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  1. Welcome to the fun! Happy caching!
  2. Awesome story! Welcome to the fun!
  3. Thanks....darn that is a hike for me....from one end of the state to the other almost exactly. LOL
  4. Very cool! What's the GC#? I would love to add that to my to-do list when I go up that way next.
  5. Thanks! Yeah they were a quick sellout a while back. I have asked to have them minted again in special metal but have not heard back. I would check on one of the trading site, I can't think of the name of it for some reason this morning. But also a good place would be the pinned topic in the forums. I have used that myself an seemed to almost always find what I was looking for: GEOCOIN TRADING, WANTS, OFFERS AND LISTS http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=217633
  6. Hi, that was a coin that I designed a year or so back. Jerzee....it did sell out. I think I might have a sample or so that isnt trackable laying around. I will check. Just make sure but I don't think anyone else made one, this is the one you are talking about right? 2nd from the bottom of this page: http://www.jaymandesigns.info/Geocoins.html Duh, forgot it's my avatar pic too on the left here. LOL
  7. don't worry that happens on here a good bit. Also, welcome to the fun and just enjoy yourself out there!
  8. most people tend to do their own thing. I've seen just a blank sheet of paper in there to start. Using a log book a lot of people will put the name of the cache and their geocaching name on the front so when a finder opens it they know it's that cache. Also I like to leave a little spot on the first page that marks who the first to find is so they can sign that spot in particular.
  9. I had this happen once on my colorado. If I remember right I just deleted the gpx files out of the folder, turned the unit off and took out the batteries then rebooted it about 30 seconds later and they were finally all gone. Seemed like they got stuck in the memory or something somewhere and just kep coming back. Not sure it will work for you but it's worth a shot.
  10. What program are you using? Also, make sure you are using the stock cable the gps came with to connect it. I have noticed with my garmin units that they are very picky when it comes to the cable you use.
  11. Just thought of one more. What trip would be complete along the easy coast without a stop at South Of The Border. Pedro's bridge is a good one and there is one other one close by over near some of the shops which is S.O.B.! Where's That Cache? . You can't drive all the way from FL up north along the coast without stopping there anyway! Might as well get the 2 caches there too.
  12. There was one northbound 95 I hit a couple years back in Maryland when I was on my way back from NC. It's not there anymore but a new one looks like it was placed in the same general area. (Dreamcatchers) The reason this one stands out to me is because when my wife and I stopped I went into the woods at the parking lot to find the cache while she stayed in the truck. When I came back I noticed there were a few cars now in the lot and the one next to us, well let's just say I saw a set of feet touching the ceiling. As we pulled out we noticed a few more similar situations in cars. Guess that lot is pretty popular not just for geocaching. LOL. This was all around lunch time during the week.
  13. on the official geocaching.com app you can add coordinates. Say you're doing a multi or a puzzle, you do the navigate to cache, then on the left hand side under the zoom +/- buttons there is a flag. touch that and you can change the coords to go to new coords. Easy.
  14. I sold about 75 coins last month that I had activated. Worked out well. Funny enough, two people didn't even know what geocaching was, they just wanted the coin. So now I have 2 activated ones in my inventory that aren't really mine since they don't have geocaching accounts. Kinda funny.
  15. I would double check it just to be safe and make sure you aren't typing in zero's instead of O's, 8 instead of B or vice versa. Some letters and numbers can be hard to decipher on the coins. Check the cache inventory online just to make sure it isn't in the inventory and that you have the numbers/letters correct. The only time I have seen unactivated coins in a cache is for the First To Find when it's a brand new cache. If it truly is unactivated I would activate it and send it on a mission! Welcome to the fun!
  16. found the info, pretty cool. I might be in on this in NJ. email me.
  17. I haven't had that issue on Geocaching.com but have had it on some other sites I login to. Seems to be a cookie a lot of times. Go to tools, internet options and it should be on the general tab to start. Under browsing history click delete and just check the history and cookies box and delete them. Close out of IE and go back and try. Hope that helps, seems to be hit or miss though.
  18. We've been busier than ever. I have definitely seen an increase more out of the country than in the US. Also a lot more requests for free items for sponsorship of events. Actually an overwhelming amount to the point where we can't fill half of the requests for freebies. I would venture to guess that has increased because of the crunch also. Also on a personal note, I decided to sell off some geocoins that I had sitting around for the past couple years and out of about 75 coins I put up only 1 didn't sell. I would guess from what I see that geocaching in general is still picking up steam. It's a fairly inexpensive hobby/sport that anyone that likes going outside and just taking a walk or hike can get into easily.
  19. Some people will log them in and then log them out right away on caches they go to in order to rack miles up on the bug. I check mine into the events I attend and put a note that the "bug" is in the parking lot!
  20. J10fly

    NJ open space

    That is my quarrel with this. I always voted yes for any open space funding. Then I learned that much of this money was going to building playgrounds, ball fields and all sorts of uses not related to preserving open spaces. My town was talking about putting in artificial turf ball fields (which I support), but much of the funding is to come from "green acres" money. That really got my attention. I thought this money was about preserving land, and if it was I would support it. Unfortunately it isn't. Hmmm that is interesting, I never thought of that myself. Arggg, politics.
  21. I did some tracing and then photoshop editing. I am by no means any good at drawing freehand but I would take elements from different images, trace them out, scan them in, play around in photoshop with them and there ya go. Some designs I did: www.jaymandesigns.info
  22. I love Harriman! Wish I could go but too far for a quick trip for me, plus in the middle of moving. Can't wait till some fun events up there again this coming year.
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