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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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Another good day here. :)


1 Newfoundland Black/Nickel


1 Newfoundland Polished Nickel


1 Cache Critters


1 Thanks for the Cache


1 Massachusetts Ant. Brass LE


1 Massachusetts Ant. Nickel


1 United We Stand Ant. Gold


1 United We Stand Ant. Silver


1 United We Stand Black/Nickel


1 United We Stand N/T Silver # 006



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This was a very good day


and at an event

<another snip>

2 Garmin :santa:


Team Sand Dollar

<end snips>


Wow! TSD, how did you manage TWO of them?! Wholly Crow!

(whispers) and what would you take for one? Here's my Trade List


The second coin is already on its way to my dads collection so it is not available. Never relly expected to be able to grab even one of these but the coin gods where smiling down on me.


Team Sand Dollar

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Again, I think this is the first time in my life that Mondays are fun for me:



1 CastleMan Star (silver - got my eye on a BN one - "Dear Santa...")

1 GCC Gameboard - so now I've an extra one of those... trades?



Blue Canary

Dliming & Crew (brass)


Just found out that I might be getting a Polaris Quad for Christmas... but I'd really rather have a laptop with mapping and caching software on it... I guess it's time to speak up. dadgum store credit!

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After a few days of empty box syndrom, finally some coins!


1x Castleman Star Black Nickel

1x Lowracer Bronze

1x Sunshinegang v1

1x Golden Monkey (marmacette)

1x Canada Micro (Beaver has Santa Hat on) Unexpected Bonus!

1x Unite For Diabetes Travel Bug!


(Had to add bug that came in home mail!)

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1 x Unite for Diabetes TB

1 x 2005 Groundspeak Volunteers "Thanks" coin


(I got the 6 sampler pathtags yesterday, but forgot to mention them. Not sure how I forgot to mention my newest avenue for ensuring that I wll never eat again, but I did.)


/still waiting on that darn tick

//still waiting on someone to pay my rent and buy me a burger.... ooh, is that a new geocoin? <buy>

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