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  1. Having been busy with the holidays and my oldest daughters wedding, I haven't been too active lately. I saw this thread start and only occasionally checked it out. Imagine my surprise when returning from a week long trip to the desert for New Years Eve to find this very nice coin in my mailbox. Thank you so much to the mystery sender. I will keep it alongside my other other mystery coins in their very safe place. On the other hand... I would assume this gives me the green-light to be even naughtier, since my inclusion indicates how low the bar was set.
  2. From Wikipedia: San Bernardino County is the largest county in the contiguous United States by area, containing more land than each of nine states. The county is larger in area than the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Delaware combined. Any of those states could be replaced in the list by New Jersey, Vermont, or New Hampshire. And not one CCC coin to be found.
  3. You're on now! At this time, I'm intending to take the bike. I'll likely leave Friday AM and detour through 2 major national parks (so I can get pins for my vest of course) and arrive some time Saturday. Sunday is the event, then Monday make a beeline home and collapse for the night and go to work on Tuesday! The route there from my house through Death Valley and Yosimite is about 1,000 miles. Back will be under 900 (or pretty close). I'm very interested in joining up with you Brian. I assume you'll be going up 395 after you cross DV? I could meet you there. Are you planning on doing the 900 mile return trip in one day? That's only a 100 miles short of an Iron Butt... might want to look into that. I'll send you an email...
  4. These are really great coins with a lot of meaning. If anyone gets a chance I would say get one! I love ours. Thank you PennyPacker for the opp to buy one and for the cointest!! We sure hope your trip brought you tons of awesome memories! And is Ms. PennyPacker feeling better? The trip was better than we could have hoped for. Ms. PP has one more office visit procedure tomorrow and hopefully that will get her over the final hump. We're looking forward to next years trip already.
  5. If anybody is interested, I have about a half dozen gold & silver coins left-over after returning from our road trip. See the info above if you'd like to purchase either of them.
  6. Thanks Craig. If anybody wants a little more detail about where we went and what we saw, it's documented in the logs of a Friendship Run Compass Rose coin I received from glennk721, TB1JV70. That coin will be moving on to somebody else now.
  7. All the contest winning coins were shipped today. Congrats to all the winners.
  8. Sorry... couldn't make it up there.
  9. Thanks everybody for playing along. We're off to Denver and the Hard Rock Cafe. And another contest later.
  10. Nah... I was loading up the GPS and the Palm with some new info, watching Jay & Conan, and then went to bed. Didn't expect any answers until later... but you people are fast.
  11. Nah... I was loading up the GPS and the Palm with some new info, watching Jay & Conan, and then went to bed. Didn't expect any answers until later... but you people are fast.
  12. Yesterday was good... except for these things we don't have many of in California called mosquitoes!! I feel like I have the chicken-pox again... almost. Doesn't help that I always were shorts, go running through the brush and woods like I don't have a care and then stand there and get attacked. I even came back to the car with one sucking on my forehead and Ms. PP, rather than trying to smack the thing or persuade it to move along, just stared at it for a few seconds (while it continued to feast) and then said, "Hey... you got a bug on your head." But besides that, we saw all kinds of cool stuff, even sat out front of Leavenworth prison, not that that was a lifelong dream or anything, we kinda just stumbled upon it, but it sure was an impressive place. I wouldn't even drive faster than the speed limit around that place.
  13. Bingo! sillygirl & jrr emailed the answer earlier, but being a previous winner, that didn't count. I'm sure I already have your address so I'll send the coin in a couple of days. I promise the next question will be more difficult.
  14. And according to your email, you are correct. I'm gonna spend the entire day today looking for some obscure fact along the way, so unless you're following me, it should take longer than five minutes.
  15. This would be day 6. We're in Nebraska. Visited four states and dropped off a handful of coins. Tonights contest will have fewer rules, you can make as many guesses as you want, edit your answers, I don't care, but if you're a forum post hog, you'll get disqualified at my discretion. I'll be paying attention this time. Hopefully this question will be a little more difficult than the previous ones. There is a chain restaurant here in York that is a favorite of Ms. PP's and I. We had dinner there tonight, then spent some time in the bar there. We frequently go the same restaurant in SoCal. There is one located in Ontario, Ca and one in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. I actually met Tony Stewart in the Ontario restaurant - for you NASCAR fans. There is also one in San Dimas, CA and another one in Cedar City, Utah, which we will be in Saturday night. To get yourself a coin, tell me the name of that restaurant. If this question gets answered within 5 minutes I will just make something up the next time.
  16. Let's see... that took 5 minutes. PM me your address and I'll send the coin out when I get home.
  17. Another contest. Tell me the name of the city where the next Hard Rock Cafe I'll be sitting in is located.
  18. You got 3 of them too! Please PM me your mailing address. Hmmm I thought you weren't allowed to edit posts for your contests My bad for not catching that. I've got so much catching up to do here I wasn't paying attention. You were the next person with the correct answers (all of them too) so PM me your address and I'll send you a coin too.
  19. I'm guessing their side trip is taking them to places with no internet access. Can ya believe there are still places like that? That or they are caching demons not stopping to rest! Serious - hope all is ok! I don't even know if the place we stayed last night had internet access. It's probably a good thing, anything I would have posted no doubt would have been incomprehensible.
  20. Everything is great! I'm impressed that so many people actually guessed the correct states. When we got to the room in Fayetteville, Arkansas, we realized that the caching was overtaking the road-tripping. The trip down the mud road with hundreds of 1 foot deep puddles through brush so thick the Xterra barely fit, on the way to a cemetery, being followed by a car that came out of nowhere, arriving at what looked like the wooded area in Deliverance where Ned was told to squeal, well, we decided we needed a break and changed course to go to states we hadn't planned going to and sight-see. Took off across Arkansas into Tennessee, and into Memphis. Thought I'd treat Ms. PP to a drive past Graceland. She decided a drive-by wasn't good enough... we took the tour. Left there and buzzed down to Mississippi to grab a cache. Realizing we were close to a Hard Rock Cafe (another fetish of ours), we found one on Beale Street in Memphis. Anybody that's been to Beale Street can guess what happened next. Leaving there at almost midnight really messed up the new plan, so we spent most of today trying to catch up, going through Kentucky and then Illinois and then had dinner at the St. Louis Hard Rock, another unplanned stop. We did finally get to drop off more coins. Probably 6 or 8 of them the last two days. 6 or 8 more tomorrow.
  21. Wow... you got them all! Please PM me your mailing address.
  22. If I had the time, I'd still be heading east, but we're behind schedule as it is with the detour we took. But it was worth it
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