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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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Over the last few days:


Tranquility "Purple Haze" - thanks scavok!

Tranquility "Blue is My World" - thanks scavok!


and a special package from IBcrashen

a Dorkfish coin that was made into a keychain

Groovy Caching Dude

Caching the Pumpkin Patch

and an IB crashen pathtag!

(all from my seeking list!)


Your such an awesome person IBcrashen to send out ramdom packages like you do and you seem to know the right time to do it!! :drama:

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Its a great mail day, the surprises outweighed the bills!


A fantastic little stocking with a green glitter top...I believe Santa, I believe!!


3 little beauties from the March of Dimes cointest....a really cute geowoodstock 5 t-shirt coin

"My geobuddies went to Geowoodstock 5 and all I got was this lousy T-shirt" I love it!

A Cherry of a cache coin and a pathtag.


A great mail day!

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We had a special family day holiday yesterday so no posting, but the mailman still made an appearance:


I am the Walrus (goo goo ga joob!)

2 Albertasaurus (One to my youngest son who found his first solo cache today!!!)

2-Four Elements LE

1-Four Elements Gold


FTF V2 Gold

Celtic Arrow LE- thanks for the trade Arrow One!

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Today I received a mailer mailed 2/6/8 that was found in empty equipment on 2/14 with my 2 Silver Bullet Team 9er coins. :anicute: Better late than never.

And a mailer from a Germany company with the wrong coin in it. :D Hopefully things will get straightened out and I will get the correct coin so I dont have to buy it on e-bay.

And 2 path tags.

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The last 2 days have been great mail days. Just when I needed it too. :anicute: Amazing how little shiny objects can lift your spirits.


-Avalanche coin...woohoo! :D:D

-S.A Turned Off - Green

-Eurochocolate to send traveling. :D

-Gold Rhunestone Geocoin. Beautiful!! Thanks sooooo much Naomi!


Lots and lots of pathtags. :D:D


Thanks usyoopers for your wonderful card and pathtag package. B)


Thank GBOTS for the cartoon clipping. That gave me a good laugh!! :D

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Oh My Goodness!


What on Earth did I do to deserve this!!




Today I received a "big ol' box" in the mail! Totally unexpected, and completely clueless to it's contents! Well, I knew it had heart confetti in it due to the trail of them that followed me up the stairs behind me, lol!


So, I sat here giving Caitlyn a little lunch, because we all know that if baby ain't happy, ain't NObody happy in the house, and Solan on MSN urging me to open open open the package!


Finally Cait had her fill, so I switched on the ol' webcam to share opening it with Solan :D.




Jodi, you shouldn't have!


In this package were 4 packages of tart sweethearts, some incredible looking Ghirardelli chocolates, 2 books for Caitlyn, an Erin beanie baby for Caitlyn, a little heart filled with chocolates for each girl, two of THE cutest little rubber duckies I've ever seen - one a nurse and one a fireman, a ton of confetti and gorgeous colored tissue paper, and 2 more packages for Hanna that haven't been opened since she's not home tonight...


Caitlyn LOVES the little bug colors book, by the way! It hasn't left her hands since she got it! It's so cute and I LOVE that it has a ladybug on the front inner cover since I call Cait Caitiebug ladybug!


There were 3 pins and a magnet, too... AND... another of her pathtags so Hanna can have her own, 2 really neat geotags, AND the cutest little cache critter crawled it's way into my house... a cachepillar!


Jodi, your sweet generosity is just overwhelming!! I just don't know what to say besides thank you!


From the bottom of my heart and for the girls I say thank you and send a huge hug your way!




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It's been a long time since my mailbox has had much activity...but with the old coins I have been trading away...I'm starting to get flooded with coins!


I also got a Mickey Diver coin from Mickey Diver!! Woo Hoo!!


It came with a note saying I could list it on Ebay to help with our finacial woes.


Thanks Mickey!!

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When I finally got home today from getting an estimate on our van (we got rear ended on Valentine's day) there was enough coin mail to cheer me up!

Now I know why these took so long to get here, I got 3 turtles today!


Birthday Mission from Puzzlefam (little miss) was awesome! My very own Earth Turtle and a dots surfboard. Very thoughtful and well put together, cute card!


Also my two Turtletoes coins came today too. They took a long time too but they got opened by those nosey border guards. Does this happen a lot? First time for me!


All in all, a great day! :D


oh yeah and a guardian geocoin to watch over me so no more accidents!

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Yesterday i recieved a Morpho Butterfly. I fell in love :) . Now I want the others too :unsure:


And I had to go to the postoffice for the 'New beginning GC10000'. I recieved two coins, a B and a C version and both copper.


Today I recieved an email that the Crake Prickly Pear are shipped, so hopefully I've got within a week an another happy coin day :lol:

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