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  1. Thinking of going but unfamiliar with how a cache machine works exactly. I understand the concept of finding lots of caches in a small amount of time (which is very appealing to me ), but how does transportation work? Does everyone take their own car or do we carpool? If you carpool, do people leave their vehicles at the first cache? Just a few things we need to know with gas prices going through the roof.
  2. I found this one: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=74964 I have ordered a special Geocoin which I will place in the best overall cache (judged by me). Geocoins are a nice change from Travel Bugs because they are rarer. I am also doing this to encourage more caches in my area. The Rules: 1. Your cache must be located in or within 20 miles of Merrimack, NH 03054. 2. Your cache must be listed as a Traditional Cache (NOT a multi or virtual cache) 3. Your cache must not be underwater. One lucky cache will get my Geocoin! Good Luck! There wasn't a winner.. (or a reply for that matter)
  3. I've got absolutely no idea, so I'll take a few stabs, wait half an hour and see how I did. 1. 15.5oz 2. $15.5 Thanks for the cointest! =)
  4. Just found this.. Post #1 !!!
  5. Whatthe. That was way too fast.. and I had a chance at 2nd place =/ Anyways, that was the longest contest I've ever taken part in.. Great idea for a cointest.. and the first time I've ever cared for US college football. Thanks for the fun!
  6. Might actually get the chance to answer a bonus question before it's over
  7. bassoon clarinet, bass clarinet recorder
  8. baritone sax bassoon, clarinet recorder
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