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Wildwoodbob & The*moose Geocoin


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I am preparing to pay the coin maker and will now be accepting payments for coin purchases.


The cost table is located at WildwoodBob Coin Tracking. Please pay via PayPal to wildwoodbob@geogen.org


I will accept payments from those on the purchases list for the next four days. Any uppaid requests will then be placed on the waiting list, and those on the waiting list will be moved to the purchase list.


If you have any questions, please let me know.



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I had requested payment by 10/9/05. So far I have not received the following payments. I will wait until later tonight and then allow folks on the wait list to make purchases. If you have paid and are on the following list, I apologize. Please email me and I will make the correction:


ladycacher 1

DLiming 2

Vargseld? ™ 1

Rupert2 2


carleenp 3

MikeOtt 1

Team Hatfield 2

Camel680 2

XRN95 2



skydive121 3


carleenp 2

Grandpa Rocks & Grouchy Gramma 2

trail hound 1

IceCreamMan 2

badlands 10

ManGenGho 2

GeoCrickets 3

stbk 2

Blue iis 2

Facedances 1

Special Ed 3

ghostwriter13 5

nicolo 2

maggieszoo 2


4agers 2

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