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  1. Well doggone it-such a cool beautiful coin and I missed out altogther. I gotta do better. But congrats on such a lovely coin! Dani Du
  2. WOW-you can add Dani Du for at least 2. Pretty Coin!
  3. I tried all morning about every 15 minutes or so-never could get on and then when it came up-NO COINS!!! I really wanted that coin! I have lots of problems with the geocoinstore-anyboby else had much trouble!?
  4. Have I missed out am I to late? How did I miss susch a cool coin? Help please. Gotta have one. Dani Du
  5. O-o-o-o-h Pretty I'd like One LE Set please . Thanks. Dani Du
  6. Please Dani Du to the list of I gotta have's . One of each please.
  7. Cute very cute-Dani Du and the Muttley Crew wish her the very best!
  8. Since Switzerland has four offical languages - Ich mochte zwei bitte. Danke!
  10. ME TOO-ME TOO- Raising hand-shouting-jumping up and down 5 Please, please, please!and if you make any LE's Please let everyone have shot at least one. Love orca's.
  11. Sign this old Sgt up for one of each -you could add a few cent to each one for a donation-don't it has to be much- 1.00 would do. Thanks Dani DU.
  12. But of course Dani Du would have to find a way to get at least one or two or- Black Nickel is nice- I gotta have a couple they make me giggle! I'll pay I'll pay!!!! I'm gonna have to get another job to support this habit!
  13. I like NO 3 but you ought to add a drop of Blood
  14. Dani Du would like a few like -10 or so- Lived in California. and still love the Bay area and the High Sierra's
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