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  1. Working on an event for Minnesota, I was going to do one of these then forgot but im glad i read the forms to remind me.
  2. I dont know how either but Im not going to argue with it lol
  3. Oh yea its trackable also heres "my" coins page Geo Sasquatch Coin
  4. Dont know if this has been mentioned before but I couldnt find anything about it sorry if it has So I got a notification in my email today about someone finding one of my caches. I didnt recognize the name of teh cacher so I looked at their (or should I say Its) Profile and saw this Geo Sasquatch So after work I went to the cache to investigate. When I got to the cache I opened it and to my surprise there was a coin i havent seen before in it. Thanks Geo Sasquatch for such a beautiful coin
  5. Received coin #186 in the mail all i can say is thanks havent really been out caching in about 2 months this will probably spark my habit back up. This made what has been a less then thrilling couple of weeks really good Thanks Geo_Bandit
  6. is there a reason you have 3 of them do you have proof of ownership or something like a receipt to show they aren't stolen goods I might be interested if you can show me some proof
  7. all you are paying way to much i got mine for 270 on amazon its only 280 now on amazon with free shipping
  8. Honestly i would just go get a new GPS probably a yellow Garmin Etrex they are inexpensive but much better then the Gecko or go for a Etrex Legend I first used that when I started caching and loved it. Just my opinion. BTW if you want to get rid of your Gecko, if you get a new GPS, Im looking for old and broken GPS send me a message and ill pay shipping to get it off your hands.
  9. Good prices at amazon look there that where i got mine
  10. Im looking for some older model GPSrs for cheap or free. Doesn't have to work (Would be nice if it did). I looking for any model or brand. new or old. Im using them to create a time line to show muggles during events to teach them about GPSrs. It will be a traveling GPS museum. Im willing to pay shipping (But remeber im a poor college kid). Remember this is to help promote the Sport/ hobby/ addiction/ Etc (Choose what you want) of Geocaching so please if you have a older GPS laying around donate it to the cause. Any help would be great. In addition to that if you have a newer GPS that is broken and you are just going to scrap it Im looking for those also. Please send a message or PM or post here if you can help me out. Again this is for a project to help Promote Geocaching. Thanks
  11. Can you get a link to the cache page? I want to see this
  12. do the virtuals they are all fun. especially The Bean
  13. Well if Geocoins didnt exist i would invent them. Look at moun10bikes coins they go for big $$ i would be rich and well known. lol If I didnt buy geocoins i could have already minted probably 3 or 4 probably even more.
  14. let them count it as a find but not a FTF when King Boreas goes out on one of his cache placement runs he usually goes with someone else they get the cache to go find it after he goes out and places it they are first one to sign the log but not the first to find cause they found it before it was published. Next time if you announce a big series just say in your announcement that if anyone goes for the caches they will not be able to either claim a find or FTF or whatever to help with this problem. hope this helps.
  15. Bus&Betty and TopGear Both Got their 700th finds on Wednesday on 2 of my caches. Also Cstjohn Recently got her 1000th cache luckly i was there for all three
  16. 50th FTF today 400th trackable MOVED (no discoveries) a couple days ago
  17. one of the other tradition now with new nieces and nephews is that i hide 8 eggs in my grandmothers yard and each egg has a name on it and a toy for each one. Most are toy cars or accessories for dolls but the kids like it and its training for me for when i have to take over hiding the baskets after my dad "quits"
  18. We have two family traditions around easter the first is that my dad always hides the easter baskets. My dad is so good its scary. one year when we were in colorado at my grandmas he hid my cousins in a 20ft tall tree at the top and the other in as ceiling vent. We also always have a huge family dinner of 20 to 30 people (not all are blood family some are people we adopt for the day) its a fun time had by all. the other tradition is that my brothers birthday is around easter every year so we always get him a pinata. its always fun but sadly since he turned 18 this year this is the last year for pinata. good contest
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