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  1. GeoGold™ products are in stock and ready to ship. GeoGold™ Ingot for sale HERE GeoGold™ Bar for sale HERE GeoGold™ Escudo Doubloon for sale HERE
  2. Here are the images of the new Trackable GeoGold™ Products These are in Production and should be ready for sales in 3 weeks. GeoGold™ Ingot GeoGold™ Bar GeoGold™ Escudo Dabloon
  3. Original GeoPortal coins are in and up for sale as of 8:00 EDT Saturday 8/15/09: Order RE coins HERE. Order LE coins HERE.
  4. Just an FYI, We renewed our SSL but there was an issue with our hosting company setting it up. It has been fixed and should not be showing any error now.
  5. Here are the sales links to the GeoPortal coins. RE 2 coins available HERE LE 2 coins available HERE Sales open at 8:00 PM EDT
  6. We are currently developing GeoFossils™. There will be two types of coins, one displaying the fossil as though it is sitting on a stone, the other will be hidden under a translucent enamel. They should be avaiable in September 2009.
  7. Links to new versions: New Antique Gold Dragon Ladon Coin HERE New Antique Copper Dragon Ladon LE2 Coin HERE Sales Open at 8:00 EDT.
  8. all oversale orders will be shipped tomorrow 6/30/09. New version sales will be posted at 8:00pm EDT. Links will be added to this thread once they are created and will not be active until that time. Thank You!
  9. yes, that is correct, if you did not get an e-mail, your order was shipped.
  10. I haven't heard anything from you, but I also have yet to receive my coin. Do you know if mine has been mailed, or did I order mine after they were sold out? Joni, Your coin did ship, you nshould have them any day. Let me know via e-mail when you get them. Thanks.
  11. Here's an update. Once I noticed the issue with the shopping cart I suspended both version sales. After I had the chance to tallie up the sales, the LE was over sold by 25 coins. The RE still has ~125 available. All orders place up until 6/8/09 have been packaged and shipped with the exception of the last nine orders placed. I will be contacting those folks and will send along some free swag for their troubles. The remaining 25 LE coins will be shipping around 2/23-25/09. We are also minting two additional platings at this time. One Antique Copper coin with a Nickel dragon and one with an Antique Gold coin with a Nickel dragon. They are the opposites of the current versions. They will be available on or about 6/24/09. Stay tuned here for the sales. We will post a time for sales opening so everyone will have time to plan. Thank You, Tom
  12. Based on review of the inventory we over sold the LE by 25 coins. We will be increasing the total number of LE coins from 75 to 100. We will be contacting the last 25 coin purchasers to let them know that their coins will be shipped within three weeks. If they want a refund we will decrease the minting. Once all is said and done we will post the final number produced. We will also be Minting additional versions based on demand for this coin. Theotokos or I will post the numbers and new minting options once a decision has been finalized. Once all current orders are packaged and shipped, we will put the remaining RE coins up for sale. Thank You all for your support. It is unusual in this day and age to sell so many coins so fast. Theotokos has again given the sport of geocaching a coin that will be highly sought after.
  13. Congratulations John!!!! Way to go!
  14. Searching a little more: This 3-D 1.0" trackable Antique Micro GeoGold™ Nugget makes great treasure for any geocache. They are trackable at Geocaching.com and feature a unique icon. Each Micro GeoGold™ Nugget comes in it's own Red Velvet Pouch. My question then becomes: has there been a hiccup? These will have their own Icon, I just haven't come up with one I am satisfied with. I should have it up within the next week.
  15. Inroducing the newest GeoGem™, Black Diamond Now available HERE.
  16. These coins are in stock and ready for shipping. RE Antique Gold available HERE LE Antique Silver available HERE Please make sure you read the description befor ordering. In order to get this true stained glass effect, these coins are Zinc base metal. They are actually made from 3 separate parts which are fused together. I just don't want any to be disappointed by the weight if these coins, they are significantly lighter than a brass coin. We hope you enjoy them.
  17. Here is our new line of trackable products to go along with the treasure hunting theme. Trackable GeoGold™ there are four varieties. 1.5" Polished Gold Nugget 1.5" Antique Gold Nugget (aka Gold Ore) 1.0" Polished Micro Gold Nugget 1.0" Antique Micro Gold Nugget (aka Gold Ore) Purchase 1.5" Polished Gold NuggetHere Purchase 1.5" Antique Gold Nugget (aka Gold Ore) Here Purchase 1.0" Polished Micro Gold Nugget Here Purchase 1.0" Antique Micro Gold Nugget (aka Gold Ore) Here
  18. They are 2" , Translucent Imitation Hard Enamel, Trackable with unique Icon: LE Celtic Cross Antique Silver - Red Geocoin LE Celtic Cross Antique Silver - Blue Geocoin LE Celtic Cross Antique Silver - Green Geocoin Celtic Cross Antique Gold - Red Geocoin Celtic Cross Antique Gold - Blue Geocoin Celtic Cross Antique Gold - Green Geocoin
  19. We have reduced the price of the Coinfest coin to cover the shipping, the coupon turned out to be mre trouble than it's worth. A shopping cart upgrade will fix coupons in the future.
  20. The coupon code is now working at checkout. the code is: COINFEST
  21. New GeoGems™ now available: Citrine GeoGem™ Pink Teardrop GeoGem™
  22. As most of the attendees know our Coinfest Coin was stuck at the FedEx location in Newark NJ. Well the orders that were taken at the event have all shipped, so here are the remaining coins. CH Quality Coins Geocoinfest 2008 Geocoin - Two-tone Plated Gold and Nickel This coin is a 1.5" 3mm thick coin. It is Polished Gold and Nickel Plated, features Translucent, Immitation Hard Enamel and Soft Enamel coloring over texture. They are trackable on Geocaching.com with a unique Icon. These are were designed by Theotokos. Minting was a total of 200 coins. Order HERE Use Coupon code: COINFEST during checkout for FREE Shipping
  23. They are 1 1/8" across the table and 0.75" deep.
  24. GeoGems™ are now in stock! Order Diamond GeoGems™ HERE! Order Ruby GeoGems™ HERE! Order Emerald GeoGems™ HERE! Order Saphire GeoGems™ HERE!
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