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  1. Okay, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. My recurring premium membership had lapsed without triggering, even though I had updated my credit card recently. I think I'll just do this manually next time. The good news is that my bookmarks are back. Whew!
  2. I was about to peruse one of my bookmark lists this evening, and found... nothing. It says that I have created 0 of 40 available bookmark lists. I was maintaining over 20, and haven't deleted any recently, much less all. Any insights?
  3. Isn't it fun explaining the mystery coins to the much better half? The missus catches the excitement, but something gets lost in the translation .
  4. Whoops! Missed this thread until Nero posted pics on one of the coin sites. That's far too cool. I may have even giggled when I saw the razor job on the back of Frankie's head. Plus two-tone glow in the dark? Very nice job Creepy Crawlies . I'll enjoy watching if these find their way to the land of cheese.
  5. The Geocoin Fairy has once again pierced the Cheddar Curtain! She couldn't have visited the cache more than an hour before we got there unless she had little fairy-sized night-vision goggles. This was just a huge thrill, as we were in the arboretum for a different cache, Be Cool Honeybunny, placed for our 5,000th find. So talk about your banner days! Even leaden skies and steady drizzle couldn't dampen our spirits on a day like today. Thank you Geocoin Fairy, for thinking of us, and for all you have done! And, uh... Be cool Honeybunny!
  6. I have ceased expecting to see these. I hope that they will someday see their way through their personal hardships. The complete lack of communication indicates this is a dead issue.
  7. If they haven't shipped yet, that is fine, but we at least deserve an answer...
  8. 1.-Do you trade? Absolutely. I'd be surprised if there are active coin people who don't. 2.-Do you trade more than you buy? It ebbs and flows. Right now I am in a trading lull. Once the weather cools and the days get shorter I'll probably start sending out the e-mails again. 3.-Will you trade trackable for non-trackable or are you trading for the icon? Yes, yes, yes. While I do activate everything I keep, neither the icons or the trackability are particularly important to me. I would have to guess that the majority of my favorites are non-trackable.
  9. Got ours last night. The transluscent on the BN looks fantastic for those who are skeptical. The green is nearly radioactive .
  10. Just getting my post out of the way to ensure that this will go to someone much more deserving .
  11. We're looking for a Hides and Finds #7, the Ammo Can. Willing to trade multiples if nothing really appeals. Thanks!
  12. Whew! Got our chicks and guys coins last night. We are interested in completing our sets on both. We participated in the pre-trading, but it should work out that if you don't have ours, we don't have yours. Marie's ducks turned out especially nice in gold glitter. We'll be gone through the weekend, but we'd love to trade. You mail, we'll mail and we'll meet in the middle .
  13. We're also interested in collecting a full set of the guys' coins, which don't seem to be getting as much mention. Is there enough interest to open another thread? Or can we just hijack this one once in a while ?
  14. Can we please arrange a trade? Ditto . We'd hate to miss the chance to have your duck. We can offer our duck and our guys coin as well...
  15. And of course we too would like to complete our set. Ours have shipped and the missus will have her chicks and I will have the guys coin available. Drop us a line . Honeybunnies don't bite, we just nibble a little...
  16. Any more updates? It seems a goodly percentage have received theirs in dribs and drabs...
  17. PoSAM put on a heckuva event Saturday evening. With that many people packed in that tight a bug could spread pretty easily. Maybe someone will break out in mailers? And a special congratulations to Team Lightning Bugs. She was one of the first people to really get me on my feet when I started trading .
  18. That's a hoot Dennis! Highly appropriate for the more afflicted members of the community . I'll have to check and see if my PayPal account is showing signs of redness or irritation .
  19. Got my Irish on last week and made corned beef and cabbage on Wednesday (it's not just for St. Patty's you know), and took the leftovers and made bubble and squeak Friday evening. Sadly, the Geo-leprechaun was not in attendance. So when's the last time you had some good Wow-Wow sauce Mr. Leprechaun?
  20. And perhaps an "If You Have To Ask You Can't Afford It" edition?
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