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Don't have time right now to look up some pictures. We will be in a 2000 LandCruiser with the license plate W7WT and a "I brake for Geocaching" bumper sticker. Will be leaving shortly on a geocaching trip in our 1997 RoadTrek RV Van with W7WT and a geocaching sticker on the spare tire cover. Some times I drag a Honda scooter behind the RoadTrek and use it for geocaching. It also has W7WT on the storage box on the rear. Enjoying seeing the vehicles. Dick, W7WT

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I'll post a picture tomorrow, but it may change real soon, as we are looking for a new 4WD ride.


1998 Silver RAV4, 4WD, 5 door model. Thule rack with air dam on front. CITO, Beagle, and liberal bumperstickers on the back door. Tire not covered (98 tire covers can't be replaced when taken off).



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Think I tried this once before. This space is to link cachers with their cars so when we see a Geo-vehicle we can figure out who it was (discription or small photos please). Here's me:




EraSeek, '88 Honda Accord, maroon.

Is the canoe permanently attached?

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Will post a picture when I figure out how.

Not always a canoe. Sometimes a bike, or both.


Just add the picture anywhere on the web or on Geocaching, such as downloading the photo into a cache "find" or "Note" post. Or into your avatar collection. Often I will post a note and photo onto one of my old archived caches. Then you right click onto that photo, select properties, and copy the photo address and paste it into the IMG button on the forums. Or instead of right clicking, you can click on the photo, it with come up, and copy the address from the browser bar, hit the IMG button on the forum and paste it in. Make sense? The pic has to be somewhere on the web first for a web address.

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Well, lets see how this one turns out. This is my 2000 Land Cruiser pulling my motorcycle trailer with my little boat on it. This was when I did Belleterre's cache at Wick's Lake. Everything I needed is in the picture including the GPS and printout. I have W7WT on my license plate and a "I brake for Geocaching" bumper sticker. Dick, W7WT

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Where did u get the bumper sticker ?

I got mine two for $5 postage included from a geocacher back east from the Garage Sale Forum. I just checked and can no longer find them. Not long ago they were closing them out just for the postage so it is possible they no longer have them. Maybe some one else has a source for Geocaching Bumper Stickers. Good luck Dick, W7WT

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Depending on road conditions and the number of people on the hunt, i'll be seen in either the teal '93 Jeep Cherokee Sport, or the '97 Chevy pick-up in the pic. 0d7d86fe-4ce3-4544-81dd-c6db03bb331c.jpg


I also have a green Mustang that I cruise caches with from time to time


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A 1998 Ford Explorer nicknamed "The Brute". Case of water in the back seat, Samoan Warrior, NIMBY lizard and tiki on the dash. GeoCache cling in the front window. This is also our personal travel bug.




That would be Shop99er humped up trotting back to the truck after a very sloggy, wet, cold, snowy bushwhacking session for a cache. It was barely raining when we left for the day!

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I'm usually in Ol' Blue which, like me, was hit by lightning and survived, more or less:




There's a geocaching sticker on the bike rack, and there are fresh front-to-rear scratches from Lennox Mountain View.


If it's an urban cache or I'm coming from work, I may be in my black 2004 (new-style) Durango (how do I not have a picture of it?). There's a tiny yellow geocaching sticker on the hitch rack, and look for "The Onion One" in the back window:



Only rarely can I be seen in Walkabout Meli's PT Cruiser, and I'm usually ducking down like a teenager out for a ride with mom. :unsure:

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Depending on road conditions and the number of people on the hunt, i'll be seen in either the teal '93 Jeep Cherokee Sport, or the '97 Chevy pick-up in the pic. 0d7d86fe-4ce3-4544-81dd-c6db03bb331c.jpg


I also have a green Mustang that I cruise caches with from time to time


Hey I like that color of the Cherokee! I see you have the red trim lines like mine has.

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Reino and I are usually in our black Jeep Wrangler Sahara. You'll know it's ours if it's really scratched up, banged up, or otherwise looking well-used.

Here we are taking the hard way up to "NW Jeepin 2 Moonrocks" (GCK56A) last year, before we added the winch to the front. There is a MUCH easier way to get there, but this was the fun way for us.



And here we are next to the "NW Jeepin 1 Liberty" cache (GCK094). There's an awesome view just past our Jeep. The other two Jeeps belong to cachers Red-Rover and NWJeepr.


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We have the GeoVan, sometimes it thinks it's 4WD but it doesn't rock crawl like a real Jeep does.




There's a GeoCaching.com sticker at the top of the window, a fractal sticker, a cito sticker, a gc.com license plate holder and a 'found it' hitch cover. There is also a signal antenna ball but I didn't get it in the picture.

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Here's Cappy the Geo-Escape. He doesn't normally wear the logo sign - that was just to mark Cappy as the starting point for the Brownie Fudge Sundaes event. And you'll never see him that shiny out on the road either.



RWW - I recognize that vehicle. Only as I remember it - it wasn't the truck alarm going off - it was the radio blaring with the keys in a suspiciously inaccessable location :D

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OK, I'll bite.  Here's my Explorer Sport with the geo-dog occupying her 7/8 of the car --




It's fun to check the rear view mirror at stoplights and watch the people behind me trying to figure out what the licence plate means  :blink:

Team Gremlin appoves of your license plate. Very good.



That means we're huge old geeks, doesn't it?

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Hey Patudles - What year is Bertha?  I have an 88 that I'm trying to fix up for caching/camping.

91 She's great for camping. She got with permanent mudd caked on the muffler. I don't have to worry about the paint job. I have her sides so scratched up so much no one would know if I got a new scratch her. Now I just need to get some nice knobby tires to endure the rocks.


Edit: Ooooops

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