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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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- My Mauison personal geocoin trade (THANKS!!)


- My Mama Cache personal geocoin trade (THANKS!!)


- And my "avroair" - Sopranos Hitman, Compass Rose, Chief20R2 trade (THANKS!!)

  • Jan 08 Geocoinclub ROT 13 Bottle Opener
  • 2 pathtags
  • 2 OakBucks
    Thanks for the trade usyoopers!!

- Rainforest Jewel Geocoin V2 - Antique Silver

- Blind Acorn


Thanks to all of the traders!!


Edited to correct personal coin info

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Today was a GREAT day for the mailman to visit me!!!


I got:


Jukebox Memory Gold

Jukebox Memory Nickel LE

Letterboxing Two toned Gold and BN

NEFGA Jeep Silver LE

JeeperMTJ Antique Bronze

Mauison version 1

Mauison version 2


Thanks for the trades everyone!!!



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In the mail tray yesterday was...


A full set of mousekakat's Viking Runestones (Gold AE, Antique Silver,

Antique Gold and Antique Copper)

a couple of Jack Russell Terrier Geocoins (Nickel)




some 2008 Alaska Bear Geocoins (Bronze)


And in the mailbox today was a couple of SILVER BULLET: Team 9-er Rides Again 2008 Geocoins (Antique Silver and Antique Gold)

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Today I received a set of the jAYmILLS personal coin and an extra polished gold. These will get wirewrapped. Something like this:






Are your "wrappings" as beautiful on the backside as the front :) ?


Sometimes they get messy, sometimes not. Check out the backside for this one and others here.


Thanks for the interest.


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I had an excellent mailbox day today :laughing::D

From Loridarlin in trade:


Cache Cow micro

Florida FGA

Cachoids Big City

London Phone Booth

Cache Aid Kit

Do Unto Others


And some candy hearts :D


w00t!! :D:D


And then from Fluttershy, I received a Valentine's Day surprise:


A pile of lollipops, a geocaching bracelet, and

Two oakcoins bumper sticker coins, an A and an F, and a TFTC coin.




Thanks Lori and Allie, you guys really made my day :)B):laughing::DB)

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This has been a really awful week in our house with surgery on our geopooch, major problems with the Explorer, etc. etc. etc. So I was really happy to open the mail to see


2 Sundial coins (copper and 2 tone)

my first ever Atwell family coin - It's All About the Hunt (night time - BN)


definitely brightened an otherwise awful awful day. :D

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In the mailbox today a package from Hogwild Stuff containing:

a couple of LoriDarlin Let It Snow Sets (Black Nickel)

Applewomyn 2007 (Antique Copper)

Pursuit of Caching (Black Nickel)

And 3 coins from the Great Coin Grab:

Cache or Charge Handcuffs (Gold)

Teal MWGB Tie Dye Tshirt (Nickel)

Prague 2007 (Antique Silver)

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We came home late last night so I didn't get to post what we got but BOY WHAT A GEOCOIN DAY!!! I hate to post my terrible pictures but I just have to show these off.




We got our wonderful Geocoin Heart's Desire package from our mission sender "who I think it is safe to say is moscow32". Thank you so very much, you went out of your way to make a very special package! A couple of the valentines for Chip and Tippi the Caching Cat and the nano are not pictured because Chip took off with them and I was too excited to take the pic, so they are not in there. The coins we received were a moscow32 Geonerd, a moscow32 Delicious Cache, Zion Postage Stamp coin, and to top things off one of our most highly DESIRED coins a Kuntry Kashin coin!!! YEEEEHAWWWW!!! Thank you sooooooooo very much! That would have made our day right there.


But, then we got a package from the trade we made with KrazyTrollz which held a Rainforest Jewel and their personal wooden nickel (not pictured,again because I was too excited and forgot:), WOW! another one of our highly desired coins! Thanks so much for the trade KrazyTrollz.


Then, I opened the package we ordered from Geocache Alaska, and pulled out the two bronze coins and two pins we ordered to have on hand for future purposes? Thank you. Beautiful coins of which we already own one from a previous mission.


And Then Again! I opened another package with the most beautiful Great Outdoor coin set you ever saw! They are very heavy and very detailed and very gorgeous coins. Thank you so much.


Then Yet Once More! Another package was opened with 2 new LE Jukebox Memories coins we ordered! Very Beautifully Done Coins. I love the way the light shows through coins on the sides:) Thank you very much.


WOW! WHAT A WONDERFUL GEOCOIN DAY! I only wish everyday could have been like that, LOL.

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