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  1. I haven't been here on the forums in a while, so needless to say I was completely surprised when I checked the mail yesterday, and I had gotten a mystery coin!!! I have been roped in too! I never thought I would get one of these being way out here in the middle of the outback (although it was mailed to my US PO box ) THANK YOU SO MUCH GEO BANDIT!!! It was a wonderful surprise, and made my day! (mine is number 236)
  2. For some reason, I cannot get new caches to write to my GPS. I have tried it on my mac and PC and both say they recognize the GPS, and have "written" the cache to the GPS successfully, but then I can't find it on the GPS anywhere! It's not in geocaches or waypoints... (I feel like they answer is probably something easy I'm over looking but help would be appreciated) Thanks!
  3. If you need a volunteer in central Australia, let me know!
  4. Ohh, ok, I thought it would start with the first cache it was dropped in. Thanks so much!
  5. They're under my Mom's caching name, Leafer54.
  6. No, it's the little link right above the comments that shows a map with all the places visited with numbers on them and lines drawn between...?
  7. I have noticed several TBs that I have moved have a "view map" option above the logs showing where the TB has been. However, none of the TBs I own seem to have this feature - is it something I need to "turn on" or should it be there automatically? Help?
  8. I don' know exactly where this is so I couldn't check to see if there already was one, but if not - someone should put one somewhere on that path... http://www.brightcove.tv/title.jsp?title=1438490562
  9. I emailed you yesterday but didn't get a response - has mine been counted? (Rainbow pinwheel) Thanks!
  10. When does this mission start? I'd like to play, but I want to send stuff from my home in Alice Springs, Australia, and I am in the states until the first week in June...let me know if I can play!
  11. 2007 purple compass catcher 2007 Australia geocoin (with platypus) Germany "sticker" coin (like the ones that go on the back of cars) Rainforest Jewel
  12. I am looking for a Dallas Mavericks (as in the basketball team) coin, and a Mozart (as in Wolfgang Amadeus, or in the same vein) coin. Does anyone know if these exist? Is there a list somewhere? Thanks!
  13. I got a package from BigD007 from his name the baby cointest - thanks sooo much for all the cool stuff! And, my sundial coin set - so excited to see those, they are awesome!
  14. j2garnett


    Where: Stavanger, Norway Cache: GCG2WC - Mosvannsparken Date: March 12, 2008
  15. If there's any left you want to go to Australia - I'm in Alice Springs, and can drop one here!
  16. My zazth maze coin from the cointest! It is awesome! Thanks!!!
  17. If you still need homes for any, I'd be willing to set one free in the "outback"
  18. My first two geocoins!!! Thanks to SLO Trekker and rsfish1 for my "boot" and my Lord of the Cache!!!
  19. I sent an email to play...maybe I'm too late? But I can also release one in Australia if needed
  20. I'm going to say the biggest error is being committed by those that aren't playing with us in this thread!
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