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  1. WTG Jaypit and Rocky!!! One of our own has hit a major milestone today! Jaypit and I went on a caching binge today, and while we were at it, Jaypit hit the big #1000!!! I have but a minute, so I will stop by later tonight and post some pictures I took of Jaypit and Rocky today. A special thanks to Jaypit, for letting me tag along on his "Big day!!" Team A.C.E. (Sparkeeeee)
  2. I just found this topic, and can only stay a few minutes before I have to get to some meetings. (A good friend of mine clued me in on this) I am out of Indianpolis, Indiana and have been flying for about ten years. I have been trying to find ways to combine my love of geocaching with my love of flying. I even have one of my caches close to my home field. It's called "I'm a Little Airplane." I don't know about the website, but I've given other aspects of combining geocaching/flying a lot of thought. Things like "flying cache runs," and "pilot friendly" caches, as well as some others. As for "fly-ins," I'm always ready for a fly-in!!!! You can check out our profile here!! (There's a picture of my "baby" there) http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=6b...91-b10ff9b4b977 I'm "tracking" this thread, and will try to stop by later today to yap a little more! Team A.C.E. (Sparkeeeee)
  3. I'm in! (I hope) Gotta love the Pengy!!!
  4. NO WAY!!!!! You are so lucky!! Team A.C.E. (Sparkeeeee)
  5. This is a kewl idea. Yesterday I found a Hoosier Micro and dropped off a Team Desert Eagle! Team A.C.E. (Sparkeeeee)
  6. It's been almost two weeks without coins. Even my wife, (who shakes her head at my obsession) is starting to feel sorry for me. I need coinage!!! Team A.C.E. (Sparkeeeee)
  7. We would like to be in!! I post as both "Team A.C.E." and "sparkeeeee." I would prefer Team A.C.E. as that is the new name that we have created to replace the old (eventually) Thanks!!!!! Team A.C.E. (Sparkeeeee)
  8. How goes the planning for "The Journal?" How many are hoping to do this? Team A.C.E.
  9. Congrats Buddaman and ThaBigBird! We go after #200 today! Team A.C.E. (Sparkeeeee)
  10. Hi All! Thought I might seek the collective wisdom/experience/thoughts of the local geocaching community. Here is the scenario: Team A.C.E. sits at 198 caches, ready to celebrate the "milestone" cache of 200. (I know that might not seem like a big "whoop" to some, but I hope to make all of our "hundreds" special caches, in celebration of the joy that is geocaching) Cache 100 was "Monument Circle P.P.S.S." and 150 was TVNews' Fall event. I had planned on myself and my partner logging Celtic's and Strohem's "Wedding Reception" as our 200th, but then found out my team partner wil be unable to attend due to work. (My wife and I will still be attending, and hope to have lots of fun ) Knowing that "Hell hath no fury" such as denying a 17 yo girl her milestone cache, I have ammended my plans. The wedding reception will be 199, with cache 200 to take place either Saturday evening, or on the last day of 2006, Sunday, sometime between noon and 8:00 P.M. We may decide to do a "New Year" thing closer to midnight. (Or maybe we should do our 200th cache on the first day of the New Year?) Here's my dilema. Which cache? I live west of Indy (not by much) and would be willing to do a fair amount of traveling (maybe up to an hour one way) to do a really cool cache. I've thought of finally tackling "Insane Asylum," but don't know that once we start, we could finish in the alotted time. I've thought of "Gargoyles," but don't think that is an option considering the holidays. What would be a cool cache to do as 200? I would greatly appreciate any thoughts or ideas. Thanks everybody! See you at the reception!!!!! Team A.C.E. (Sparkeeeee)
  11. Hope to see you all again soon! Happy New Year everybody! Team A.C.E. (Sparkeeeee)
  12. Welcome back from the wedding! So happy to know that you and "T" had a wonderful time. See you at the reception! Team A.C.E. (Sparkeeeee)
  13. I'm so sorry. You, and those close to you, will be in our prayers as well. Team A.C.E. (Sparkeeeee)
  14. Slice up the green fruit Squish inside of pilsner glass Makes my beer taste good Team A.C.E. (Sparkeeeee)
  15. 85,210 Team A.C.E. (Sparkeeeee)
  16. Merry Christmas everybody! Be careful as you travel. I hope you enjoy the time spent with friends and family! Team A.C.E. (Sparkeeeee)
  17. I could think of many reasons why it would matter. Top of our list. We hope to come out with a new coin. If we "announce" our new coin, (with our new name) and have "found" only two caches, and have been "members" for less than a week, we will be brutalized. I've only seen that done about one hundred times or so on these forums. Another reason I've seen happen: You're not much of a "Team" anymore when you're suddenly separated or divorced, or your significant other dies. (Didn't happen to me personally, but I've seen these happen as well) Numbers are important to people. Silly or not, they are. To expect people to just "start over" at nothing, after they've spent years accumulating caches, is silly. It obviously matters to them. If I were to hit 2000 finds, have a couple dozen or so caches out, and 50 trackables to boot, I certainly would not want to "start over" at zero, zilch, zip, nada. If they (we) want to spend the time and effort involved in rebuilding our "history," it should be of little or no concern to anyone as long as we stay within the confines set forth by the powers that be. If anything, I believe the prohibition against the changing of names should be lifted, although I am sure that there are probably many reasons for it, of which I am unaware. (If someone wants to enlighten me, I would appreciate it) Not trying to be argumentative, (probably failing in that regards) just sharing the other side of the coin. Team A.C.E. (Sparkeeeee)
  18. It appears that it will be a six pack : Coins are ordered and will be available in 3-4 weeks. Edit: <fixed icon> SWEET! I'll be watching for these! Team A.C.E. (Sparkeeeee)
  19. May have to work Friday night into Saturday morning. Thinking about flying into Peoria early A.M. Will have to see how things hash out as we get closer. Team A.C.E. (Sparkeeeee)
  20. I'm also looking for a possible trade. All I have to offer at this time is a "Great Reward" coin. Send PM. Team A.C.E. (Sparkeeeee)
  21. My coins came yesterday! Thanks Kelly! Team A.C.E. (Sparkeeeee)
  22. Over the past few days we have received: A very nice holiday coin from nielsenc Team Sand Dollar V2 (Silver) Great Rewards Coin (2) Collection coins is like having Christmas all the time!!! Team A.C.E. (Sparkeeeee)
  23. Team A.C.E.


    Hopefully no one thought that only 'regulars' were offered these coins! The goal was to give them away to everyone who wanted one. Anyone who PMed or Emailed me was sent a coin. I put one in the mail for you too!!! . I have about a dozen coins left, but going to hold those right now for people if their coins get lost in the mail. Received ours yesterday. Thanks so very much. My wife picked it up and said "Ohhhh, pretty." Merry Christmas to you sir!!! Team A.C.E. (Sparkeeeee)
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