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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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1 x Aquatic Benchmark


Anyone have any info on this one?


part of the Hogwild Benchmark Club. Every 2 months we get a new snazzy BM coin. This month's is a joint venture between NASA and NOAA for a BM on the ocean floor, used by astronauts.




Ooohhh.. Thanks!! Another one to add to my seeking list. :blink:

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Yesterday at the Avalanche event;


-13 pathtags...thanks so much big johp and secret chief!! :P:(

-Alaska 2008 bronze :(


- USA 2007 geocoin

- Enigma geocoin -thanks for the trades Sergi0! B)


-Laval K-9's birds of a feather geocoin :unsure:


-LE satin nickel Certified Geocoin Addict


-Geocaching Jedi :sad:




-Avalanche Organisateur coin

-Avalanche Benevole coin

-Satin nickel Avalanche coin marked 'Avalanche'


-2 Avalanche coins marked 'merci' as I designed the snow people side. :P:blink:

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Well after 5 long days of being in the hospital with my 6 month old baby girl :blink: thankful she is doing much better :huh: I finally got to the mail today ;)


GC10000 C - Antique Bronze

Biking Against MS Black Nickel


Quebec City 1608-1808


Manitoba Geocachers

Norman Geocachers

personal geocoin (geotag) Peter and Gloria MBGA


Thank you all for the trades :laughing:

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