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  1. Looks like it is fixed. Asked for one 5 min ago and it just came through. Thanks to the back room guys!!!
  2. None of those in the pipeline have showed up and one I sent about 10 min ago has not appeared. It was a short one and normally would be here in a few min.
  3. It now looks like there are about 10 people that have "finished" the requirements to come get the cache. Most are verifing specific requirements. Looks like I should have made it 20 states instead of the 10. So much for lack of participants :) When did geocaching become a contest of "see who can create the most difficult challenge, hardest find, longest power trail, etc."? This one across as challenge that is based on excluding as many geocachers as possible rather than creating challenge that others can enjoy. It has been that way since almost the beginning. Thats why there are multis, puzzles, events, earthcaches, etc, etc. It is a game that is meant to be for everyone yet everyone does not have to do everything. They can do only the part they like. I don't care for puzzles but there are those that go crazy for puzzles. To each his own.
  4. What is there to prove it can be done in this one? It is mearly the amount and time someone wants to put into it to have it accomplished. Everything in the challenge can be done by most any of the cachers caching today. There is no canoeing down the rapids, skydiving, road racing, or anything like that. It is just finding a bunch of caches in different states. A very simple task that does take people out of their local communities. To answer another previous question. To do the Texas County Challenge of 254 counties it took about 20,000 miles spread over about 5 months. There are presently 35 people that have completed the challenge and about 10 to 15 that are actively but slowly going after the challenge.
  5. It now looks like there are about 10 people that have "finished" the requirements to come get the cache. Most are verifing specific requirements. Looks like I should have made it 20 states instead of the 10. So much for lack of participants :)
  6. My feeling has always been that it is inappropriate to issue a challenge cache unless that cache owner has personally completed the requirements of the challenge. The real meaning of a challenge is where no one has done it yet. No one disagrees that the challenge can not be done it is that no one yet has done it. Example the challenge to go to the moon, or climb Mt. Everest, or even being the FTF on a cache, was because no one had done it yet. The answer to another question is No I do not have anywhere close to the number to finish this challenge. I do have one over 100 counties, the Texas County Challenge.
  7. After looking at county challenges and Delorme challenge I thought it might be time for a challenge of challenges. In my opinion the county challenges are usually a bit more difficut so I have put together a new challenge. All American 10 State Cache Challenge GC2GDX0 This one is to find caches in all of the counties or parish in 10 states. But there are a few stipulations so check out the cache page. Hope to see some of you complete this one.
  8. Disdain, well maybe a little bit. Why do you cache at all? It is for the chase, the thrill of victory (find), even the agony of defeat (DNF). Your profile says something about FTF's. Why be the FTF? The cache will still be there tomorrow. The look for one ammo can in Brazil is probably more sane than my search, and so far over 30 other people, for one ammo can after about 5 months, over 20,000 road miles, and having to find 254 caches in 254 different county's in Texas. Its "for the love of the game".
  9. If you do not pay for First Class and sit in coach then don't complain that you are not being served champagne. You seem to be able to justify everything else, gas, car, GPS, but can not justify $30 for a membership that unlocks a ton of things that can make your caching experience memorable? Regarding multi hides. I have been on both sides of that situation. I had an individual upset at me that they wanted me to remove a leg of a very complicated multi so they could place a micro in the woods. This might be a good time to explain to your son that life sometimes throws you a curve ball and you find another spot to hide a cache.
  10. Here's a listing I found useful ---> ScouterHerb & MrsB List . Hope it is what you are looking for . That is exactly what I was looking for. THANKS !!!
  11. run a PQ based on "Placed During" Place during is ok but it limits you to 500 miles. I did it from Ft. Worth and it missed Mingo.
  12. I know I have seen it in the past but is there a list of all the geocaches placed for at least the first two years of Geocaching ie May 2000 to December 2002. Obviously this is for the Cache Every Month challenge. I am missing 3 months and need the whole list to make sure. Thanks
  13. Please read Guideline #7 carefully and note that it says, "Exceptions to this guideline will only be considered if the requested photograph is related to an Earth Science logging activity such as recording a phenomenon." It may be that your photographic requirement does not specifically request that cachers record an aspect of the scientific phenomenon. If the request is simply to take a picture of it, you may not be meeting this strict exception. My best advice is to discuss this further with the Geoaware reviewer and determine how to make the photographic task more scientifically robust. Thanks for the answer. I am pretty sure I can make my case now for the photos.
