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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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A complete set of Dressel Dragon coins G, C, & S

A Black Nickel CampExplorer

A Tool of the Trades coin set & Pin from SummerandNana with a personal token (Looks Great BTW)

Some DNF & Smiley Pins from Mystery Ink


All these were prizes for contest held 12/24 & 12/25


Thanks everyone for some AWESOME Christmas Gifts!!


Also had a "Free the Cache" coin.

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Went to the mailbox today and it felt like Christmas!


(2) Geodetic Center Coins (Antique Copper)

Geoswag Club Sept 9/11 coin

Geoswag Club May 2006 coin

Redtail Falconer coin (thanks, won this in one of the Christmas give-aways)

Desert Cachoids geocoin (thanks oakcoins)

OCHC Coin (thanks oakcoins)

Muggles Watching coin

A bunch of geo pins


The Orient Express Participation Coin (engraved) (wow, this is a nice coin!)

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Greetings to all, I have not posted in this thread for a long while. I have kept somewhat of a running list of coins recieved, What wonderfull additions to my ever growing collection of marvolus coins made by many. With a smile on my face here is my list in closing for 2006 , I possibly missed a few along the way, to err is human. :anitongue:


Hanging Out in Huntsville #34


Captain Gore-tex


Bitten by Whitebear 2006 Antique Silver/Glow


Bitten by Whitebear 2006 black nickel/glow


Cat Geocoin Copper Edition


Evil Chicken - Black Nickel


Nicolo Personal (silver)


Nicolo Grandaughter Coin Rattle, (cute) THX Richard !


Nero V2 Full Set THX Chris


Geocaching Lips - Burgundy Designer Addition


HFGcC - #6 The Rock Pile


Jayel57 GeoCoin of a Different Variety (Polished Gold) well done coins !!


Saffier Silver


Saffier LE Gold 25 minted THX Daan !!


Tommy Trojan # 343 THX Rattling crew (Glen)


6x Team Sand Dollar V2.5 one of each to set free in each finish : - )


Crop Circle's


Meades Ranch AC THX Glen !


Cache Or Die Trying Silver


The Double Nickel or Nickell Coin


F22 Raptor


F14 Tomcat Silver and Copper both #34 THX Steve for my special numbers !!


Around the World in 80 caches (1) and pin for keepsake, THX Mark


Spinning Top Coins one of each finish complete set .


GBOT's AC + sig items THX !!


Unite for Diabetes Travel Bug


GCC Northern Native Insperation, beautiful coins !


Oak Coins Coin Club December coin (Snowflake)


Go-Mad-Cow, 4 - 3 coin sets (AS) (Gold) (AG) (Satin Silver) Jaybee Outstanding THX !!


Shopp99er Tiki #43 THX Mark !


Danoshimnno #34 THX Dan !


Castlman Dark Star


United We Stand all finishes also


United We Stand N/T Silver # 003 THX for the special coin Mike !


LadyBEE4T & Lord Yatchman

Antique Silver (LE) #86


LadyBEE4T & Lord Yatchman

Shiny gold (XLE) #34


LadyBEE4T & Lord Yatchman

Shiny silver (XLE) #43


LadyBEE4T & Lord Yatchman

Antique Bronze # 134 THX Beverly fantastic set of coins.


Mystery Present coin (Silver)


Red tailed falcon Both Finishes, Beautys they are !!


Las Vegas GOLD


Oak Coins Holiday Leaf,, Happy Holiday's to the Oak coin folks !


My Secreat Santa ::

Flog your Tees




Ontairo Beaver


EDIT I missed a couple probably more :anitongue:


Landsharkz, Card and Gold LE of their holiday micro


UOTrackers a lovely holiday card. : - ) THX Jenn and family !!



What a great community this is Thanks for all of the wonderfull trades, and gift exchange coins of the season, Truly delightfull. Glenn

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Astrolab Ant. Silver

Tommy Trojan

Oktober Cache Bronze

Rockin Roddy Black Nickel - Thanks :laughing:


Dressel Dragons Ant. Copper - contest prize :laughing:

New Years

Highly Addictive Ant Silver & Ant Gold

Kootenay Cachers


CA Poppy Micro


Maryland 2005

North Carolina 2006 Ant Gold

New Jersey 2005

Edited by AtlantaGal
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I just got a wicked cool coin that's unmentionable, but you know who you are, and you rock, and so does your better half, and if I could super glue it to my forehead and somehow not be ridiculed, I would have done it way before I started typing this, so THANKS A GOOGLEPLEX, and I'll get that "thing" to you ASAP, and WOW is this a great example of a bad run-on sentence. :laughing:

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silver Skinguy

White Jeep

2 World Caching - Ocean coins

3 Highly Addictive coins

2 Atlantagal 2007 coins

Wales LE gold

silver Wij Drie coin

Calgary Cacher

antique silver Bug Crew

gun Spinning Top

silver Castleman Star

2 bronze Thuringia


A Big Geocoin Day!!

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