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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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I got an absolutely stunning "Fox and the Hound" geocoin today.


I am very new at this whole "trading" thing. (Although I got the "Buying on E-Bay" thing well in hand) :mad:


Between the Mrs. and her "Black Friday," and my geocoin spree, we will soon be eating beans everyday. :)


Team A.C.E./Sparkeeeee

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International Bank of Cachers Set

GC&PC Caching in Autumn with Pins

Team Laubfrosh Antique Silver and Gold

Frogley Nickel and Gold

Yellow Ribbon


2006 Dutch LE Antique Silver

2006 Dutch MIcro LE Orange

Sweet Lake City Bronze

Twin Peaks Gold

Indy Diver Ver 1.5 Set

3Costcoguys Silver

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Team Laubfrosch~Who can resist the frogs?


Welcome to Las Vegas


Masters of Cache


Silver Gas Can


F-14 TomCat


Caching in the Leaves coin and pin sets


Sock Puppet




some micro benchmark coins


Initial point Coins antique copper, antique brass, antique nickel, copper and antique silver....


Hope I did not miss any! It was better than Christmas! :laughing: Glen


edited to say I forgot the Caching in Mexico coins...

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doh! double-post after it froze.


I should say though that of the Shiny and Misty there is not a big, big difference, but the Misty is my favorite :unsure: and Sarah is right, the pictures simply don't do it justice! I did get one oddity though. One of my Misty has a misty edge all the way around. Definitely unusual and I kinda like it :blink:

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Just in today. :unsure:


1 GC&PC Oct 2006 Night Caching


1 Appalachian Trail Connecticut Ant. Silver


1 Appalachian Trail Connecticut Ant. Bronze


1 Appalachian Trail Massachusetts Ant. Silver


1 Appalachian Trail Massachusetts Ant. Bronze


1 Appalachian Trail New-York Ant. Silver


1 Appalachian Trail New-York Ant. Bronze



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