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  1. Here are a few questions ... Is the coin your coin? If not, who did it belong to? Maybe the owner (if not you) traded the coin out and adopt it to someone else... Can you tell us the name of the coin/tb? Where you seen it last? Did you discover the coin? If so you should have it in your discovers, unless it was adopted to someone that deleted the logs on the coin... Holly Cache Agent
  2. I believe I might of traded out my tiki mojo, but I'm not sure ... if the person I traded it to could contact me it would put my mind at ease and from thinking it might of been stolen... Thank you, Holly Cache Agent
  3. This coin is too cute! CA
  4. I missed the 3rd tiki (five five) anyone have one to trade.... Please contact me at cacheagent@gmail.com Thank you, Holly Cache Agent
  5. I know I have a fat chance at a trade... but if there is a chance... let me know... I like your compass rose 2008 over all the rest... Holly Cache Agent
  6. My answers to your questions... Yes. Yes. (and I would leave their logs) Yes. (in my opinion but I'm not in this for money just for the shiny and prettttyyyy of the coins ) Going to check out your activated list of coins.... I might be interested in doing some trading.... Holly Cache Agent
  7. STILL SEEKING THE STUBBORN STONE and I am also looking for a 2008 EarthTurtle.I will have a gold sword to trade as well as any coin on my trade list. THANKS Email sent, here's to hoping CA
  8. I got mine!!! Woohooo!!!! Thank you keewee!!! I'll try to post pics but am horrible at posting pics... be back to say what I got... going to put caitie to bed... night Thank you!!! Holly Cache Agent
  9. MICE .... not rats!!!! MICE!!!! Glad you like them! CA OOOPs sorry, I´m from sweden so it´s not easy to find the right words always. We had pet rats for a while and maybe thats why I called them rats, because mice for me is a very smallsized animal, they are wonderful and beautiful whatever they are called. And I may aswell apologize for future misspelling. Thanks for nice mice. I'm not really mad... and I understand about language translations.... Just couldn't help myself... CA
  10. Congrats to everyone on their coin! I think its a very nice coin.... hint hint ! hehehe! CA
  11. MICE .... not rats!!!! MICE!!!! Glad you like them! CA
  12. *raises her hand* but we're checking the mail tonight.... CA
  13. 1. Participating **email sent 2. Received Name **Got email 3. Mission Complete ** sent and received 4. Mission Arrived! Waiting for mine... Just got the mail.... still nothing...
  14. 1. Participating **email sent 2. Received Name **Got email 3. Mission Complete ** sent and received 4. Mission Arrived! Waiting for mine... edited.. got the strike out wrong
  15. Ok.... you want the mice that are to represent me to be blind.... mmmm I'm 50/50 on this being funny or not.... BTW there are 4 different types... CA
  16. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I hope the blue is glitter it would look awesome! Please I would like a trade. CA
  17. ok... I think I'll jump in on the next one... or re-read this later.... after a few coffee... sounds like a good idea but I got confused in the middle of reading it.... Holly Cache Agent
  18. Like Landsharkz said sometime in the 2-3 weeks we think... the mint should be sending them to Landsharkz this week sometime. Patiences is worth the wait..... this coin took forever to get finalized but it was worth the wait... Cache Agent
  19. Well... if anyone should know it would be me and all I can say is that the mint asked for extra time due to the complexity of the production run. They've said they'd ship from their factory to us on Feb 27th... which is a week later than initially estimated. I will let you know when we see their 'beady eyes' H Considering we re-dressed Cache Agent after seeing the samples, we're as anxious as anyone to see how they turned out! No kidding! I'm not the most patient person.... I think I'm doing fairly good at not emailing Landsharkz everyday.... yet...
  20. I have one.... GC341A It's one of my memorables as we had not planned on stopping cause we were getting short on time for our vacation.... we stopped... and we stayed the entire day exploring the mines and mill ruins .... our car came away much heavier as I gathered a ton of stuff.... There is another one nearby that was archived by my husband he now realizes that its one of the ones we liked GCHA72 that was really exciting cause we searched and searched the ruins, found coal.... and loved the history story there... I don't live near there but its a wondeful memory we will always tell... Holly Cache Agent
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