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  1. Hello, I will be in Vegas for a conference, but have Saturday from 10am-6pm and Monday, from 8am-noon for caching. What would be the must-dos aside from the virtuals on the Strip (which I got on prior visits). I was thinking of possible heading down to Primm, over to Baker & Shoshone, and looping back via Pahrump or slightly more north on Saturday. Monday morning would be sepnt grabbing the virtuals in other parts of Vegas and surrounding caches in proximity to these. I'll have a rental car with 4WD and decent ground clearance. Thanks for any input provided. Having just met Me & Bucky this week while he was passing through KC, I'd like to grab a couple of his hides....
  2. Are there any left of these coins? If so we would like to purchase one.
  3. I'd like to go and try to tackle this power trail. Would be willing to be part of a team.
  4. Hola amigos, I will be in San Juan, PR from 9/18-23/2010 on business, but may have some free time to explore a bit of the island. I was hoping to get some good recommendations from local Boriquen cachers of "must-do" caches within the San Juan Metro area. Muchas gracias para alguna informacion. Suerte, Rob de Woodland Clan woodlandclan@hotmail.com
  5. More than half of the dozen TBs/coins we have out have sat for more than 4 months... some for almost a year. It's just pathetic and one of the reasons we ceased buying coins.
  6. The container was a 96-inch diameter drainage pipe section that had a section of the interior magentized. You signed the log by leaving a magnet in it. It was cool.
  7. I'll be hitting SD - ND-MN on a one week biz trip in January. I'll go grab another trio of states by hitting Spokane - Couer d"Alene - St. Regis along the I-90 corrdior in early March. I've been able to drive from Albany, NY up into VT and NH into Maine in one day in winter and grab caches with little trouble in the past. You can also do the New orleans to Mobile route along I-10 and grab LA - MS-AL; keep going a tocuh and you'll grab FL too. As others have said DC-MD-VA-WV is doable as well; look around the Fredrick, MD area where the VA-MD-WV states converge. You can also do a KS-MO-NE-IA run in a day out of Kansas City. It was a 9 hour odyssey, but was great fun.
  8. The acccumulated deer carcasses of a season ( at least fifty) piled within a 30 feet radius of GZ after having been picked over... I logged a DNF and left, disgusted.....
  9. I believe this makes me have a few extra questions to try and steer you with some direction... 1- How much walking/hiking do you want to do? 2- Do you have transportation or will you need a chaffeur/guide? 3- How much time do you have available to get out and do some caching? 4- Are you just interested in numbers, or do want the scenic views of the Rapid area? I will be flying in on Monday, 1/25 to Rapid City, SD. I would arrive around noon-ish. I'll have a rental 4x4 SUV. I have from noon-ish until dark Monday. If someone's schedule allows for it, I'd welcome company for the afternoon. I'd be willing to buy dinner and offer up a couple of our signature items in return for the person's trouble. I tend to focus on earthcaches (if available) and virtuals (historical bent is a major plus). I won't look askance of a lightpost here or there. Scenic vistas are really great and I'm intrigued by the Badlands. BUT, I am prohibited from Rushmore since I promised my wife and son we'd see it as a family. The rest of the week will find me hitting up Winner, SD -- Madison, SD and Sioux Falls, SD. Then up to Fargo, ND, Moorhead, MN, Steele, and Valley City, ND.
  10. I will be in the area for business the last week of January 2010 and am looking for some easier caches to complete in the winter weather. I'd love any suggestions.
  11. My wife intro'd me to geocaching. It took her 2 years of cajoling, begging, and pleading for it to stick and take hold. It's the single biggest mistake I've made in my relationship to her, ... to think of the hundreds of undone caches we missed....
  12. Ours was stolen.... it really hurt at the time. It came just before we relocated from Finger Lakes of NY to Kansas City. We put one out and it got stolen too.... I guess we're just gold-cursed.
  13. Absolutely stunning. This coin captures the essence of so much of the Finger Lakes. We would love to get one!!!! All of those images hold a special meaning for the entire Woodland Clan.
  14. We have 2.39 times the number of finds on our caches than what we have found ourselves. I believe that is PKK, right?
  15. Our coin arrived safe and sound. We just wanted to thank you for always putting out such beautiful coins. Hopefully someday we will get to do some caching in your beautiful state. Happy Holidays, Woodland Clan
  16. Kansas City would be great! Don't forget there are crazy little men here too......
  17. I bid on 2 of the coins. Why? Well because before I bid I emailed the seller to make sure they were ok. I asked if I could help in any way. This was how I could. I have donated in the past to other cachers in their time of need. I didn't see any difference with this. If I win a mystery coin it will go in my collection. It will probably be the only way I will ever get my hands on one anyways. It would have been nice if prior permission could have been obtained but I understand emergencies. For the mystery coiners out there please don't be offended by our gesture to help out a cacher/coiner in need. Good Karma will always flow back if you send it out.
  18. Trying to break into the forum cliques is tough. I didn't realize that there were so many groups and subgroups. I love the coins and have found the most satisfaction from trading in person.
  19. Well we agree that the version 2 are smaller than we thought. A lot of our appear to have some flaws to them too. Looks like the mystery coin was a bonus this time. Thank you to whoever the mystery giver was. I hope everyone likes the icons. It was my first and last attempt at making one. I am thrilled to at least have the bragging rights for that.
  20. They look great! Can't wait to place an order.
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