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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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Tiki Mojo's Hoard

Nickell Set

Night Cachers Geocoin

Alaska Coinament (shiny version)

Top Antique Gold & Antique Silver

Boots Are Made for Caching Black Nickel (Gift, Thank You!)

Lavender Punchbug Racer Nickel

Pepper Holiday Micro Set #7 (Thanks :))

Delaware 2005

Wyoming 2005

Casino Coin Gold & Silver

ScoutingWV Poker Chip

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Only one coin...and I think it's the same one Hawk got..


Here is a pic.




The rear shot is pasted in from another photo, so it looks "touched up".


The coin itself is beautiful!


Thanks for the gift...(Whoever sent it!)

Yip! That would be the same one I got.

I love it when I open my mail thinking it is going to be a CD from who-knows-where and it ends up being a gloriously non-trackable Christmas coin straight from the highest quality geocoin manufacturer :(:wub:

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Not in the mail, but at a geocoin event today. <_<


1 Marco35 Ant. Gold


1 Marco35 Ant. Silver


1 Marco35 Black/Nickel


1 Marmacette Gold


1 Marmacette Nickel


1 Marmacette Black/Nickel


1 UFO'S Shiny Silver


1 GC&PC November 06 Caching in the Leaves


1 GC&PC June 06 Caching with Kids


1 GC&PC October 06 Night Caching



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FlyinV with a extra gift of Chills Ride



I also got a small package that had my own return address on it and I could not make out the postmark. I thought it was my MISSION: Santa package but when I opened it I saw it only had 1 coin so then I thought it was a mystery snowflake coin. When I opened it it was a 4Bows coin. So to whoever was nice enough to send me this coin....THANK YOU! It is a pleasant surprise and a mystery!

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