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  1. Modern software development is modular. I would be surprised if Garmin did not take this approach as it reduces development time of new models. For example in the Colorado automotive mode the rendering of the maps, turns, etc. is almost the same as other Garmin models (like my Streetpilot). In the Oregon screenshots the 3D model has that pixelated look and lack of detail, the same as the Colorado. So I would guess that both units are based on the same software platform but with different user interface modules. The addition of a touchscreen and changing of the user interface could still mean that a large percentage of the firmware is the same. Andy
  2. Note that once you enter your information on the first page it takes you to another site - discoverapplication.com (IIRC) where you enter your SSN. If you look up the whois on that domain it appears to be owned by Discover. So on the face of it, it seems the affiliate (mygpsoffer.com) doesn't get your SSN. I applied, was approved. We'll see if they are still shipping the GPS units or supplies have run out... Have low expectations. Andy
  3. My streetpilot i3 does the same think your screenshot shows. But still I've managed to drive 4000 miles in unknown areas without a problem. I did this by using a combination of looking at the map in additional to the voice prompts and applying common sense. Incidentally I tested a friend's Magellan Roadmate side by side with my Streetpilot i3 and the result was scary. The Magellan failed to give accurate distance and time information to two out of three locations I tested. Andy
  4. I tried it with my City Select v7 and it recalculates when I am about 100ft - 150ft off course. Works just as well in this regard as my Streetpilot i3 (except the Colorado is a LOT faster). Andy
  5. Yes, the smart way to develop software for a line of products is to create a modular platform that can be reused over and over again. It is also the case that the more complex a product the more problems there will be with it. My previous GPS was an eTrex Venture (2001). How would you like vertical lines on the display, flickering, only having to hold the unit horizontal to get and keep a lock, and the glue failing so the rubber peels off? I think Garmin have come a long way... Andy
  6. It's called a ferrite bead. See here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ferrite_bead Andy
  7. Trying to remember off the top of my head... Create a track then in automotive mode with City Select v7 (don't have anything else to try): Shortcuts -> Where To -> Tracks -> Current Track -> Tracback The unit starts navigating, then: Shortcuts -> Route -> Select a turn on the route The turn is shown. Then press the Back soft key. It takes me to a random screen instead of going back to the list of turns. Andy
  8. Took me a while to get it - they post their address as admin@handicaching1965.com Type in that address to your mail but remove the numbers! Guess this is how they are dealing with spammers so I didn't retype it for you. Just take out those numbers after handicaching and before the dot com. I bet that will work. I'm sorry you had trouble with contacting us through our site. You can send me a PM through this forum, or try admin at handicaching dot com or andy at britishideas dot com. I'll also try sending you a message. regards, Andy - Handicaching Admin
  9. We could do a LOT more with the handicaching site if we were able to access the lat/lng for each cache. For example local search, state search, etc. Unfortunately this isn't possible... Andy Handicaching.com
  10. The Hanna Charity coin is now available in the US. 100% of the coin sales price goes to Hanna's family to cover the costs of therapy for Hanna, who is a disabled child living in Germany. For more information see: Cache Zone Store - Hanna Charity Coin Andy
  11. It's been three years since we started the service and as I write this we are up to 2982 cache ratings for 2720 caches! So far the reponse has been great, but we hope to increase the rate at which caches are being rated. So, if you've visited a cache and you see it isn't rated on handicaching.com, please take a couple of minutes to enter a rating. The comments section is optional, so it's just a matter of choosing from a handful of drop down lists. No typing except for the waypoint. Easy peasy! Andy
  12. Bumping this for the first time in over a year for the benefit of new members. Come and rate caches for others! Help to make geocaching more accessible! Currently we have over 2,500 caches rated but we need more. I recently downloaded 500 caches for Maine and checked to see if any were rated on handicaching.com - nope, not a single one. http://www.handicaching.com thanks, Groover
  13. I tried PMing you, but I guess the system doesn't like the '&' in your name. Please email me through the store or through this forum so I can discuss this with you. Thanks. Andy
  14. If you have already completed checkout and paid, then you have a purchase and it is in our system. If you put the coin set in your cart and then left without completing checkout, it likely won't be there on March 15th, so you will have to re-add it. Andy
  15. DOH - Due to a mix up with the store configuration, first class mail was not offered as an option for shipment that met the USPS weight restrictions. We have now rectified this and offered first class mail to those that ordered and didn't get the option at the time. Thanks for pointing this out. Andy
  16. Please email me the code at: info at whitedogcollectibles dot com and I'll look into it. Andy
  17. For the selections choose the worst case. For any additional information (for example the best way to approach), note it in the optional comments field. Andy
  18. We aimed to follow the guidelines for US Section 508 (and although untested should be close to or at compliance for European Union Priority 1). I'm not sure if this covers your concern or not. See hermish.com for more info. Andy
  19. The precursor to handicaching.com had lots of boxes to tick. I think there must have been about 20. The problem then becomes that people take one glance at the web page and see lots of options and tickboxes and just get overwhelmed. That system was never used and a complete failure. We decided for handicaching.com to use drop down lists instead, aiming to make the form smaller and simpler to use. It would be nice to integrate the handicaching.com system in with geocaching.com's cache submission process, but alas you will need to petition them for that. We've offered free code, etc. in the past but didn't get a response. Andy
  20. There is probably a legal definition of "accessible" (perhaps in the Americans with Disabilities Act), however what is relevent in this discussion is: how do I indicate whether someone with a specific set of disabilities (wheelchair, crutches, severe back pain, etc.) can do my cache? Using a symbol and rating 1 for terrain I don't believe provides enough information for someone to make a decision. I would think that many disabled people like to challenge themselves, both physically and mentally. Andy
  21. Hi Jeep Dog, The aspects that you rate a cache on on handicaching.com are purely factual. How far is it to the cache? What kind of surfaces? Which obstructions? There isn't really an interpretation, just observation. The rating you enter into the handicaching.com site is not a statement of "this cache is accessible" because who can determine that except someone who is disabled? There are too many types of disabilities to fit under a "1 star" or "handicap symbol" type system. Even my wife's abilities vary by the day and hour. Instead the aim of handicaching.com is to provide more information to those who need it. Rating a cache there is kind of like being an advanced scout, reporting what it is like. The more people who rate other people's caches, the faster the database will grow and the more useful the site will become. I hope that helps. Andy
  22. If I'm not mistaken Team Spike has the site set up to average together multiple ratings on a single cache. So if someone doesn't like your rating they can add their own and average it out. Yes, that's right. The idea is if enough people rate a cache, the "incorrect" rating will be averaged out. However the individual ratings are still there to be seen so that a disabled person can make their own mind up. After all, I think that what is imporant is that a disabled person be given enough information to decide if it is doable for them. A 1 star doesn't tell anyone much really. Not all disabled people are in wheelchairs. Andy
  23. It's not just stats - it's about providing data in specific or customized ways, ways that gc.com doesn't offer, mostly with a local angle. Whether it is mapping or special searches or ratings or a huge list of things. Stats IMO is just one part. Andy
  24. Rather than tolerating and looking the other way, why not try to convert this aspect into part of your business model? Perhaps the reason it keeps coming up is because there is a fundamental problem in the geocaching community that needs to be addressed - the desire for localized customizations of data. Andy
  25. I didn't post that, StarBrand did. Andy
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