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  1. Oh My! Got my coins today and they are absolutely gorgeous.....and BIG. They sure make me miss Aus so much more Thanks Craig!
  2. I'm feeling unbelievably blessed today...for a found this very cute coin in my mailbox, sent to me...from me! It's a mystery Thank you oh so much for still thinking of me mystery sender. I know I haven't been around here or actively trading for a while. I do still buy the odd coin and once in a while I get a log on some of the coins I have traveling out there. Yes, there were some coin losses in the beginning. The first one was the worst as it was a big let down. But since then I've experienced far more kindness than evil from the great people around the world involved in geocaching and geocoins.
  3. Wow, I am almost never on here anymore and it just goes to show that I may be missing some really amazing coins. This coin is definitely near and dear to my heart as are all my Aussie geocaching friends. I'm really hoping to get back there someday to see you all. Cheers, B
  4. Well not sure if this will ever happen but I sure would like one of those new MOGA coins, the sword and the stone geocoin...You never know, sometimes it's worth a shot!
  5. Peanutbutterbreadandjam was selling a GAS coin on the other social media site that starts with F. LOL I don't even know if I'm allowed to say it here anymore. Feel like an old timer
  6. I really like this coin...simple B&W is one of my favourite designs AND tonight we are BBQing in the snow!!
  7. Hey!!! I got a surprise in the mail today! Wow, I can't believe I am the proud recipient of one of these really cool mystery coins I mean, I hardly ever come on here in the forums anymore and I didn't even know these existed until I got one in the mail, lol! I am still purchasing the odd coin (old habits die hard) but mostly 2012 was a HUGE geocaching year for me. I mean, last year I found exactly 20 less geocaches than the total amount of caches I found in ALL of my previous years combined. If I'd have know it was only 20 before the end of the year I would have found those 20 as well Anyway, I've had an amazing year meeting many new geocaching friends, completing many different challenge caches and attending events. I feel like a social butterfly. I am very flattered, mystery sender, that you still think of me now and again and I am ever so grateful for the beautiful coin you sent me. All the best in 2013!! Keep on collecting and caching!
  8. WHAT?!!!! I ***Have*** to get one of these! Is is a coin or that other thing? Is it trackable? Who made it? I NEED TO KNOW!!!
  9. OMG!!! I was one off! Great fun Craig and congrats on tripling your goal. I miss WA too B
  10. Two of mine were 'hit' as well. How odd. Looks like this person is just trying to discover a small number at a time to escape detection?
  11. Hi Craig! Just ordered mine 234AM Edited NOT to change number....do I get a kickback for gettning all those Calgary orders?
  12. Ditto. I guess that's two Canadians with a minelab coin, three counting kini_ont We'd better take lots of photos! My guess is that they just used the wrong entry form style...but that was kinda mean, like taking candy from a baby!
  13. Where does it say US and Canada? I tried to fill out the form but it says US only. Figures.
  14. Looks like a bookmark to me. I assume the tracking number is on the reverse?
  15. I use c:geo on the Samsung 2 for paperless caching....but I find caches with my GPS. It is too inaccurate for me.
  16. Hmmm interesting discussion. Having just returned from the Tunnel of Light, I can attest to the fact that the experience is still amazingand that I am not alone in this. Many geocachers still make a point to walk or bike the tunnel to find the ape cache redux and the really ancient Iron Horse cache as well. I think that this location still inspires awe and is still special to us geocachers and that even though it does not contain the 'sacred' Mission 9 ape cache, it is special enough to warrant some kind of souvenir. What about something that is not ape related at all? How about just a 'Tunnel of Light' souvenir? BTW as a 'gardengorilla' you can be sure I am already making plans for Brazil....
  17. Heya GG! I headed to the Geocoin Store for my book purchase as I have always found them to be a great online shopping experience, but I was stopped in my tracks when I saw the no shipping for this item outside of the US. Just for future reference Geocoin Store, I paid a premium for shipping elsewhere so if it was price you though we might balk at, we live OS we are used to it Yeah but did you get the coin with it AO? I know...we're used to getting the shaft. But hey?! I am not even over any seas here, just a border....
  18. Hi All, I'm not sure if people are still posting new coin threads here but I guess it is a start. I have permission from CAC and Geowyrms to post this notice about our brand new Calgary shiney: Here is the link for Geowyrm's Geocaching Supplies: My link
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