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  1. If I click on the "View the Image Gallery" link on the cache page and then click on a picture the "view log" & "print picture" links just bring you to the next picture. I`ve tried it in Firefox, explorer, & Safari. If I view the source and copy the "view log" link and paste it into new web page it will take me to the log.
  2. It did the job and is very rugged, many of us old timers started on it or the III+. Turn by turn directions are only if you have city select program ( or what ever newer version is called, city navigator, maybe $85 for that )and it might hold the Orlando area, 19 megs total. If I remember right it only zooms to 50 feet on the maps so from 50 feet out it would show your on the cache. You would be better off taking the money your putting out for it and the city navigator program and getting a more modern unit for that same investment. Heck if you have a smart phone and can get the geocaching phone app ( only $10, unless it went up) it gives you more bang for the $$$. Even a refurb garmin nuvi ( for your car ) gives more bang for the $$.
  3. I cant keep logged in. I have to everyday. I have saved my profile page as a bookmark and when I go to that page, the page it sends me to log into will not accept my name and password. I have to go to another page where the sign in is in the upper right of the page and then it will work. Edit: I cleared my cookies and it seems to have cured it for me. At least for today,
  4. Are you getting your PQ`s sent to you in the .gpx format? if not the .loc file does not contain that info.
  5. You can also set it up to send a text to your smart phone, if you have one. You set up the same notifications for each kind of cache you want a notice for using your phone number as the address once you have confirmed that as another e-mail address with Geoching.com. Heres a list with "n" being your phone number.
  6. It decrypts the logs if any are encrypted.
  7. IBcrashen


    I can't login either with the iPh & Safari also know of a lot of others with the same issue......whats happened? In Settings/Safari switch off "Private browsing" once and try.
  8. IBcrashen


    I cannot log in at all on my iPhone & safari browser.
  9. Gotta say that while google maps were gone (not really, using greasemonkey script had them) I started using bing aerial and in my neck of the woods they were far far better than googles. Sure hope someone writes another script for that.
  10. Downloading from the site works fine. Switched to different email provider for that pq and it comes fine so it points to email provider. If I had time I could look at new caches within the last 3 weeks and get out and find it to get it out of the pq. Wonder if the better half would agree to going out and finding all 380 in the pq
  11. The other day I made a totally new PQ, same parameters, and still same results. Todays PQ`s are the same, one works and this one is corrupt. Just made another copy and switched to old e-mail address, different server, and it comes through fine.
  12. Just made a copy of the PQ and get the same error with that one also.
  13. Anyone else receiving PQ e-mail and the PQ zip file is no good. I have had this PQ for years and for the last 2-3 weeks (this PQ comes twice weekly) when downloading the attachment from the e-mail I keep getting "does not appear to be valid archive" when trying to unzip it, but downloading the zip file from the site its fine. No changes have been made. I have tried downloading it via 4 different e-mails now, numerous times each. My other PQ`s via e-mail are fine. ????
  14. I lost the maps yesterday also. Using an older version of firefox 3. something or other. Upgraded to 11 and got em back but lost the google/bing greasemonkey scripted maps though. Also now I have to buy again a newer version of another firefox software add-on I need.
  15. I have some cache names that pop up once, some that pop up twice on same map. My bigger concern is those on my ignore list are now showing.
  16. One way is you use Garmins free BaseCamp and select segments you want using that program. You could download it now and then go to GPSFileDepot and get the free maps and see just how much you could load.
  17. What kind of connection are you talking about? USB, serial, Serial to USB? For USB here are Garmins USB.
  18. Anyone one have any ideas/suggestions????????????????? Try different software to load caches to your gps. Not all serial adapters will work with Garmin Communicator Plugin. From there FAQ page: "How do I know if the Garmin Communicator Plugin will work with my Garmin device? The plugin works best with devices that connect to a computer via USB cable. Although some devices that connect to a computer via serial cable or serial-USB adapter will work with the plugin, they are not officially supported, so we cannot guarantee compatibility or provide customer support." Try EasyGPS or Garmins Mapsource ( which might of come with the unit) or Garmins Basecamp ( dont use so not sure if it will work with serial port, maybe someone who knows will chime in on that one).
  19. You can also have a text message sent to your cell phone if you have that option (rates do apply if applicable) by setting up your notifications using your cell phone number in the "send to" box as shown here. You must add and verify it before receiving though. You dont get the coords in the text message but a link to the cache page.
  20. Just so the PO can see what it looks like using the gsak macro and loading as POI`s here is a link. This is an older version of the macro but it shows what it looks like on the gps with numerous pages of cache description, hint, logs. When I used it I just put the hint with the POI and abbreviated cache info like size, type, last 4 logs, terrain, difficulty. I also loaded it as waypoints and if I needed the hint just looked it up in the POI section.
  21. They didnt drop out, they just got promoted to Cloakabullisium Membership level. We are only seen if we want to be and as Charter members.
  22. Is there anyplace along the trial to plug in and recharge my Segway?
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