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  1. These are new metal/color combinations
  2. We did some new samples some time ago; Silver and the original colors, antique gold, antique copper and dying black with white. If there is interest we might release some new Birkas.
  3. Heartbeat Geocoin now on sale Here:
  4. Yes, please tell the story GATOULIS
  5. L L L wins a Heartbeat Antique Copper Contact me through my profile and send med your address.
  6. GATOULIS wins a Heartbeat Silver Contact me through my profile and send med your address.
  7. gardengorilla wins a Heartbeat Gold Contact me through my profile and send med your address.
  8. Thank you all for all the great posts!!! Fantastic response! The Heartbeat geocoins have now arrived So here are the winners: Fianccetto wins a Heartbeat Black Nickel + Red Contact me through my profile ad send med your address.
  9. YES, we NEED to know ! Progress Update: - The Heartbeat Geocoin is currently in production - 4 versions will be available - The mint says they will be ready November 23th 2010 - Add another week for UPS shipping and customs - The Heartbeat Geocoin is estimated to be in stock November 30th 2010 - The Heartbeat Geocoin will be sold at Polardesign.se: Here
  10. We have a new coin on the way so we want to celebrate with a new cointest! The coin is the Heartbeat Geocoin. The cointest is about Thailand. The Heartbeat Geocoin is all about matters of the Heart. My heart goes out to the victims of the Thailand tsunami 2004 (and to all other disaster victims). Our family have a dream to someday visit Thailand so we need help to find Thailand's magic places. Places that are worth a visit. Maybe a great Geocache or some wonderful nature? And Hey! keep it family oriented ok? Rules: - You can post as many times as you like - One Thailand Tip at The Time(post) - The cointest ends when the Heartbeat coins arrives from the mint (expected Nov 30th 2010) - Feel free to post pictures and links - There will be 4 winners - I pick the winners and I rule supreme - The prices will be 4 different Heartbeat geocoins - Have fun The Prices:
  11. We did 8 different samples: - Silver - Gold - Antique Copper - Antique Bronze - Antique Silver - Antique Gold - Satin Gold - Black Nickel + Red We have not decided what versions to make yet. We might add color line to some...? We will NOT do a pre-sale. Heartbeat will be on sale later this spring/early summer.
  12. Thank you! More pictures:
  13. What can I say? People are asking for moore mooses We don't like to re-mint same versions so we made some new ones. As a first step we are making samples to see if there is any interest.
  14. Sample Platings left to right: - Black Nickel + Foggy Silver - Antique Bronze - Gold + Black Nickel - Antique Silver + Antique Copper - Silver + Transparent Green Hopefully on sale this spring at PolarDesign.se
  15. Mooooo!!! We have made samples of new versions of Swedish Moose Geocoins:
  16. We have a mailing list at PolarDesign.se that you can sign up to. I will also update this thread with new info.
  17. 4,13,16,19,49 Risk, Texas HoldEm, The Beatles RockBand
  18. More pictures of Kurre Here: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...p;#entry3856269
  19. Cold Been out working in -25 Celsius shoveling snow from high rooftops.
  20. Fantastic Coins!!! Great design!! I love them!
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