  14. I recently started an Earthcache, as I had done previously, and it was declined since I had put a requirement that a photo of some of the items of the Earthcache. I have no problem not requiring pictures of the cacher but what is the problem with requiring pictures of the Earthcache itself?
  15. Maybe I am just dense but why would an Earthcache anywhere on PUBLIC property need a permission? Most all the guidelines stated relate to placing a physical item. Since nothing physically is being left behind there should not be any permission required.
  16. I have a multisegment trip I am planning. To get the routing I need I was required to have 10 seperate routes. Is there any way to combine them into one route and get one PDQ? Thanks for any help.
  17. I would think that 5X5 Liars cache would be the most appropriate.
  18. It was amazing this morning. I submitted a new cache, Neglected Parking Lot #46 - Glass Cactus at 8:10. It was published at 9:34 and had a FTF at 9:49. One hour and 39 min from submit to FTF sounds like a record to me.
  19. Sometimes we have difficulty with the area law enforcement but here is a log entry that proves they have a sense of humor also. The cache in question is GC119Z5 Fasten Safety Belts - Maverick. I placed this as part of the Texas County Challenge. Maverick County is in far south Texas and very little traveled. OK...SOMEONE ISN'T TELLING THE WHOLE STORY! Who was stopped by the border patrol before us? No log entry but seems that would be note worthy and it sure had an impact on us! Pulled up to the cache. Border Patrol sitting there. I do not consider law officers to be muggles so I ignore them and if they have questions I will answer them 100% truthfully and in maximum detail. We headed for GZ with GPSrs in hand. Started scouring and not having much luck! Turned around and there are two BP agents headed for us in a beeline! One of them shouts out, "I know what you are doing!" OK, a fellow geocacher? He told us that they had seen another cacher earlier and were not sure the story was real. But they came back and when they saw us, they know the story was real. Told me that I was real hot. I said I figured I was. He said he didn't want to ruin the game for me and wanted to know that if he interfered, would it affect the game outcome for me. I told him, "No, the game evolves with every find and every find is just another chapter in a large collection of stories relative to caches." He said, "Well you need to know that you are real hot but I don't want to ruin the game for you." I said, "No problem, it is right along the fence here somewhere." He said, "No it is not. I have it here in my hand!" He pulled his hand out behind his back and handed me the cache! He went on to explain that the first cacher had not shown him the cache but had simply told him what he had been doing and departed the area. They went out on a call and then came back just to see if the story was real. They went to the fence and got the cache and then took it to their vehicle to examine it. They were reading the into to Geocaching in the log when we pulled up. He told us that they felt absolutely awful when they realized that we were looking for the cache and that they had it in their hands! That was when they approached us. There was a lot of tale swapping and explanations and thanks you's and good lucks and we signed the log, put it back where it belonged and we all went our separate ways. What an absolutely FUN encounter! This is the kind of happening that makes chasing Tupperware in the woods so much fun! IT WAS GREAT! TPLNSL...TFTH! Thanks for the FUN! And BP agents, if you follow through and look up this log entry...well Thank You for Serving! Many thumbs up to the Border Patrol
  20. First, in my opinion, if you go and can not find it you should log a DNF. Second you look until you decide you can not find it. Than can be 5 min or 30 min. Third, come back again. Many times the second look will make a big difference. Forth, since you are fairly new at this give the owner an email and ask for a bit of help. After a while you will be able to notice some "cache hiding places" that you would not think of before you started caching. There is a hint on the page that looks like a really good hint. Good luck to you and the boys.
  21. Usually the Flash events are 15 min long and primarily are for a very quick meet and great and a photo op. At the end of 15 min everyone scatters. In our case it is actually in the outer edge of the Braums Icecream place. After the "Official" event then most will go inside and have something with icecream involved. As if most of us really need it. This one is being held on the far east side of Ft. Worth, Texas
  22. Sort of. Those are sit down events and I am proposing a Flash Event.
  23. A 8.8.08 Flash Mob Event seems like a natural. I have one in for approval which is 8.8.08 Flash Mob Event GC1DH03. Since it is a nice warm evening the event is planned to be in a parking lot of a favorite Ice Cream Parlor so that after the event everyone can go away with something cool. Maybe we can get a bunch of these going
  24. Sounds like a great idea. Maybe something like a poker run would send everyone out and then bring them back to the event.
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