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  1. I will be geocaching and hiking this June in Quebec, and would like to get some good topo maps.
  2. This is kind of off topic. I had a topo map on my 60csx, then just recently bought Navigator. I then downloaded the navigator to the unit, then the topo disapeared. so do I have to always load everything at once, ie- Eastern U.S. Topo , and a couple states of Nav. or can I load Navigator once, and then maybe put in Eastern topo, then maybe next month add Western Topo. seems like there should be an easier way.
  3. I'm looking to trade for a F-14 Tomcat Coin. Will trade for my personal coin. if interested please e-mail at my profile. Thanks, Jeff(Jagman714)
  4. Thanks to all of the Reviewers!! But my vote goes to: Rusty! from Michigan
  5. I'm with you. I can't seem to log in either. I get this alarm: EXECUTE permission denied on object 'spgsp_GetUserInfo_ByLogin', database 'GEO', owner 'dbo'.
  6. Ok, i'm new to Waymarking, My question is: Is it ok to log somthing I already logged for a locationless cache? would this be armchairing, I have been to the spot and have the coords. and photo. or is this frowned upon. Help please!
  7. Excuse me! I'm not trying to sucker anybody into anything! If you want to vote, vote. if not I think it is a cool way to do the tb thing and the coin thing.
  8. Ok, I know this area is for Geocoins, But I had to post this picture. And I could use your Votes! Discovery
  9. It's time again to vote for your favorite Picture! Here is to Discovery! Discovery
  10. I received my Gold coin Sat. in perfect condition. thanks for all your hard work. And it is an Awesome coin!
  11. I was just in Bavaria last month, so I'm definitly in for 1.
  12. My coins are for trade, put in caches, or donating to special Events. But Never sold.
  13. Well I didn't know about the trade offer, So I just happen to be in Germany, and I just dropped off my USA Geocoin today, just in time to get back to watch the soccer game.I dropped it in Nummer eins,(GCPB3N) Maybe when I get home I willsend a coin back to get me a German coin.
  14. Same here, are you interested in trading for my Coin?
  15. Now that I have them, How do you activate it??
  16. They do exist Got mine today in Mi.
  17. I'm In Michigan,and I didn't get mine.
  18. I just checked this guys profile, and I see he has activated 10 of these coins! and the earliest date is FEB. 9TH !!! What's up with that??
  19. Thanks for the chance to win a coin.
  20. Probably on the low side. 5 concerts
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