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  1. Now that would be cool! Would love one!
  2. Funny I was just talking about this geocoin just a few minutes ago. Wanted to make sure I spelled the name correctly and this post showed up. LOL I have had many an offer to trade, purchase etc for my Team Fisur coin. Some have searched very hard to find out who may still have one. I found mine back in 2002 and people have found me from my log back then, lol. Hmmm coming up on my 10 year anniversary of finding this coin thanks Team Fisur for a wonderful collectors item!! Oh and the only thing I would trade this coin for is an inground swimming pool but even then I would have to think hard about giving it up!
  3. Very nice, hoping to get one when the time comes!!
  4. I buy my wooden nickels at Michaels when they have them and I buy clear return address sheets at Staples. I printed out my circles to fit my nickels the way I want, print them, cut them out and if I can find the can I do a quick spray of matte sealer to hopefully avoid the ink running if a tiny sprinkle of water gets on them. I do put then in mini ziplocks which I also purchase at Michael's crafts.
  5. Unfortunately after posting the phone rang a few times.......refund has arrived. There was a message from Paula offering a refund however I made it to the phone for Jim's call who then send me a refund. Again as I apologized to Jim and I apologize to Paula for posting here but I did speak with both of you and got bounced back and forth. Maybe you two should discuss amongst yourselves as it seems Paula said Jim was handling it and Jim told me Paula has to handle it. Jim said he told Paula, Paula said she told Jim...it's not my place to be in the middle as the two of you should be handing your business dealings together.
  6. Unfortunately I came across this posting today reason is...searching for the same! I'm simply going to post my story. I had discussed having a personal geocoin designed as I love and still love Paula's designs. A month or so had gone by when after some discussion I was informed that I had to prepay $125.00 in order to have Paula work on my design so that I did on March 17,2008 with an agreed upon date for my design to have with me for Geowoodstock VI. I understood it was a I need it quick request but i was informed it would be done. I discussed the one item I wanted on the coin and the rest was free to artist discretion. Time went by and I had not heard anything. I had come to the realization that it would not be available for GW. I assured them it was ok and I preferred a good design instead of a rush job. Meanwhile Paula had mentioned that she had a great idea for another Moose coin or a joint coin for me and hubby however I wanted my first coin to have my avatar on it so I stayed with the original plan. More time went by, I received a call from Paula one day stating she had one side of the design done but was having difficulties with the other side and apologized. I did understand that you can only work when an idea comes to mind and if it isn’t there you simply can’t move on. I told her not to worry about it and we spoke of other ideas that may work. Paula said she had an idea and would finish it up. More time went by and I hadn’t heard anything so in September I felt it was time for me to give in to one of Paula’s other design ideas that she had mentioned previously in order to obtain a completed coin design. I told her to go ahead with her other design ideas that she said she could whip out in a few hours. A bit later I asked about the coin design and was told “No worries”, “I’ve got the ideas started” “I’ll get on it for ya” More time went by and nothing. By December I sent a message out to Jim regarding a refund he responded with “That would be Paula - She's the artist.” So I then went to Paula with the same request …the response from Paula was “NP-will need a little time. Sent Jim a crapload of my coins to sell Really a shame - I had a kickass idea for that moose antler design.” “OK... let me ask Jim if I can send him some coins to sell to send ya the money from his account. I dont have it at all - and can get him to ebay some for me to send it on to ya. I will drop him a line tonight, and send him out some coins to sell to get it back to ya. “ Now it is January 20th I sent a paypal request back to the addy I paid the $125.00 in order to request a refund. I received a response from Jim directing me back to Paula to obtain the refund. I explained that I sent the request to the addy that I sent the original payment to as well as I understood that Paula had contacted Jim to sell some coins in order to refund our money through him. He responded with “I have not heard from Paula on this, and if coins must be sold to get you your money back, she will be the one selling them. It's HER responsibility.” Honestly I’m feeling hurt, sympathetic and very angry all at the same time if that’s possible. They are/were my friends and I don’t want to hurt them but I’m feeling blown off, lied to, pushed aside and I simply don’t understand spending money paid before the product is supplied and not holding aside in case a refund is requested. I know things have been hard for them….same here as well and even if I received a design at this point we can no longer afford to do anything with it. I think I was really hurt when I found out from someone that Paula went on a trip to Arizona but is unable to refund us our $125.00 because she has no money at all?! I’m very sorry but I didn’t know where else to go with this. I fought turning to the forums as recommended and was very surprised to find this here but finally came to the realization that maybe they don’t consider me a friend or maybe they feel because I’m a friend they can put me off but I’m really hurt over everthing that has happened.[/size]
  7. What a great surprise to come home and receive this nice package. Coining has slowed down a bit around here due to financial reasons . I noticed the black bubble pack on the counter and with a puzzled look on my face I read the return address. Still puzzled as I hadn't recalled any purchase or recent trades I began to open it. Surprised to find this nice coin inside I continued to be confused. Duh!! I began the google routine and came across this forum post. I have never received a mystery coin so this is very exciting to me. Problem is now I'm dying to know who it came from!! Many thanks for roping me in and adding a much needed smile to my face!! I received the green/yellow versioin #243
  8. I like the coins, very nice. I would love to be able to obtain one someday. Thanks for the post and the peek!! Everyone have many nice days.
  9. For Mom's 70th birthday all of us kids decided to take her back to a vacation spot she used to take us as kids. Mom had been having a run of bad luck with her health so we decided to bring back some happy memories for her. She was extremely surprised and had so much fun. She said we were all the greatest kids a mother could wish for. What surprised all of us is that 70 year old mom still had the guts to jump off the high diving board!!! That is only one of the special memories I have with mom. Unfortunately after that Mom's health took another turn for the worse and she passed away about 1 1/2 years later. Mom was so surprised!! I hope I can do that when i'm 70!!
  10. Maybe I'd better post........I have dibs on the Moose Carousel Please!!!
  11. I'll be there! I'm sure Corey will make sure if it!!! lol.
  12. oh wow! That is soo neat. Unfortunately life has been a bit busy and I haven't been making it into the forums much. Maybe I'll feel better by GW6......I hope!!
  13. I like the coin, trade or buy...yes.....I am very scared of Ebay....that's a no for me. Please let me know if you are interested in a trade or some other place to purchase.
  14. Can't wait to have the goods in my hand!! Thankee, Woot!!
  15. Thanks for such a great coin! Can't wait to have it in my hand!!
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