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  1. I have been very lucky recently and have managed to acquire 2 of my top 5 sought after geocoins. Many thanks to 2BUGS and TOOEY. You made me a very happy girl. My top 5 now looks like this: 1) GBA Deathmarch 2) Diet Centris 3) Wilg - black nickel 4) Sweetlife - silver 5) Cache Maru
  2. My top 5 sought after geocoins are near impossible to get hold of. 1) GBA Deathmarch 2) Habercacher 3) Tatanka Pejula - soldier 4) Diet Centris 5) Wilg - black nickel
  3. I know the answer to this. I did post the answer, but changed my mind because having read the rules I have realised that I cant draw for toffee. Plus I dont know how to post a picture on this thread. Yve E.n.i.g.m.a
  4. I love all things Yime. Loving this geocoin. I vote for icon number 1, because it is clear and bold.
  5. I too like this design. Looking forward to seeing the samples. I really do hope that there wont be as many variants as the tranquility. Could not keep up.
  6. WOW Tsun, This is fantastic. How on earth do you think of such amazing designs again and again. Cant wait to see more photos. I love this design.
  7. Hello Turlutortue You may have a problem trading for the 2007 earth turtles in gold and gold/black nickel. These were the TSUN editions and only 15 of each were made. As for the rest, Ebay has always been well worth keeping an eye on, especially recently. Good luck Yve E.n.i.g.m.a
  8. This what I received in the post a few days ago. yippee. I love them all. Especially the Yime pin. Very cute. But my all time favourite, has got to be the Dark Yime. Superb. Thankyou so so much Yime. Good grief. It has taken me an age to figure out how to post a photo. E.n.i.g.m.a
  9. OMG. Im in YemonYime heaven. I love these, especially the dark Yime. Thankyou Tsun for the photos, well worth the wait.
  10. My heart desires an oldie but goodie. The almost impossible to find: JOEFROG http://www.joefrog.org/image/joefrog39.jpg
  11. The 3 landsharkz coins (back far right) The first one, (it looks like green) Is that a special edition, as I didn't see it for sale on the Landsharkz web site.
  12. I have all 3 moon mushrooms: Nickel - 125 made B/N - 125 made LE gold/glitter version - 50 made I'm feeling particularly generous today, so you can have them as a gift. (My good deed for the day to offset my grumpy mood at work today) Just email me your details and they're yours. Yve E.N.I.G.M.A
  13. Where the geopicks minted in any other metal, other than copper?
  14. 250 total. All were black nickel. We have a few left available. Thankyou
  15. How many of these Tiki Stomp coins were minted?
  16. Thankyou. This is very generous indeed.
  17. Me too. I love it more. Ive got face ache from grinning at it. Thanks Yime
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