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  1. "I'm geocaching. It's something like a high-tech scavenger hunt." Don't lie to security. Show your GPS and give a brief explanation.
  2. I just noticed I have the souvenir for Delaware. Knowing I have never cached in Delaware, I scrolled through my finds, and found I logged a locationless Delaware cache.
  3. Also- it shouldn't run on it's own, only when you select the "add to queue" button from the pocket query page. (below your list of set-up pocket queries)
  4. You didn't create it. It's a "my finds" query. You must have clicked to button to run it unintentionally. It will disappear from the downloads after a week, like any query.
  5. Once it dries, if anything is readable, you could scan or photograph and upload the picture to your log. I might do this even if you couldn't read anything.
  6. How about a recipe card box to collect postcards on its travels? It would be a larger TB, but at least the size would stay constant through the collecting.
  7. It takes a GPS much longer to figure out where it is after a big move like that. Turn it on outside with a good view of the sky and let it set for several minutes.
  8. The system doesn't prevent double logging. In your, case, i would change the second to a "note."
  9. You can start your cache page with rough coordinates. Make sure you UNCHECK the "this cache is active" box, then submit. You will then have a GC code to label your cache. From there, hide it, edit the cache coordinstes, description, etc. When everything is ready, recheck the box to send the cache to a reviewer.
  10. This other thread may explain the cache page editing. Hard to say if it also going missing is related.
  11. Your posted coordinates should be as accurate as you can make them, but all GPS units will have some margin of error. 12-13 feet away is actually quite good, given your potential error and the potential error of the hider.
  12. I believe the "magic number" is 1/10 mile. If it's that far off, definately disable while you wait for the update. An email to the reviewer through profile is probably best. Be sure to include the GC # of the cache in question.
  13. This is true, IF you have iPhone reception. Otherwise, how do you know when you get close? For now, stick to a few caches in town where you won't lose service.
  14. Armchair logging? You apparently don't know what that is, because it has no relation to what the OP explained.
  15. From your profile page, down the right hand side, you should see "find another player" under "account options." From there you can enter your friend's username.
  16. Only a reviewer can change the cache type on a published cache. If it has been found, however, it shouldn't (and probably won't) be changed. A new cache experience should be a new cache.
  17. California is a pretty big state. There are quite a few regional organizations already.
  18. With a location change like that, you need to give your GPS some time to find you. Turn it on and let it get a clear view of the sky for several minutes. Be patient, it should find a signal.
  19. I just uploaded and logged a bunch from my trip last week with no problems. (Also a Colorado 400t)
  20. Oh, are you the one that left your GPSr laying on the table in the lunch area which we did turn into lost and found? While I was working lost and found, there was one GPS turned in, but a different one reported missing.
  21. Did you load caches that were near your campsite? i tried and only got the ones around my house. What method did you use to load them?
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