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  1. Try IBM's J9 JVM.... that one is optimized for WM2003, but it runs on my WM6.1 device. User interface is archaic and if you're not inside the USA you'll have problems locating it. J9 Midlet Manager *used* to be free, not sure what happened to it since the GeoIP filter at IBM keeps me out of that site. I used to have a copy of it and it DID support Serial port use (not 100% sure about GPS) so you should be able to point the WiG player at the COM port the GPS uses. Good luck! I had tried out a version of J9 at one point, but I had trouble, may have to try it again. They certainly don't make it easy to get even if you live in the US.
  2. I'm pretty sure its ARM. It could be just the version and that's causing the problems. I don't know if it uses the Microsoft stack or not. Its using the internal com port on most apps, instead of the intermediate driver I use on my phone with 6.1. This is essentially a PNA, not a PDA. Its intended for navigation, which happens to run on top of windows. It may also be a problem with the whole MioPocket setup. Windows is intended to be in the background, so JBed may just have trouble installing correctly and getting all of its DLLs in the right place. It even asks where to install and then creates an empty directory since I believe it installs everything in the Windows directory. Are there any other GPS enabled JVMs? Might be worth it to try more out. I might be able to figure out Jbed if I had enough time to make sure it registered everything correctly.
  3. Try Esmertec JBed The trick is finding the right version of it. There are a lot of them out there and I haven't found one that works with MioPocket. The version you pointed to installs and seems like it would work, but it doesn't run when I try it. If I do the EXE check it says it requires OS version 5.1. This is version 5. It also doesn't match the CPU type.
  4. I'm still working to find a GPS enabled JVM for my Mio running Windows CE Core 5 so I can try to get this working on there. It works great on my cell phone using Jbed.
  5. You still deserve thanks for several things...it goes farther than the official player, you respond quickly, you are providing source code, and you are making the effort. Kudos all around even if you do nothing more! I am using a Mio C230 running MioPocket (basically a hacked auto GPS). My GPS never did show a fix, even after many attempts outdoors, even though I had a fix through BeeLineGPS. In GPS mode, the only options I have are Connect and Disconnect (and Navigate at the bottom). There is no way to get out of GPS mode. When I hit Start, I see a blank screen except for Actions and Navigate. Which JVM are you using? I haven't gotten one working yet.
  6. Those settings doe get me past the GPS error, but then I get an OutOfMemoryException at Microsoft.AGL.Common.MISC.HandleAr etc. It scrolls off the screen at that point.
  7. Has anyone gotten this working, it would be cool to use Wherigo on my Mio.
  8. I actually just got it working today. It didn't work with the provided JVM. I got the September jbed and that worked pretty well. There's still a few issues, but its pretty good. Sad that a 3rd party solution had to be made for another flavor of the same OS. The difference between Windows Mobile Standard and Professional shouldn't be that great.
  9. If this is running WM 6.1 Standard and not Professional it won't work. The program was made without thinking about all of windows mobile, only touchscreens. Judging from the response we've seen I wouldn't expect it anytime soon.
  10. I gave up on this long ago. Forgot about it except being subscribed to this thread. I wouldn't get your hopes up on this. I would think supporting Windows Mobile Standard would be the easiest conversion, but it hasn't happened. I noticed there is now a Geocaching app for Iphone, so someone out there is programming.
  11. I'd be happy with full support for Windows Mobile. Right now only touchscreens are supported because of the way the menuing was programmed.
  12. So will there be a notice when Smartphone support is added?
  13. If it's not based on Windows Mobile, a player application is not yet available. A timetable has not yet been mentioned. Windows Mobile Professional, not Standard, as smartphones are Windows Mobile, but are not supported because of their lack of a touchscreen.
  14. The blackjack II is worth it even without this, though the lack of smartphones is frustrating.
  15. Most of the differences are with the touchscreen vs. no touchscreen. buttons and menus must be done differently.
  16. Yeah, unfortunately Microsoft decided to make them separate versions of Windows Mobile. Professional versus Standard. It makes it that much harder to develop software for them both.
  17. I don't think that's quite correct. The Wherigo software was written for Windows Mobile Professional, aka a touchscreen, aka Pocket PC. It gets an error on a smartphone because the buttons used won't work on a smartphone. I asked about it here: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=187043
  18. I love it too. The blackjack II's built in GPS seems to work great. I use it with Garmin Mobile XT and Cachemate and have little problems with it. I just wish there was a little better compass type app for doing caching, but it works. I know the change from a touch based system can be hard, but using the selection buttons you can usually move between items pretty well. It works for browsing, and that's typically heavily mouse oriented. On the plus side once you've done the change it should open up a lot more systems can can use the program.
  19. Is there any schedule on the porting? I'm not sure how big the application is, never having played with it, and I've never done Windows Mobile development, so I'm not sure the scale of work involved in such a port. I know the underlying system is pretty similar, its usually a matter of removing the Windows Mobile Professional specific stuff and then making the system work well without a touch screen. Usually something that works with the smartphones seems to work with the rest.
  20. Okay, after a bit more looking it appears to be a difference between Pocket PC and Smartphone versions of Windows Mobile. A program made for Smartphone would probably work on both, but not the other way. Something with the buttons and other objects. They aren't supported on the non-touchscreen Smartphones. So I guess my question about is this going to be supported is still out there. I'd love to play with this program and help spread the love for it.
  21. The Blackjack II has a built in GPS. Its supported by Windows Mobile XT, but the Wherigo program won't work with it. Is there any plan to support it coming up? I don't know if its an issue with the smartphone or something else. It does install correctly, but when run it gets NotSupported Exception at Microsoft.AGL.Common.MISC.HandleAR() etc.
  22. KandRS

    KML File Issue

    The KML isn't working for me either. Just getting an error about the connection failing to the server.
  23. We got ours and love it next to our Bluebonnet coin. Maybe next year we can have the evening primrose to get another one of those great Texas roadside flowers.
  24. IANAL, but I'd have to say I think yours probably is fine, I'm not sure about this one. It looks like some of those graphics are exactly the same as those on the books.
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