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  1. Just for the record, the OP is a full grown adult. His profile is all about his son Dylan
  2. A little bit of backstory. The OP has threatened me in the past with deletion of a log for a cache that I found. It went missing after I found it and he was gonna delete it based on the log not being present. I described the container and hide to him and he still tried to delete me. After that he became very hostile towards me. He hid a cache called Prissy schmuck #1 (gc5k9b5) I was the FTF and this was the first one I signed like this on purpose. See my FTF log. A while later I was contacted by GS about him tattling on me. That resulted in me being told that it is NOT against the guidelines to sign BIG AND SIDEWAYS AND IN THE MIDDLE SOMEWHERE. He didn’t like that and deleted quite a few of my subsequent logs which I had reinstated. I now go out of my way to find his caches and log on BIG AND SIDEWAYS AND IN THE MIDDLE SOMEWHERE.
  3. I don’t see any issue with it. I found the cache and signed the log. After being deleted 9 times in a week a reviewer posted a note and my log was left
  4. On one of the FB pages Geocaching said all of the logs will be converted to notes. I am pretty sure all of the souvenirs will go away as well.
  5. Do you still have any of your coins for sale? I do. They are all activated. See my profile and make an offer.
  6. I use a nuvi 550 and it has the geocaches option and has all the cache info just like the Oregon does. It even does Wherigos.
  7. There is a cache hider in my area who puts in his cache description (sign the log sequentially, not just anywhere) He has contacted numerous people including myself and said something about it. Your not gonna be (one of THOSE cachers) are you? he asked. I now go out of my way to find his caches just to log the in random places. I even did it right in front of him as he handed me a cache that he was replacing. I recently got an FTF on one of his caches and in the FTF spot I wrote (see other side) and on the back was my name, BIG, sideways and not in order. I guess I am gonna be one of THOSE caches.
  8. I had the pleasure to meet Joe at all 3 of the Geowoodatocks I have been to. I talked at great length with him in TN in 2009. I will always keep him in mind when I look at my 2005 Reviewer coin he gave me.
  9. I recently got an FTF and it was 3 days before I logged it. I know I could have logged from my phone while onsite but I don't log from my phone. Another cached found it 2 days after and was pretty upset about my untimely logging. He even stated that he was gonna start CLAIMING the FTF on caches when it isn't logged fast enough. That wouldn't bother me as my FTF list is my own and just for me. I have a full time job and three kids. I log when I get around to it.
  10. I have an activated set of 2009 CR coins for sale.
  11. I have some coins for sale if anyone is interested. Will take reasonable offers. all are activated and owned by me. I have others that are not pictured. Feel free to look at my profile list. I don't want to sell them but bills need paid.
  12. I had an log on one of my caches a few weeks ago by a user with an EXTREMELY offensive name. He also left a very offensive log. I instantly deleted it. He also logged another local cache with an even worse log. I contacted GS and the changes the user name and locked his IP. I have seen quite a few questionable logs but never to this level.
  13. My 1st 1000 were 429 Micro 266 Small 171 Regular 60 Not Chosen 36 Virtual 28 Other 10 Large and today they are
  14. I have had a few publish in under 5 minutes and an Earthcache in under an hour.
  15. I'll go with Tattletales. Lots of favorites points and one is on Groundspeaks list of the 7 most amazing caches in the world.
  16. I have a Nuvi 500 and it has geocaches on it just like the Oregon. No Macro needed
  17. mine is N 38° 47.710 W 119° 09.211 (Centroid is 117 miles from home) Between Yerington Nevada and Bald Mountain. Closest cache is GC4XKTA
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