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  1. Sold today! Thanks for the prompt shipping! Very satisfied with it.
  2. Team Dinosaur coming in from Florida for a week of caching, meeting new friends and catching up with the ones we have made along the way. Flying in and staying at a hotel. Hope to see many faces from GWIII.
  3. Gsak is not for the pocket pc. Try Gpxsonar it is designed for the PPC.
  4. If you have Gsak then go File>Export>magellan sd card. save it to a file then open the folder and copy to the Sd card. put card into gpsr and go to card utilities load rt/wpt and it should be there.
  5. Electrical Maintenance Crewleader for a Paper Mill (the Mr. of the team) Walmart assossiate (the Mrs. of the team)
  6. Should I drop by and read over the rough draft just to see how it sounds and if another chapter should be added?? I can only guess what your answer was..... As for me I know I got #11 wrong.
  7. Nope I did not fat finger anything I actually answered a question wrong 30 lashes with a wet noodle
  8. The Platinum has an active electronic compas on it. The compass screen may be turned off in the setup menu. Go to this link below it has all the informaion you will need for the Magellan. http://gpsinformation.net/MeridianFAQv2_0.pdf
  9. Congatulations!! to the winners. Great job on taking us back through all of the chapters. It is great reading and even better having been to the caches and areas described in the story. The anticipation of the next chapter is already eating at me.
  10. Answers sent!! I already have a Serial finder coin but a LE coin would be nice addition
  11. We have been using the MeriGold since we started caching. All Gpsr's do the same thing its just the different bells and whistles that set them apart. I use an SD card in it and use Gsak to load it with different files of caches for the areas I am going to. That way I can hold thousands of waypoints then load the area I am in. Hope this helps you out some. If you have specific questions let me know.
  12. Question 1. Who is Serial Finder? Question 2. Is he Dangerous? Question 3. Who Dunnit? Question 4. When do we get the real questions?
  13. Here in Jacksonville, FL. ICM container refers to the placstic type peanut butter jars use by IceCreamMan http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=c0...f7-8e8b19f0d9c1 I had trouble understanding it also until I found a few and met him.
  14. Night Caches are great! WE have done at least 5 and really enjoyed them. Here is a great one in Jacksonville, FL. GCNGHD - Alien Wormhole
  15. Team Dinosaur would like to buy 1 Please. I don't want to pay to list my coins either. but it is a good idea to make money.
  16. Almost missed this one...Paypal sent!! Thanks for calling me Jim!!
  17. We had can koozies made up with our name, city, state and geocaching.com on one side on the other we put " I'd rather be caching". They are inexpensive and people can actually use them.
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