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  1. I asked once that we allow this thread to quietly drop off the page. I'm going to repeat that request. If you have questions about my request please send me a PM or email.
  2. The only way you can control who can and cannot log one of your travel bugs is to never release it. If you keep it with you at all times and only let people you know and trust have a peek at the tracking number. Once you release it into the game you have no control over who picks it up and logs it. Deleting a valid log, no matter how much you disapprove of the individual isn't the right thing to do.
  3. I think these recent posts prove that progress is being made. I would ask everyone to refrain from taking any action that might cause a setback. Let's let this one drop off the page for now.
  4. I'd like to point out a couple of things here. Typically when we have a person who is acting in a disruptive manner in the geocaching world they are looking for more than the caches. In most cases it's attention and the more attention they are given the more it feeds their disruptive behavior. The attention can manifest itself in things like a forum thread, deleted logs and direct emails. The only thing that has worked on a consistent basis is to ignore the individual. When they aren't getting the attention they seek they get bored and move on to something else. That may not work here, but giving him all this attention isn't gong to help. The whole trackables sub-culture in Geocaching is an interesting group of people. Most of the people are pretty responsible and do what they can to move trackables along promptly. Most of the people who send trackables out into the geocaching world understand that, once released, the movement of the bug is out of their control. The best thing you can do as a travel bug owner is to take a Zen approach and accept that once released all bugs are a part of the game and will move or not move and there is nothing that can be done to change it. Enjoy their journeys while they are moving and don't worry about them if they are delayed for months or longer in a mountain top cache or the bottom of someone's caching bag. Just my humble opinion and something for you to think about. I will wrap up by asking everyone to respect the opinions of others.
  5. I agree. Problem solved and the rest of the discussion stopped being productive a long time ago.
  6. I merged the two threads and hid the duplicate OP. Team Misguided
  7. I see quite a few Needs Archived logs these days and yes many of them don't have any indication that the person posting the log has searched for that cache recently. Granted most of the logs I see are on caches that have not been found in quite some time and have a long list of DNF's. I do see some however that should have been either a DNF or a needs maintenance log.
  8. I saw a BMW with one of the magnetic TB tags on it this morning in Tacoma. We were on Portland Ave around 8:00 (yes I was late for work, again). They turned left onto I-705. I snapped a picture of the TB tag with my phone but I don't know if I'll be able to make out the number. We'll have to see when I get home and can zoom in farther.
  9. The internet for dummies translation came back and it said this means new hamsters.
  10. My two cents worth on this. Right now we are all playing devils advocate with the opencaching.com site and we are trying to break it. Garmin is watching things pretty closely and reacting quickly since this is all brand new for them. But what happens in 6 weeks or 6 months when the shine has worn off? Will people be as quick to report OX caches that violate the guidelines then? I think not, in fact I suspect that the opposite will become the norm. People who like to think that the rules don't apply to them will gravitate to opencaching.com and it will become known as the place to go if you want to hide a cache that wouldn't get published on geocaching.com. I also suspect that the mainstream caching public will tire of their buggy site quickly and ignore it just like they did with TC.com and NC.com. OX.com will be left with just the people who don't care about following guidelines and who have no motivation to report problem caches.
  11. Let's keep this on topic and leave politics out of things.
  12. I searched and found waypoints to a few archived multi caches & puzzles but no traditional cache in that park.
  13. Many of the people who post in the other Coming to the NW thread do so asking for tips for caching while at ports of call on their Alaskan Cruise. I decided it might be nice to split that out into a separate topic to make it easier for visiting cachers to find cruise specific information.
  14. The Boo is over and so is the Golden Crow game. I would have left this thread to drop off the page on it's own if it wasn't for the petty bickering. Take it off line. Closing thread.
  15. Someone tested one placed inside an ammo can and they claim that it worked perfectly fine. Perhaps Garmin is just being overly cautious. I haven't looked into these too much but my thinking would be they would be a cool way to give an extra hint to finding the cache once you got to the cache site. For those people (and you know who you are) who don't like giving hints on the cache page, a chirp could be added to the continer with a hint to the final location.
  16. Here is the link to Geocaching.com's GPS review site. That might give you some ideas. Depending on your price range I would consider one that does paperless caching. I have the Garmin Oregon 400 and love it. If you are using the iPhone or recent Android apps from Groundspeak then the paperless caching is going to be as close as you can come what you are used to.
  17. I think it may be time to simply close this thread. The situation that the OP is taking about seems to have died down and the last relevant post was months ago.
  18. I saw the segment last night. It was a good segment except for the lead in where the anchor used the forbidden word.
  19. I've edited the original post and added the following information:
  20. If anyone heading over for this CM is in the South Sound area and or will be passing by Federal Way/Auburn on their way to the event let me know. I have a gift for FluteFace that I'd like to send over with someone.
  21. This sounds quite a bit like something that is currently being handled by the Knowledge Book articles. They have a form for people to fill out if they have questions, those questions are tracked and responded to by one of the very helpful Lackeys and questions that come up on a regular basis are converted to KB articles.
  22. Closing duplicate thread.
  23. This is very good advice. The consumer grade GPS units on the market today are much more accurate than the GPS receivers of say 10-15 years ago. A 20 foot 'built in' error in coordinates only leads to frustrated cachers who will disturb the surrounding flora & fauna more than necessary, no matter how careful they are. Every cache hider should make it a priority to ensure that their coordinates are as accurate as possible.
  24. My first suggestion to new cachers is often, plan to attend a local event. You have that covered, the Luau is one of the best events you can choose as a first event. It's a very laid back event and everyone there will be happy to help you learn how to refine your skills. Kitsap has a very active, friendly geocaching community and most of them will be at the Luau. One thing I'd also recommend, depending on your budget, is getting a dedicated gps. The cell phone applications are great for spur of the moment caching & getting the cache description/hints if you are stuck but they are not the most accurate for day to day caching. That is where a dedicated GPSr will prove more useful for getting you to the right spot to begin your search. If you keep your eyes open at local thrift stores/pawn shops or on eBay you can pick up an entry model for a reasonable price. If you watch the sales you can even get a brand new unit for less than $100. If you can wait until the Luau that would be a good place to talk to lots of different people about what model/brand they use. You can get a pretty good idea of what model would fit your needs/budget.
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