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  1. I guess I just had to wait a little longer because I just got it. Thanks
  2. Still haven't seen mine yet and its been over 24 hours. I ran "My Finds" yesterday and wonder if the reset was for those too.
  3. I also ran one last night and it was done at 8:30 pm and 15 hours later still no email and I have even cheched the spam folder. Wonder why???
  4. I have now gone from seattle to spokane and used someone's different internet provider and I am still having the same as I described. ????????
  5. I'm still having the same problems. Please can anybody help!!!
  6. Hi all, I’m having some problems with “Find caches along a route”. Every time I enter a search like Seattle to Spokane or just Spokane I get something like 16 pages and the first page is just fine, but when I try to go to the second page or click next, I either get nothing or it takes me to the regular page that has routes for New York. I have used this feature many times in the past so it is nothing new to me but this is the first time I’ve used it in the last 6 months and I’m not sure something changed. Any help!!! As I’m back on vacation and I really like this feature. By the way, I have tried it on three different computers, one with Windows 7 and two with XP and the same thing happens every time.
  7. I too have tried twice tonite and both times they were sent as App Files. I even tried to different route queries. I have been downloading them daily and nothing on my end change. Any Help???
  8. Is anyone having problems receiving pocket querys today???
  9. Please add my name to the list for one please.
  10. Great looking coin. Sign me up.
  11. My vote is for Gold, of course. The coin will look great as it travels the Biggest State in the Union. LOL I know how you all feel about the size of your state. More LOL's
  12. What an Idea. Coin looks great and icon to match.
  13. Sales Tax??? In Alaska they give me a ckeck every year just to live here!!! We love are "Permanent Fund" Checks.
  14. They turned out great. What an idea. Please keep me on the list for a couple.
  15. 2 Please and I hope all are prayers are with this Family
  16. Wonder if they will let me take one on the plane and back to Alaska. LOL
  17. BenGeo'en

    Moses Coin

    5K !!! Congrats and good luck on your next 5K I also like the coin
  18. Couldn't pass this one up. Order is in.
  19. Sent request yesterday before this thread was even there.
  20. Got Invoice and paid. Boy Howdy do I have some fun things planned for this coin.
  21. I was quicker today and got the "GOLD". Still they went very fast just like yesterday. Thanks Bone, I will enjoy.
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