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Illinois Coin Is In The Works And Progressing.


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Just to let everyone know that the Illinois geocaching organizations have gotten together and are working towards getting an Illinois geocoin out before the first of the year.


Representatives from GONIL, LEGS, and CIGA have been meeting via the internet and are making some good progress on the coin.


We have some rough drafts of artwork and will be sending them out for finalization with the artist in a few days. It is our goal to have the coin minted and ready for distribution before the end of the year. I'll keep this thread updated with details (artwork, coin size, numbers, release date etc) as soon as those details become final.


Thanks for your patience and support! We really look forward to getting a beautiful and unique geocoin out there to represent the great State of Illinois.


PLEASE DO NOT FLOOD THIS THREAD WITH PREORDER REQUESTS, that time will come soon enough. Please keep any discussions on topic and refrain from using this thread for group or personal bashing. Thanks.

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I started geocaching in Illinois, so I'm really looking forward to this coin. I'm so excited in fact, that I decided to design an icon for you! An icon so cool that everyone in America will have at least one of these coins jingling in their pockets.




Whaddaya think? Huh? Huh? B)


What do you mean it's been done?


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