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All Season Caching - 4 Coin Series


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I have been working on a new idea for a coin series and wanted to see if there was any interest in the coins. All feedback is welcome! These coins will be trackable on gc.com and have their own icon. Please take a look at the "All-Season caching" series:









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Awesome coins! We like the shapes, the colors and theme!


If possible, we would like to be locked into getting all 4 coins from the start even if you space out the sales. it is a bummer to start a series and not be able to complete it.


I will check with the others we buy coins for, I bet they will like these.


Awesome job!


AuntieNae & The Tapps

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Gorgeous! I love the fact that the back has all 4 standard symbols for the seasons, and not just the season being represented by that particular coin. I think I like the winter one best! : )

Any ideas yet on how much, when they might be minting/selling, and as a few other mentioned...if they will be sold individually or all at once? I hope you plan to make a lot, because I suspect you will have a LOT of requests for more!!!




I can't believe I only just realized it is the same scene/tree in all 4 coins! :)

Duh on me!

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These look great - I definitely want a set. My only suggestion would be to make the small spring symbol on the back of each coin green instead of red.


These coins are GREAT!!!! But the red spring symbol struck me as odd - wondered why it wasn't green. I see I'm not alone.

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Would people prefer to buy these as a complete set (all at once) or one by one. I was thinking about a combination of teh two ideas...selling them one by one (one a month), but contacting the same people that bought the first coin (winter) when the next is ready so that everyone will have a complete set (if they want it). Any feedback?

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