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Frozen Bone Cache Zone Event Geocoin


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On January 1st, 8AM we had quite a blast :lol: at the Frozen Bone Cache Zone Run here in Germany.


For those of you that are not too good at reading German :P, there is an English summary at

Frozen Bone Summary.


This was the first German Geocaching Event with its own Geocoin (and of course traceable with its own icon). As we did not sell all of them at the event we now have a few leftovers of the copper version (mintage 750) "to share" with those who did not come to the event.


In order to save you some shipping costs we organized two "warehouse" locations: one in Tucson, Arizona and one near Hannover, Germany. You should order from the one closer to you.


The two links are: USA order and Germany order.




THE GERMAN STORE does not have an "out of stock" feature. All orders placed there are depending on availability, as of now they have some 200 pieces left in stock.


THE USA STORE will not be able to ship until Monday.


Once you have the coins, go here to retrieve the activation codes.





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I placed an order about an hour ago. The US store was not an option at that time. So I ordered through the german store. Please check your email.

Yes, got it. I'll see if I can re-route your order to save you some shipping costs. Will contact you directly.



I'm not worried about the shipping cost. I'm concerned about the "other" item that was available at the time I placed my order and that I also paid for via paypal in full. The coins can be shipped from Germany. That's not a problem at all. I just really want the item that wasn't available in the US store too :lol:

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Got my FB Coins today and 1 of them is either labeled wrong or the activation datatbase is wrong. My coin has a "B" in the tracking number....when that is submitted, I get an "invalid" message....but, when I replace the "B" with an "8"....I get an activation code.


Now don't start telling me to get glasses...I already have them, plus a loupe. Honest there is a "B" on the coin.


I emailed the cachezone but have not gotten a response.


Maybe someone from there will see this post.

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