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  1. Last year there was an Alaskan Cruise with over 80 confirmed geocachers on board, and Groundspeak wouldn't allow an event on days at sea. I highly doubt you'll have any more success with a handful of cachers. Well that stinks Lil Devil! But thanks for letting me know that you weren't able to get a days at sea event published...
  2. We're headed on a Carnival cruise from 9/27 - 10/4 out of New York to Boston, Portland, St John and Halifax and back to New York. Looking to see if there are any other cachers on our cruise and if so, if you are interested in an event(s) on our ship on our days at sea. I'm trying to figure out where to post the events, I guess at the port of the next morning?
  3. I was watching the two Mr. Jiffy coins closest to home. One got close and was gobbled up before I could get there. Coin #26 was placed close to where I wanted to go the next day so we left early so we could have a shot at finding it. I opened the cache like it was a recently published cache hoping for the FTF. There it was; glowing brightly as we opened the cache! Mr. Jiffy wasn't able to get out the next several days but on Day 6 we started to get after effects of Hurricane Hannah. On Day 7 we took him out to try to stop the rain and dry up the area! Oh yeah, I had to take the batteries out of my GPS to put in my camera and didn't reset the date but I'm pretty sure you all believe me when I tell you I didn't take these pictures on 1/1/06
  4. 1968 The only hint is: 1. It has four digits.[/font][/size] This mindless Cointest should keep you all busy while I work on settling the others. The prize will be three coins out of my pile, to the winner. BTW, The Shutterspot Cointest is not finished, just cooling a little before I can serve it up. I won't be at the computer most of the time, so just keep guessing each hour when you are at yours, I'll post some sort of note as I am able to access things. Hope you all don't go crazy.
  5. I have way too many coins and have stopped ordering almost all coins..... but I ordered three of these to get the word out after they arrive.
  6. I know it says it will have it's own icon but is it a different icon than our racing coins/balloons?
  7. I also enjoyed the race even though I had to set free the backup. I DID like the idea of two coins with the same tracking number, I just wish I didn't need to use the second one. Thanx again avroair!! PaHawkeye
  8. Also, is the October bonus feat "Attending a sporting event" ?? I think I saw that on someone's coin page but I can't remember where?
  9. When you place the replacement into a cache of your choice you log the feat then. One cache, one feat. Sorry for your lost racer. Thanks......
  10. Alright, unfortunately, my racer has been confirmed missing. In preparation of confirmation I re-read all the previous logs, including some of my own, clear back when the first post about a confirmed missing coin came up. I know I can, and will, replace my racer with the identical one I have here but how do I do that? Feat 45 is 'Coin is verified missing' - obviously that can't be logged when dropped into a cache. Do I have the cacher who confirmed it post a log or can I log that feat when I drop the replacement into another cache? I figure some moron 'helped' my coin earn one of the feats I never wanted to earn but it has, so how do I record it? PaHawkeye
  11. I'm trying to order and it's adding another €5 for shipping.
  12. 1. check 2. check 3. check (and planning to send a special coin when I track it down) 4. package received when I was on a cache run last Thursday and my noncaching wife coudn't find where she placed it until today! Thanx for all the goodies Tim!
  13. In the bad Karma department I have not mailed my mission yet (I have informed her though) so therefore it's only fair that I have not received mine yet either. 1. Participating in July 4th - Email Sent 2. Received Name - 5/17 3. Mission Complete - sending package tomorrow 4. Package Received - not yet
  14. Sorry, haven't been on the forums recently: Summer/Winter Solstice 1. Participating 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete Package sent (didn't arrive until today - sorry stellarscapes) 4. Package Received - received 4 sweet coins from Fox & the Hound 1st coin - Fox & the Hound personal coin 2nd coin - Cache Critters - first 3d coin designed by..... Fox & the Hound 3rd coin - GCC Feb. "Retro Hypnocoin" SPECIAL ARTIST EDITION 1 of 50 4th coin - Cache is King antique silver 1 of only 20!! THANX A LOT F&H 4th Of July 1. Participating 2. Received Name
  15. I'd send them an e-mail. IN MY OPINION, I wouldn't be surprised if they took your money and didn't send any coins. IN MY OPINION, I don't think they really planned very well for this project. Someone contacted me with an email of where to forward my payment information so I just sent it and will hope to hear by the beginning of the week.
  16. I still have not received my coins - am I the only one?
  17. Has anyone else not received their's yet? (I'll have to double check with my wife but I don't think mine have arrived)
  18. Summer/Winter Solstice: 1. Participating DONE 2. Received Name 5/17 3. Mission Complete 4. Package Received! and 4th of July: 1. Participating DONE 2. Received Name 5/17 3. Mission Complete 4. Package Received! BTW, if anyone is looking my lists are on geocoincollection.com
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