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  1. WOW!..after a year of hiatus everythings changed! Trying to catch up,looking to purchase or trade on Halloween coins, I know I need a couple different Walpurgis event coins, and only you guys know what all I have missed. Any help would be appreciated, even if its just a name of the coin..Thanks....Team Moon Unit
  2. Only Halloween themed coins for us,and a few personals.
  3. Please cue the violins now....lol...We launched a TB in 2005,after we hit our twentieth find an injury left my wife bedfast,so no more caching.She and I really enjoyed watching it move,for months a cacher has had it,won't move it,or reply to my e-mails. I know better than most about "life gets in the way" ,but why not drop it or send it back? What has happened to common courtesy?
  4. I know this is like 4 times,but could someone please send me another invite? For some unknown reason the first three times wouldn't let me enter my info. Danke!!
  5. Kate (or her coin,rather) arrived in WV. today.Maybe yourself,the Count,& the Reaper can haunt some of our caches soon!Take care in ye quest,and thanks for a spirit lifting,hauntingly beautiful coin,we'll treasure it always!
  6. We've been gifted 3; Great Geo Pumpkin,Creepy Crawley Cacher,and Dark Night v2. We treasure them all,not for value or rarity,but because somebody,somewhere,thought about somebody elses' happiness.We,ve seen some rough times,but they're still with us! The one we would most like to receive is........The Belle Witch. Thanks again to all the givers,you are special people!
  7. Still looking for a 2009 and 2010 Walpurgis event coin.No list, but have traders. Will trade 2 for one...we really need these 2 coins. Email is best way to contact, Thanks!!
  8. Looking to trade/buy,or both..2009 and 2010 Walpurgis event coins
  9. Looking for a 2009 walpurgis event coin, color doesnt matter,have a couple of unactivated halloween coins to trade, Thanks!
  10. Number 123 accounted for. A very,very special thanks to the sender! Your kindness and generosity was ,and is appreciated.
  11. Could someone please send us an invite? This has to be way better than saving labels off of mailers.
  12. Not a new one, but one none the less! Send me your info, and we'll trade with ya!
  13. Since i only collect a particular niche....... 1 Team Radioactive Dead Mans Party 2 Halloween Adams Family Style ( Belgium) These two, plus that sweet Belle Witch coin, would give us every halloween coin made to date !!
  14. Contacted by Amy re; not receiving coin. My emails were sent to a no reply box, and the phone number that is on my paypal receipt has been shut off.My coin has been mailed out today. My appologies to Amy,and all the people at oak and geoswag,for any problems I may have caused,through my un- attention to details.
  15. Name of coin Halloween Witch Vendor Oak Coins Paid 12 18 09 Emailed twice with no reply,phone has been diconnected. Paypal Dispute started 1-11-10
  16. Find myself in need ..o.k. ....wanting this years geoboo coin,anyone here have an extra they'll part with?
  17. After a year long break, I"m Back. I'm looking for the following 2009; Walpurgis event,October coins and pins. Thanks!
  18. Looking for an Adams Family Halloween coin.Willing to pay a gooood price for one,not to resale,but to keep.
  19. After a long hiatus,and searching to no avail,we're searching for this years Walpurgis event coin.Any help would be great! Thanks!
  20. Mystery coin: Great Geo Pumpkin Obtained: Mail And a heartfelt thank you, to the sender! It's the pride of our collection!
  21. Looking to purchase Hides and finds #8 and #9,for a graduation present. Willing to pay above average price. Thanks!!
  22. Looking to purchase Hides and finds #8 and #9,for a graduation present. Willing to pay above average price. Thanks!!
  23. Please count us in!! Sent an e- mail, but it came back unable to send..
  24. After a rough few months, we're back and ready to trade!
  25. A Creepy Crawly Cache coin...It's the only Halloween coin we don't have to date...
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