getting my GPSr to load the file. I used to always call it caches.gpx, but it was hit or miss as to whether it would load or not.
  23. 1) Create PQ on www.geocaching.com/pocket 2) Download PQ either from the same page or via the email you provided in the generation of the PQ. 3) Plug you GPSr into your computer (it should then mout itself as a USB hard drive). 4) Drag and drop your gpx file (unzipped of course) into the Garmin/gpx folder on either your memory card or the device memory. That should help you.
  24. I bought an Etrex 20 the first time I saw one in a store on 28th September. So far I love it. I have updated the s/w with each one that has come out and have not had any issues. I had a Dakota 20 before this, and it performs a bit better (or at least it seems to). I thought I'd like the touch screen, but I ended up missing the click stick. It's just so much easier to use with gloves on or without having to pay as much attention to what's going on.
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